[GFWI] Chapter 39: Tea and Biscuits

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Translator: McTavish

Editor: Ageura

We went with Eireen into the castle building and climbed the stairs to the third floor.
She stopped in front of a room where she walked a little.

“This is my room. Wait inside while I ask my grandfather to brew tea.”

With that said, I opened the door and we went inside, Eireen left us and went down the corridor.
We decided to wait inside as she said.

The room atmosphere was calm with no flashy furniture.
Furniture, such as beds, sofas, tables, and dressers, are all solid and of good quality.

But even if the room has a calm atmosphere we weren’t.
I spent a long time there with the three girls.

Then, after a short while, Satsuki, who had been gazing down and hadn’t said a word since the duel said.

“… Huh.I lost, the princess is strong.”

Satsuki laughed while saying that, but she didn’t have the usual smile.
I felt that her smile was fragile like glass that can be easily broken.

I sigh and tell her.

“──Satsuki, don’t overdo it. When you want to cry, cry. And I’ll lend you my shoulder.”

When I said that and put my hands on Satsuki’s head, her smiling face collapsed in an instant.
Tears accumulate in her eyes staring at me.

But Satsuki went to the corner of the room, wiped her tears with the kimono sleeve, and pushed my hand away.

“… Yada. She’s coming back soon. I wont show any weakness in front of her.”

“Yes, I see.”

Apparently, Satsuki seemed to have set Eireen as her rival.
I am impressed with her willingness to confront such a difference.

After a while, Eireen came back.

“What are you waiting for ?! Why are you still standing? There’s a sofa there. You could just sit down and wait.”

She brought a tray full of tea and sweets, put it on a table in front of the sofa then served us.

“William and company please sit down and enjoy the snacks.”

Eileen doesn’t care about procedures.
I sighed and sat down on the sofa.
My companions followed, sitting side by side on the sofa.

“So what’s the matter? That you need to talk to me.”

After confirming that everyone is seated, Eireen immediately begins approaching the subject.

In response to her words, I took the documents out of my luggage bag and handed them to her.

“……this is?”

“We found it in a bandit hideout. The bandits had killed all the residents of a nearby village.”

When I explained so, Eireen’s eyes narrowed.

“Can I read it?”

“Go ahead.”

After confirming my reply, Eireen opened the documents.
Then read through what is written there.

As she read on, her expression turned somber.
Then, when she have finished reading the documents, she rolled them back again and tied them with the string.

“Thank you for sending me this Will. I will show these documents to my dad and The King.”

“Oh, thank you.”

“Yeah, thank you. And forgive us this was happening at out country out of our sight. What was their purpose? “

Eireen clenched her fist.
When I saw her, I was relieved that she was the same.

In general, the king doesn’t operate the whole kingdom.
The king gives some form of indirect governance to his people the nobles, then the nobles have territorial power over the place they govern.
And the total number of nobles in the country, even including the minority, reaches the four digits.

As a result, the King’s control over the land is not that great.
Even if you can control the outline, you can hardly grasp all the events occuring within each territory.

And the number of villages in the whole country are almost in the five digits.
Even if a village in the country is destroyed, it is quite possible that such “trivial information” will not reach the king if the lord of the land tries to hide it.

And even if the information arrives, one of the villages is usually seen as only a few tenths of thousands by the country’s governor.
There are many who mourn for the commoners but most of them are not royal aristocrats, like Eireen, who is angry at each and every one of them.
Eireen is different from other nobles.

And that’s why I thought I could trust Eireen with this information.
Despite all sorts of issues with her personality, she is one of the people I trust.

And while I was thinking about all that, Cyril asked Eireen.

“Oh, sorry … didn’t you think about the possibility of us lying?”

Cyril’s point was legitimate.

It is hard to believe that a lord will destroy his own territory.
And that’s why I brought it to Eireen, an old acquaintance so that this information wont be ignored by the government.

However, when Cyril asked that Eireen squinted her eyes and said.

“Well sure. If I got this information from a stranger, I might have suspected that first, but it was Will who brought me this information. I know him a lot from the old days and he isn’t that kind of guy.”

Apparently, I wasn’t the only one who still trusted my friend.
My memories of Eireen are not all good, but she is a good friend of mine.

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