Silent Criminal

People’s lives have changed. By entrusting the main work to AI, people can live freely and happily. I chose to live like a dream.

But even in the Metaverse, people foolishly commit crimes.

Get ready to experience the electronic drug, Animus independence, free will of the world. Establishment of individual will.

Crime that happens in the network and changes in the real world.

What is the future of the world?


Chapter 1: 

“The Animus encroachment has begun.”

“Okay! It’s the beginning of a new world for mankind, ‘Historia’!”

While looking at the numbers displayed on the monitor, the managers also paid close attention to the influencer sleeping in the mother’s cradle.

just playing games.

That’s all there is to it, but the sleeping influencer is suffering.

But he doesn’t pay attention to such things.

No, I’m not interested. But that’s correct.

And things get worse.

“Subject, shot!”

“Fully open the pain that was cutting”

An influencer sleeping in the mother’s cradle was shot in the game.

I moved a lot because of the pain.

However, he was only writhing with his hips floating because his head and limbs were restrained.

“I’ve lost 35% of my blood. My vitals are getting worse.”

“In reality, my consciousness is already in a faint state, the current situation!”

“I was shot in my right shoulder and right leg, and I’m still lying down.”

“Three enemy soldiers approaching.”


I collapse and have trouble breathing.

Why am I involved in this kind of thing? I was living my usual life until morning.

I couldn’t even feel the “burning sensation” I felt on my back and fell down.

“I’m cold. Someone help me.”

Just stare at the rubble ahead of your line of sight.

I no longer have the energy to get up and run away “Living” is harder than dying. Someone said that

But those words are too far away. It was too surreal.

Even if there were still battles going on somewhere in the world, and people were being ruthlessly killed, it wouldn’t be me who was caught up in it. Events on the opposite shore.

I hear footsteps approaching.

But all I could see were ants walking hard on the rubble.

The ant is down, looking at the influencer.

And the ants were trampled.


Yes, this is human.

Born out of madness, a fanatical creature reigns supreme.

A creature that forgets pain. that is “human”

That’s it…..

“Subject, cardiopulmonary arrest. Would you like to attempt resuscitation?”

“No, even if I come back to life, I won’t be able to live normally anymore.”

“I understand”

“Transfer all data to headquarters! Lock down this facility, don’t leave anything behind!”

Under development. There was no lie in his words, and it can be called “this time” completed. got the result.

pseudo and real. The original born from there was connected.

Chapter 2:

An empty Shibuya.

AI will supplement the work that is left untouched by humans.

In a mirage, butterflies wander in search of flowers.

it’s far. Not reach.

The “Mother’s Cradle” announced by Solitude Corporation has become an indispensable item for human society as a piece of a new era.

Meanwhile, in 2040, “something” was popular among young people.


In the latter half of the 2020s, when TP-100 electronic drugs were first confirmed, they quickly spread among the wealthy who had built up enormous wealth in the previous era.

Meanwhile, the Japanese police were unable to do anything against the increasing number of network crimes.

Electronic drug “TP-100”

Common name: Shumpatia

Anyone with money can easily buy a lightweight data-sized drug that can be exchanged between avatars, and it is allowed to indulge in the pleasure.

“Are you sure you’re okay?”

“Don’t worry, once you use this code, you won’t be able to use it anymore.”

A man who opens the received file with a restless look.

A situation where you want to avoid being suspicious of other avatars walking around. However, the anxiety and curiosity that I had for the first time appeared in my expression.

The data I had was in plain looking files.

Detailed information such as various instruction manuals, shop information, event information, etc. is displayed in the form of an aerial display, so-called aerial imaging, in front of the avatar.

In the real world, it is a technology that can only be achieved by wearing special glasses, but in the Metaverse, it was reproduced with a single program.

“Then I’ll go back to my room.”

After saying that, I returned to my room in the Metaverse with the file I had received.

