Graduated from Witchcraft Institute



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Having graduated from the prestigious Witchcraft Institute at the top of his class, no job is out of reach for William Glenford. But William dreams of only one thing: adventures.


Arc 1: Volume 1

Chapter 1: Want To Be Adventurer

Chapter 3: Mii

Chapter 5: First Quest

Chapter 7: Satsuki

Chapter 9: Pitfall

Chapter 11: Monster Rank

Chapter 13: Feast

Chapter 2: Party

Chapter 4: Expectations

Chapter 6: Cave

Chapter 8: Mage

Chapter 10: Goblin Lord

Chapter 12: Barrier

Arc 1: Volume 2

Chapter 14: Goals

Chapter 16: Rest

Chapter 18: Village [Patreon Tier Baron]

Chapter 20: Ghost [Patreon Tier Count]

Chapter 15: Fabric

Chapter 17: Sandwich [Pateron Tier Baron]

Chapter 19: Miracle [Patren Tier Count]

Chapter 21: Possession [Baron Tier Patreon]

Chapter 22: Zombie Extermination Quest End [Baron Tier Patreon]

Chapter 23: Moral [Count Tier Patreon]

Chapter 24: Bandit Hunting [Count Tier Patreon]

More Chapters Coming Soon