Study Magic In My Free Time


Miki Nazuna

Original Publisher



“Young Master? Is something the matter, Young Master?”


Someone was tugging on my sleeve.

After getting this dizzy feeling for a second like right before you doze off, the scene around me came into view.


This “Eh?” was a different “Eh?” than the previous one.

It meant… Why am I here?

I looked around.

It seemed like some kind of banquet hall in a mansion somewhere.

There were a bunch of people around, apparently having a party.

Somehow I’m here, even though just a second ago I was getting drunk at home after work…… That’s what it meant.


This third “Eh” was spoken in a much louder tone of voice.

That was because I’d looked down at my body, and then held my hands up in front of my face.

I’m…… a child?


Chapter 01: Suddenly I’m The Fifth Son Of A Nobleman

Chapter 02: Flame Magic, Begin

Chapter 03: A Glimpse Of Talent

Chapter 04: One In A Million Talent

Chapter 05: Magicpedia

Chapter 06: Hundred Master

Chapter 07: Making a Magical Item

Chapter 08: Iron Rose

Chapter 09: Sun Charcoal

Chapter 10: Making Instant Noodles

Chapter 11: Itembox

Chapter 12: Phantom

More Chapters Coming Soon


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