Contradictory feelings of elation and guilt excite a man.

E-drug laws have yet to be enacted, but they are no different from drugs of the past. It is illegal.

Go further through the network via the displayed file.

Then, a straight road like a pipe continues. The translucent pipe was made for the purpose of one destination, like a multiple choice, with no other way to go.

Humans have always exchanged fruits with demons to satisfy their desires.

No matter what era it is, it has become the greatest action principle that moves people.

In the 20th century, people were connected by networks.

Use the network to learn in real time information you never knew before, and call yourself a part of the masses as if you were protecting others. At the beginning of the 21st century, false justice that drives someone away was popular.

outnumbered by the crowd.

At the end of the straight road was the room.

The room is not locked for security, and anyone who came through that file seems to be able to enter easily.


I muttered alone in front of the black wooden door.

It looks like an old door. The door had a strange presence that didn’t fit in with its surroundings.

The man peered behind the door to see what was there, but nothing.

However, the door only exists, and the only thing you can see behind the door is the scenery of other servers.

I was deceived by that man. Things like that go through my mind.

But why? My hand naturally went to the doorknob, and then I entered the room and saw it.

A red-ripened apple.

The apples in the basket on the desk are somehow enchanting and you won’t be able to take your eyes off them.

I want to say it once. Just one bite is enough.

A momentary hesitation and worry, like an unsatisfied desire that can’t be suppressed. However, something was wriggling around my heart.

Step out gently.

It wasn’t a step that I consciously took, as if being guided by something.

I understand that the heart beats faster.

Unknown world, curiosity, fascinated, fascinated, drawn in, drawn in.

I thought of a convenient excuse for myself, but my “heart” was asking for it.

From the moment I entered the room, reason and emotion were separated.

When the nucleus accumbens was stimulated by microelectrodes, dopaminergic nerves were activated.

As a result, I fell into the realization that I had already used electronic drugs that I didn’t even know about many times.

Dopamine overflowed, and I crave the apple in front of me.

The man dabbled in the “forbidden fruit”.

Time goes back, 2040

There were people called special investigators in the National Police Agency.

Special agents are those who conduct independent investigations into various crimes.

An existence behind the scenes that only a few people in the police know about.

Public Security Section Zero.

<Tokyo/Roppongi Server>

“After all, it’s a heavy burden for a newcomer, isn’t it?”

The man who said that was wearing sunglasses and dreadlocks, and was about 2 meters tall.

“Then you will take over?”

I wonder if it’s my boss, I’m looking at the man who calls me a newcomer with a questioning look next to the man with dreadlocks.

“No way, even though I’m a newcomer working hard, I won’t do anything to steal it!”

I returned with a slightly flustered look.

The newcomer the two watch over is called “Rai”, and he follows the target man in order to suppress the electronic drug transaction site.

It’s easy to disguise yourself with an avatar, but it’s difficult to unnaturally close the distance.

Therefore, it will follow while maintaining a certain distance.

“Come on, let’s get started”

A man with dreadlocks exclaimed happily.

The two are watching from the roof of a nearby building. The video on the display showed the newcomer moving a little closer to the target.

A distance of 10m. The target, who was wary of its surroundings, looked around and increased its walking pace a little.

Newcomers chase after them so as not to lose sight of them.

Then, the target enters the commercial facility, and the newcomer enters the facility with other avatars so that they can’t be traced, but they lose sight of the target who entered first.

“What are you going to do? Even we can’t see what’s going on inside. Shall we go ahead and pursue it?”

The man with dreadlocks opened his mouth.

It feels a little troubled, but there is no impatience.

“No problem, let’s leave it to the newcomers.”

After saying that, the man next to me started operating the display.

The dread man, unable to comprehend what he is doing, just stares.

“What is it? You trust a newcomer so much.”

“What? Is it fried?”

“It’s not like that.”

“Now you can see what’s going on inside.”

