[HGEG] Chapter 8: Temptation Of Guns

Join our discord to get latest updates about the translations. Translator: Zucci Editor: xTechon Proof-reader: TheMonitor The two carefully avoided the sharp fingers of the zombies sticking out from the ground and climbed the simple iron ladder inlaid on […]


[HGEG] Chapter 2: Monsters in the Dark

Join our discord to get latest updates about the translations Translator: Zucci Editor: Kylerboi Proofreader: TheMonitor What a damn hint, this is a dead end! Xin Meng can’t wait to tear the card apart, but in the end, he can merely helplessly put it down, after all, this is the only clue he has. He has already perceived all the information on the card, but he can’t achieve anything with it. Where he is, what is outside, what is the clearance task, there’s no clue at […]