[NTBG] Chapter 55 (2/2): Give me Carol

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Translator: Asada

Editor: Kylerboi(edited)

The voice was like as if she was trying to brag.

After all, she’s a level 5 player?

“… This is boring -_- . You should be surprised or praising me now.”

“It’s amazing! By the way, for how much time did you played the game?”

“Well, I am not exactly sure. The gaming period should be around two years.”

Two years? Its impossible to judge whether this time is short or long.

“Do you know how many years ago did this game start?”

“Well, from the information I gathered on the bulletin board, it seems to be ten years, but I’m not sure.”

Around the time when I started withdrawing to a NEET? It’s just a coincidence but for an online game, its fairly long-lasting title.

“I will tell you again that I am at Level 5 so I can chat with the God of Luck. The number of characters is fixed for the month though. I can’t provide you the details because this is prohibited matter but my God said that the God of Fate told him to get me to pick you up today.”

“Is that so? Thank you again for your help.”

When I bowed, Carol imitated me and bowed a little. Destiny with his face out of the backpack is also shaking his head up and down.

“I’m jealous because of this superb teamwork. When I hear that the God of Fate sent a Bible to a person due to a bug, I doubted my ears, but it was true.”

She is adjusting the rearview mirror and looking at Carol seriously.

This person talked of the Main Gods rather normally. The people that run this game are the real Gods?

I was prepared and expected it somewhat but I was still suprised.

Someone pulled the sleeves of my clothes and when I turned to the side, Carol was staring at me with big eyes.

“Yoshio, what are you talking about?”

“He told me that Carol is cute.”

Mr Driver interrupted me before I could answer.

Does she understand Carols words?

“Ehe. Thank you Onee-chan.”

Even though she is shy, she is grateful.

“… Carol. Did you understand the words of this Onee-chan?”

“Yup. I didn’t know what you were talking about before but I understand now. ‘

Since she is the player playing the same game if she consciously talks to Carol, it will automatically translate too?

“It’s a bit of a consultation, but how about giving me Carol as my sister?”

“I refuse.”

I answered immediately.

Why did you say that with a serious look?

“I can have three bowls of rice just with this innocent smile!”[1]

“Carrol. Don’t get too close to that Onee-sama.”

I put the nail to stop the dangerous person with dangerous intents.

“You are terrible! I just like children ok? I’m especially in for cute for young girls. A male brat is both noisy and cheeky.”

It really feels like a change in mood. Was it because some boys did something in the past?

There should be nothing good about extending the story. Change the topic…

“I was just kidding a while ago. Are you really going to return the Bible?”

The other side cut it out before me.

“I intend to do that.”

“No, I don’t mean just that. If you sell it, a lot of money will roll in and if you have the Bible, you can observe it wherever you went. You can also specify a place to activate a miracle. You can do all of it. Do you understand that it is extremely convenient?”

I know what you want to say.

It would be a lie to say that I didn’t even think about it. If I have half a million yen, I can afford to buy a car and even gift it to my parents.

Even if I don’t sell it, if I used the Bible and the Village of Fate app together, I can even see inside the buildings in addition to the high-performance map.

I can’t imagine how valuable this is.

“I know. But without the Bible, I won’t know what the village looks like so I may not be able to help them and they might be wiped out. And the value of the Village can’t be exchanged for money. The villagers who saved me when I was at the bottom are just as important as my family…”

I said that and patted Carol’s head.

The fate points are increasing little by little every day. There is no way to tell whether its Carol’s gratitude or if the village exists and the villagers are grateful.

But the villagers have survived … I believe that.

“Yeah, good! There are people on the Main God side who treat the villagers as characters in the games but it seems that is not the case for you. Like Carol-chan, everyone in the other world is working hard!! That’s what I think.”

When the car stopped at the red light, she turned around with a huge smile on her face.

“Okay, now that we understand each other, why don’t we eat? Carol-chan is hungry, too.”

“Yeah, I’m hungry!”

I didn’t notice because of the chat but its already noon.

“Let’s take you to a delicious Jingisukan(Genghis Khan) shop, one of Hokkaido’s specialty!” [2] [3]

Oh, one of the dishes which I wanted to try after coming to Hokkaido.

I know that the meeting the management is the top priority right now but we still have to cover a large distance and there is time till we reach our destination.

Carol and Destiny who have been pulling my clothes for a while seem to be at their limits.

Translator and Editor Notes:

[1] Ya know since white rice are usually eaten with other dishes… ya all get it

[2] Fun fact mates. Jingisukan can also be translated to Genghis Khan. Yes you heard it right Genghis Khan, the famous Mongolian conquerer.

[3] What’s even more interesting is that Genghis Khan aka Jingisukan is a Japanese grilled mutton dish prepared on a convex metal skillet or other grills. The dish is particularly popular on the northern island of Hokkaidō and in China. Genghis Khan is a dish lol.

I really hope that you read the footnotes for this release. Ha Ha Ha ~Asada

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