When I finished saying that, on the display that appeared in front of me was a rookie who had lost sight of his target and looked flustered.

I ran around looking for it, but the target had already left the facility and disappeared.

The two were contacted by such an impatient newcomer.

“Sorry! I lost sight of the target.”

While looking around, he contacted me without hiding his flustered appearance.

thought the newcomer. The rye carried by the target derails someone’s life and causes his happiness as a person to fall from his hands.

The effect that e-drugs have on the body is temporary euphoria. That’s not all.

The amount of dopamine secreted is several times higher than normal, and the human brain has nothing to do with “will”.

When people achieve various goals, they temporarily release dopamine.

However, the brain that remembers the stimulus of substance dependence/action dependence desires that substance and action.

In 2040, the number of people who are said to be addicted in Japan is estimated to be about 20 million or more.

Twenty years ago, Japan had a population of just under 120 million, but even then, one in six people had some kind of addiction, and they were suffering from it.

As of 2040, the population has decreased to 110 million due to the declining birthrate and aging population, but it may be said that it has calmed down.

However, the problem is that the age at which addiction begins is getting lower year by year.

One child that the government could confirm was recognized as an addict at the age of three.

It’s a social problem, and it’s easy to dabble in e-drugs. The current situation is that the number of such young children is increasing.

“What are you going to do if you lost sight of me?”

I asked with an astonished face while drinking a drink.

Excuse me, I’ll search the surroundings right away.”

After saying that, the newcomer started running again in a panic.

“After all, the burden was heavy on the newcomers.”

“Whether or not I was hired was up to today’s exam.

“Hey! Can you hear me? Newcomer lost sight of you, exams over.”

“Seriously! I’m not moving that much, am I?”

The target man was a special agent.

Practical exams designed for the recruitment of new special agents are not known to the examinees, and electronic drug transactions are conducted. I told him so and made him work.

Special investigators have a lot of urgent jobs, and investigators and individuals have to make various decisions on a case-by-case basis. It waits for instructions one by one and can only do what it says.

Rather than normal human resources, they must be abnormal and always “isolated”.

Because the team at the end of the arc is called Section Zero.

<Public Security Zero Division Headquarters>

“Hey, old man. Can’t you find a more suitable person?”

In the real world, there was a man who looked like an avatar at the headquarters of Public Safety Section Zero.

The man with dreadlocks sat on the large sofa and sent a glance.

Ahead of my line of sight, a single man is sitting at a desk and reading documents.

“Human resources are limited. We must find excellent people among them, and we must not compromise on that.”

The man who speaks in a low voice is ”Rokuguruma”, the chief of the Public Security Zero Section.

Although he was a civilian employee of the military, he established Public Security Section Zero, making the most of his wide-ranging face. And he is in charge of various missions.

“I know, but there wasn’t a single person who could use it in this test.”

The newcomers I was watching lack the qualities of a special investigator. It’s bad to ask a newcomer suddenly. You may say so, but I can’t even trace one. It is better not to make friends with such people from the beginning.

“If we could find a good person that easily, we would be out of business.

“Seriously! Did you find it yourself! It’s saved.”

“You’ll be home soon after finishing your first job, right? I’ll introduce you then.”

As Muguruma finished saying that, the door to the room opened.

“Are you back? Let me introduce you. He’s my new friend Kurtz.”

The man I was introduced to had bright hair and a handsome face that made me envious.

When I returned to the Public Safety Division Headquarters, the first thing that caught my eye was the figure sitting on the sofa.

The man bending over and looking at me is not an ordinary man. I knew it in an instant.

Although he is the same person, the atmosphere he emits is different from that of ordinary people, and he has a different aura.

Immediately after that, the section chief introduced me to the man with dreadlocks.

A man who says, “What is this guy?” He seems to be from the Special Forces of the Self-Defense Forces.

The man’s name was introduced as ”Oz”. Well, our names are like nicknames.

