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Xin Meng woke up from his dream and found himself entering a horror game. He must work with five other people to struggle and survive in a terrible world. Every effort is made to get back to reality, and the name of the game is… “Infinite Reincarnation”.

Soon, Xin Meng will realize that the human heart is far more terrible than the game.


Arc 1: Zombie Town

Chapter 1: Don’t Turn The Lights On

Chapter 2: Monsters In The Dark

Chapter 3: The First Teammate

Chapter 4: Car Crisis

Chapter 5: Zombie Love Letter

Chapter 6: Emergency Light

Chapter 7: Rescue

Chapter 8: Temptation Of Guns

Chapter 9: Jie Zi

Chapter 10: Accident

Chapter 11: Untouchable Beauty

Chapter 12: Mutation

Chapter 13: Judas In The Team

Chapter 14: Last Teammate

Chapter 15: Where The Sun Rises

Chapter 16: He Is A Demon

Chapter 17: BUG

Chapter 18: Cleared

Arc 2: Village in the Valley

Chapter 19: XiuSe Village

Chapter 20: Embarrassment

Chapter 21: Conflict Outbreak

Chapter 22: Some Information

Chapter 23: Everyone

Chapter 24: Forbidden Land

Chapter 25: Ghost’s Cry

Chapter 26: First Death

Chapter 27: Four Corpses

Chapter 28: Qi XiaoKui’s Whereabouts

Chapter 29: Ghost Wall

Chapter 30: Water Predators

Chapter 31: My Name

Chapter 32: Time of Disapperance

Chapter 33: The Last Card

Chapter 34: Ghost Stone

Chapter 35: Devil Hunt

Chapter 36: Bloody Truth

Chapter 37: Clearance

Arc 3: Soul Catching Bus

Chapter 38: Acting as NPC

Chapter 39: The First Bus

Chapter 40: Eighth Passenger

Chapter 41: Fifteen Minutes

Chapter 42: Xin Meng’s Death

Chapter 43: The Demon Is…

Chapter 44: Jealously and Hate

Chapter 45: Medusa’s Eyes

Chapter 46: Qi XiaoKui’s Past

Chapter 47: Loved Ones

Chapter 48: Illusions from the heart

Chapter 49: Progress Stopped

Chapter 50: Identical

Chapter 51: Who will be the lab rat?

Chapter 52: Error

Chapter 53: Why are you here?!

Chapter 54: Lip Reading

Chapter 55: Cooperation & Betrayal

More Chapters Coming Soon


5 thoughts on “Horror Game Escape Guide

  1. Eh, really? Thanks! 😆

    Umm … but, it’s true that you’re really going to stop translating this novel? too bad ☹️

    Then if anyone will adopt the continuation of this novel?

    And ah, I want to ask too, is there anyone else who asks for your permission to translate this novel into Indonesian? Because if there is, then maybe I won’t be re-translating, but if there isn’t, I will translate again this novel hehe

    • I dont think there is anyone translating this novel in indonesian. There was a girl who wanted to do it but then decided not to.

      • Ah I see. Hmm.. Okay, I decided to re-translate this novel, and hopefully someone will continue to translate this novel hehe

        Do I have to send you a link?

  2. Hello, I’m Reo.
    I want to ask for your permission to re-translate your translation into Indonesian and post it on my Wattpad account, may I?

    This novel looks interesting and I’m very interested in re-translating 😄

    Ah of course I will give you credit 😁
    I’ll wait for your reply and your opinion 😁

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