I Dedicated the Dimension to the Country



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The Advent of the Third Dimension signaled the end of five hundred years of civilization.

Reborn a year before the Advent of the Second Dimension, Su Han made a decision.

From the day of his rebirth, he will use the whole country to gain the power to resist destiny.

And so, Judgement Day will be rewritten.

When the darkness comes, when thousands of aliens grind their claws and descend on the earth…

An Army of Steel will be waiting …

Let’s fight! Aliens! Your enemy is the Huaxia’s Alliance!


Chapter 1: Like a Dream

Chapter 2: A year before Advent of Second Dimension

Chapter 3: Magic

Chapter 4: Old Main in Zijin Pavilion

Chapter 5: Then and Now

Chapter 6: Primer comes South

Chapter 7: The First Meeting

Chapter 8: Preparation to Move

Chapter 9: Disaster Research Center

Chapter 10: Emergency! Gathering of Giants

Chapter 11: The size of the Organization is beyond Imagination

Chapter 12: New Topics for Research

Chapter 13: Shocking Psionic Technology

Chapter 14: Decision of Higher Ups

Chapter 15: Fantasy? or Reality?

Chapter 16: Breakthrough

Chapter 17: Death Agreement