Since I was born, I’ve been a domestic dog in this country.

It seems that I, who had just been born, was placed in front of the hospital.

The words were “placed” as if they had the kindness of their parents, but from my point of view they were “thrown away”.

That’s the answer and the truth.

That’s why I didn’t feel angry at a single thing like that.

When I was placed in a facility prepared by the country, my parents abandoned me just like me.

The crap of pleasure and desire cleared the curriculum that was prepared as the only reason for their existence to dedicate their lives for the country.

By the age of five, he was forced to read and write.

But I was young, so I didn’t think anything, I just remembered.

At the age of seven, he was taught martial arts.

Not knowing what to do, I was prepared. So remember.

At the age of 10, he was forced to practice shooting with a gun. It was an easy time training with this gun. That’s all he remembers.

At first, I couldn’t put people into the same “human” category.

No, I’m not a creature called a human, so maybe that’s why? He was carrying out his mission by mechanically killing human beings.

Since the age of 7, I’ve been playing “life or death” with martial arts opponents in the same facility.

In shooting training, I set up a target 100 meters away and looked into the scope in order to take turns killing the target one by one.

Frightened, crying quietly, everyone waited for the moment.

I’ll make the most of it. Such an easy way of thinking hurts others.

Opponents who are shot in the head and heart are bleeding without stopping. Precisely because you know you can’t be saved, the best kindness is to make sure you don’t suffer when you kill.

But the moment of change happened when I didn’t expect it.

The world was astonished at the previous war that China and Russia started. I wanted to say that, but I was impatient. But it’s true.

The situation that a country serving as a permanent member of the United Nations has caused is wriggling the speculation of each country.

As I was taught on the battlefield, I continued to work mechanically to separate flesh and soul.

It was easy. I don’t need words to do my best.

Japan has changed. This country created by our predecessors is only going to die. This country, which was defeated in past wars, became fodder for the United Nations.

This country, where maggots sprang up and eggs were planted, produced the miracle of a high-growth period and dreamed of prosperity during the bubble period.

And one foot in hell. No, I soaked up to my shoulders in the bathtub. I was born in such an era.

In 2032, World War II broke out. China and Russia declared war on the Western powers. A war in the name of maintaining world peace and order.

Large countries with the goal of acquiring resources and expanding their territory dispatched soldiers one after another.

Ending a long standing rivalry, the news said it would be long term, but we soldiers were efficient and produced the best results. And the war ended quickly.

But were there any winners in this war itself? Why?

This war, which used nuclear weapons, brought a great deal of cover to many countries and regions, threw the world into chaos, and the Eurasian Continent was under the control of the European Union and the United States.

Although Japan tried to maintain its position as a neutral country, it was unable to go against the European Union and the United States, and the Ogami administration, which was the cabinet at the time, decided to dispatch the Self-Defense Forces.

Although Japan was in the position of a victorious nation, it was not allowed to participate in the issue of reparations.

People with common sense, able-bodied people, ordinary people, the world, public opinion, the world.

Doesn’t exist on the battlefield.

Good people die on the battlefield.

Bad guys live on the battlefield.

Madness sings on the battlefield.

The crows of the Three Thousand Worlds fill their bellies with corpses.

Seeing such a figure, the angel smiled.

A soldier singing a war song.

Alcohol, cigarettes, medicine.

Women and children, hypocrites, criminals, corrupt politicians, corrupt policemen, march together

Let’s go. Hell is the final destination of mankind.

In 2032, Chinese and Russian forces sent troops to a town in the eastern part of the European Union.

I was secretly dispatched from the Self-Defense Forces to the European Union Forces and headed for the city.

Times have progressed, but when it comes to war, humans still send troops to the battlefield and kill them, and when the number decreases, they will send more troops. I was repeating that kind of consumption.

I myself had prepared my equipment and was on a mission as a member of the platoon.

When I arrived in town, I saw a tragic sight.

