Prince’s Battle to Concede the Throne


Enomoto Kaisei




The illegitimate fourth prince, Sugen, thought that his current status was perfect. However, one day, he was told to become the next Emperor.

Sugen, hating the thought of having to toil for the Empire, asked “Why can’t my brothers do it!?” to which the Emperor replied, “They have no determination.”

―And so, the bloody battle of giving the other siblings the inheritance started between the determination-less princes and princess.

Original Publisher

Kadokawa Sneaker Bunko


Arc 1: Fifth Prince Retention

Chapter 1: An Emperor Is a Shit Job

Chapter 2: A Bloody Battle in Order to Lose

Chapter 3: An Overcomplicated War of Minds

Chapter 4: Hearing the True Voice of the People

Chapter 5: The Self-Proclaimed Fifth Prince

Chapter 6: (Dirty) Sibling Bond

Chapter 7: Please Admit Her as Your Child

Chapter 8: Decisive Rescue Plan

Chapter 9: A Huge Farce

Chapter 10: A True Piece of Trash or Not

Chapter 11: Are they Compatible?

Arc 2: Bujin Festival Speech

Chapter 12: Born with Destiny

Chapter 13: To Not be Chosen, Even if it’s Wrong

Chapter 14: The beginning of a bad fight

Chapter 15: The First Prince. Iifu

Chapter 16: The Second Princess. Ryausha

Chapter 17: Third Prince. Sauran

Chapter 18: The Light That was not yet Seen

Chapter 19: God of Salvation Appeared

Chapter 20: Perfect victory

Chapter 21: May no Longer able to Turn Back

Arc 3: The Imperial Usurper

Chapter 22: It’s Important even if You Don’t Think about

Chapter 23: Who is the Culprit

Chapter 24: No Good Points other than Stubbornness

Chapter 25: Sugen’s Sickbed

Chapter 26: Because of Loyalty

Chapter 27: Companion to Hell

Chapter 28: Announcing Candidacy Courageously

Chapter 29: Temporarily Case Closed

Chapter 30: Obvious Trap

More Chapters Coming Soon


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