Chul Min Kang

Original Publisher



While reading a book, a sparkle of light disappeared. And, as it did, a message appeared.

[Wisdom has increased by 1.]



Chapter 1: Bookworm

Chapter 2: Pangea

Chapter 3: Pangea 2

Chapter 4: Pangea 3

Chapter 5: Pangea 4

Chapter 6: Hunting

Chapter 7: Have Fun Playing Pangea

Chapter 8: Oren Library

Chapter 9: Oren Library 2

Chapter 10: Oren Library 3

Chapter 11: Oren Library 4

Chapter 12: Did you start playing games to read Books?

Chapter 13: His Stats

Chapter 14: Conquer of Oren Library

Chapter 15: Matab

Chapter 16: Mid-ranker Yeon Jeong

Chapter 17: Level 10

Chapter 18: The Predicament

Chapter 19: The Wise

Chapter 20: The Lord of Flames and the Book

Chapter 21: Pavel’s Quest

Chapter 22: Yang Joo Hyuk’s Worry

Chapter 23: Spire Lord Pavian’s Plot

Chapter 24: Archmage’s Descendent

Chapter 25: The Lapis  Subspace

Chapter 26: His Choice

Chapter 27: Fire Magician

Chapter 28: The Young Man

Chapter 29: The Gathering  Complications

Chapter 30: The Conclusion of the Gathering

Chapter 31: Adilo’s Troubles

Chapter 32: Yeon Jung’s Guild

Chapter 33: Unexpected Turn of Events

Chapter 34: The Lord of Poison

Chapter 35: Fireball

Chapter 36: Hunting Start!

Chapter 37: Crazy Battle

Chapter 38: King of Wolves

Chapter 39: Scourge of  Wolves

Chapter 40: Plentiful Harvests

Chapter 41: New Quests and Skills

Chapter 42: Misadventures in the Tower of Poison

Chapter 43: The Reward

Chapter 44: Familiar Face

Chapter 45: Berenice

Chapter 46: Orc Hunting

Chapter 47: Bane of Trolls

Chapter 48: Networking

Chapter 49: Troll’s Blood

Chapter 50: The Twin Headed Troll

Chapter 51: Opening the Second Door

Chapter 52: The Wind Golem

Chapter 53: Wind Golem’s Might

Chapter 54: Troll Blood

Chapter 55: An Unexpected Change

Chapter 56: Door of Poison

Chapter 57: Sudden Windfall

Chapter 58: New Skills [Patreon Tier Baron]


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