I am a Summoning Master


Yi Shaolong

Original Publisher



“I beg you, please teach me how to pick up female angels!!!”
Pleaded the twelve-winged angel.

“Teacher!! How can I fool more people into my sect?”
Asked a devil in the devil world.

“Do you know how to save the family cat that died last night?”
Someone in the sky is too embarrassed and asks me quietly.

“All the angel, all the big deity, please I am not God, I am really just a summoner….”
I said painfully.

This is the story of a poor boy and how he becomes the greatest summoner who dominates the six worlds because of an accidental acquisition of Dimension.


Chapter 1: Fallen Nobility

Chapter 2: Killed

Chapter 3: Soul Stone

Chapter 4: Deathly Wasteland

Chapter 5: Escape

Chapter 6: Ironback Lizard

Chapter 7: Temporary Security

Chapter 8: Alliance

Chapter 9: Devil Mercenaries

Chapter 10: Dwarf named Steel

Chapter 11: The Fortress

Chapter 12: Escape

Chapter 13: Underground Passage

Chapter 14: The Passageway

Chapter 15: Princess Hilfer

Chapter 16: Expensive Fruits

Chapter 17: Eleven Arm Forces

Chapter 18: The Pursuit


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