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From MagicFishCat

I have an announcement. Reader will go on hiatus. But before doing anything, please read the rest of the announcement.

The thing is, doing both VIP and Reader results in a decrease in productivity for both novels as you’ve might’ve noticed on the latest chapters. That meant that I had to drop one of the novels. Now, the reason I decided to drop Reader and not VIP, is not because I want to abandon you guys who’ve been patiently waiting for the latest chapter, but because of a reason that can be seen as selfish for some of you.

It’s because, not to bad-mouth the author, the quality of Reader(raws) has been dropping lately, and this makes it harder to translate properly into quality writing. While I don’t know if the quality is going to get better in the future, at this rate, it’s going to keep dragging on until I completely stop releasing or I will just be releasing subpar chapters.

However, there is a (kind of) good news. We also don’t want Reader to be dropped, so as you might’ve noticed for those on our discord, we have been trying to recruit a Korean translator that’s better than me at translating Reader. If we cannot recruit one in the next few weeks, I will keep releasing Reader at a rate of 1ch/week. For the patreons who’ve given their support to our site, I’m sincerely sorry for this, and you are free to unsubscribe to our patreon chapters. We fully deserve the hate you might feel since it was so sudden and it was your money that was wasted on a useless me for the past few weeks. So, what will happen now, is that we will try to recruit a translator for reader and the novel will go on temporary hiatus, and if that doesn’t work out in the next few weeks, I will continue to translate Reader at a rate of 1ch/week.

Sorry for this guys.


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  1. Masha

    Can’t say I’m not disappointed but I totally understand that translating a novel when your heart isn’t in it anymore must be tedious. Thank you for your awesome translations so far!

  2. Nøøbförèvér

    You mean that the story became bad or the writing quality? Has it become harder to translate?
    And how much are you guys confident about getting a new translator? The novel is trending in nu and if people petitioned it will get picked up soon by other groups.

  3. davicat

    Thank you for your honest announcement. I was wondering why Reader hadn’t been released in these few days. I’m sad for what is happening and I’ll just hope that someone will pick it up to translate.
    I don’t feel any hate because I know how hard is translating something, especially if you find some issues.