When people stop thinking of people as people, they can easily kill people in cruel ways, like killing insects.

When I got to the city, did they misunderstand the inhabitants who lived there as demons because their actions were justified? Such a sight caught my eye, but I didn’t think anything of it.

No need to think. but you may be right.

Human beings are stupid creatures, and they don’t realize that they have been abandoned by God. It was the same for me, so I didn’t feel like being sentimental about one or two more massacres.

“Ah, are you going to do something terrible?”

A male member spoke up. Everyone, including myself, didn’t get emotional, just watching them lying around like a commercial on TV.

Get used to it. That’s terrifying, and it reacts hypersensitively to the first injury, but to repeated injuries, it loses its ability to act like a fingernail and becomes “nothing”.

I know from experience that the injury was not a big deal.

Rather, I have to be careful not to get hurt. I think like that.

Killing the opponent first is the answer on the battlefield.

“Good, let’s go.”

A man who is a superior officer said.

The other members and I were looking at the man who cared for others only lip service, but he said, “Let’s go.”

I see the collapsed building, but I wonder if the enemy is hiding there? That’s it.

“Poor” is the word of a person in a safe zone who is not in danger of life.

No enemies or allies. There is neither right nor wrong. There is to be a winner. That was it.

If money is stolen from your wallet and you feel pity for it, only the crazy ones will protect themselves. That’s common sense.

We were near the clock tower in the center of town.

It was at that time.

The man who was walking in front started to speak.

“Huh? Did we come all this way to hike?”

Lacking tension? It would also be so.

When they remembered the path they had walked, the situation that was so peaceful and far from dangerous could be called a break.

There were 8 of us acting, but all of them laughed lightly.

Then, a man who had been dispatched from the same United States Federation as me opened his mouth.

“Isn’t it nice, I like hiking?”

The man said in a slightly louder voice.

The surrounding buildings had been destroyed by the attack, so it was just like a park with no playground equipment.

For me, it was easier to associate it with a family picnic on the weekend than hiking.

However, we don’t know what is generally called “happiness”.

I don’t consider it unfortunate.

“Speaking of hiking, you need a dog!”

A man who came from the same United States federation also opened his mouth.

“That’s true, but I’m fine as long as I have a gun.”

“Hahaha, come on.”

I watched that exchange from behind.

These guys are also made by the country as weapons, but they are themselves as weapons. myself as a person.

It’s precisely because of the unforgivable aspects of overlapping and intersecting that we call ourselves happy, and sometimes want a gift box.

“What? Old men”

A man who was walking in front came to talk to me. That moment.

From somewhere, the sight of a shot through the head and the belated gunshot resounded.

“Hey! Evans!”

A senior officer who was walking right behind called out to me. However, there is no reaction to Evans who was shot.

He continues to bleed from his head.

“George, is your opponent’s location predictable?”

The American soldier, who had been happily talking about hiking and picnics until just now, is asking his comrades.

I was looking at a confused superior officer in front of the two calm people.

Being on the same battlefield, being put in the same situation, how could they be so different?

After all, this guy will handle it according to the instructions of the headquarters.

“Kelly, the enemy is in the east direction, on top of a half-destroyed building. It’s about 400 distance.”

“Don’t you have good arms?”

“Are you okay Evans! Answer me!”


We raised the covertness by reducing the number of people as much as possible, but do the people above who made this guy a superior officer think they’re playing board games?

It’s true that we can’t produce results that affect the battle situation.

But you can definitely survive. Unless you have a stupid boss.

“Hey Charles, what are you doing?”

A US soldier talks to a confused man. But no such voice was heard.

Call out to fallen soldiers endlessly. Be nice to people. It’s annoying to be able to do that now in this situation.

I heard a story from a man named “Mokuguruma”.

