[ISM] Chapter 18: The Pursuit

Join our discord to get latest information about our translations Translator: MadameAileen Editor: Kylerboi As the male elf said those words while riding that majestic looking Spirit Beasts Mount, Hall couldn’t help himself but feel uncomfortable.  “Have you seen a female elf on your travels? If […]


[ISM] Chapter 16: Expensive Fruits

Translator: MadameAileen Editor: Asada and Kylerboi “Princess?” Nosia was not suprised seeing that Steel knows her identity, because the relationship between the dwarves and the elves is quite good. Except for the dark dwarves, of course!  The dark dwarves are the ones who sold their soul to the devil, a race that has been spurn away by all other dwarves! […]

[ISM] Chapter 15: Princess Hilfer

Translator: MadameAileen Editor: Asada and Kylerboi AAAHHH! A scream came from one of the mercenaries. Steel finally got to vent his humiliation to this group. “That’s eight! Hey… Didn’t I tell you that we Black Iron dwarves are amazing?” Steel said as he waved the bloody tomahawk while looking at the mercenaries in front of him! “You? Our leader is a […]

[ISM] Chapter 13: Underground Passage

Translator: MadameAileen Editor: Kylerboi and Asada “Dare to move? You are looking for death!” After hearing this, the four people inside the room looked at the person who spoke.  “You? How did you get out?” One of the two men asks. He was really surprised to see them. “Master! My Master is really here!” Lina was so happy to see her master standing there. She knew that her faith on him was […]

[ISM] Chapter 10: Dwarf named Steel

Translator: MadameAileen Editors: Asada and Kylerboi “Gustav, I can see that you want her for yourself! You don’t have to be shy, we know about your hobbies!” One of the men said while laughing. The giant axe man, known as Gustav, was not angry at what his comrades said, and touched his messy hair and laughed. “You know me well! Go, and […]