It was when everyone was listening to the contents of the mission,

When I was sitting in my chair and receiving an explanation of the mission, a notification came on my wristwatch terminal. I decided to connect the watch cord to the back of my neck and make a call.

Normally, I’d get a notification, but I’d turn it around later, but the name displayed on my terminal made me hurry.

It became possible to have a conversation without making a sound with the cord connected to the neck.

You don’t even have to be conscious of speaking out.

When trying to speak, humans can only speak by moving various parts of the body.

He made this technology possible by analyzing the weak electrodes flowing through the body.

“It’s bad when you’re busy”

“Who are you? Did you mention your emergency name?”

“You can call me Muguruma. I just contacted you because I have something to tell you.”

“What to tell? Isn’t normal contact fine?”

“Is that so?

“So, what do you need to contact me for?”

“I’ve got information. This is solid information. Your squad’s superiors are traitors to China and Russia. Be careful.”

“Where did that information come from?”

“I can’t tell you that. If you lack credibility, your mission will be hindered, so I contacted you under an emergency name.”

“Understood. Believe it or not, you decide then, just remember the story.”

“Well, at that time, keep an eye on him.”

The communication with the man named Muguruma has ended, but is he really a traitor?

If that’s the case, the mission I’m still explaining to myself is preparing to join the enemy with our heads as souvenirs.

“Hey Charles, what are you doing?”

If I’m a traitor, I can’t miss this moment.

Because it’s easy to understand to signal a sniper.

“Hey! Charles, come on!”


Silence resounded.

The white smoke coming out of the muzzle spoke of people’s ugliness and stupidity.

He knew then that the American soldier would fall forward with blood coming out of his mouth.

An incompetent and easily betrayed ally was the best enemy, rather than a capable enemy aiming for his life.

I don’t say anything about hatred. Because on the battlefield, those who survive are justice.

There is no one waiting for you in your homeland.

“You will go to hell with me.”

“Bang! Bang!”

A fallen American soldier fired one bullet into Charles’ forehead and another into his chest.

Fresh blood permeates the equipped bulletproof vest like overflowing juice.

While I was alive, I couldn’t get any status, honor, or medal.

If there is no loved one, there is no one waiting for his return.

People might ridicule my lonely life, but I don’t mind.

From the moment he was born, he was ordered to die on the battlefield, and the life that was created without knowing when it would end would finally come to an end.

Even if the motherland is destroyed in this war, if the citizens of the Federation can look up at the sky and feel “life”, it will be a new beginning for the Federation.

“Kelly! Are you okay!”

“Do you have any George cigarettes? I want to taste them before I die.”

Maybe my consciousness is fading, I can’t feel the life in my eyes.

“You quit smoking”

“Heh! It’s okay to be selfish at the end, right?”

George took a cigarette out of his breast pocket and puffed.

Lightly inhaling the cigarette twice, Kelly’s expression relaxed with the nostalgic taste and scent.

Ah, why did I quit smoking? That’s right, I was unnecessarily worried about being told by a younger soldier that I smelled bad. I became Dassey’s father.

A cigarette fell out of Kelly’s mouth.

It’s bad, we’re captured by the enemy. I was stuck.

However, even if I stay here, I will be surrounded and turned into a beehive.

That information was true. So the enemy is Chinese and Russian soldiers, and 400 means a good sniper. If they move easily, they become easy prey.

“What are you going to do! I never thought there was a traitor on my side.”

“Don’t ask me! I don’t understand either.”

It’s crazy, the function as a team has died.

If everyone stops thinking, it’s the other person’s point of view.

At that time, a notification came on the terminal of the watch.

“Don’t move” is displayed.

“Don’t move everyone!”

Right after I shouted that, I heard a sound cutting through the wind.

I heard “huh”. A familiar sound.

Everyone crouched down at the sound that was engraved in their brains so strongly that they were prepared to die, and prepared for it.

And Sora blew everything away.

Enemy’s speculation, the afterglow of enjoying the hunt.

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