[GFWI] Chapter 38: Duel End

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Translator: McTavish

Editor: Ageura

In a corner of a courtyard in the Royal Castle.
Two girls stood face-to-face in the square used by the knights for training.

One is a girl with a prince-like look with a silver hair shortcut.
The other is a girl in kimono with black hair ponytail.

“Use this. There is only a straight wooden sword, but you can use it as an excuse if u lost because you are using an unfamiliar weapon.”

Eileen walked to the side of the square, grabbed two of the wooden swords she had on her and threw one of them to Satsuki.
Satsuki received it with one hand and stared back at Eileen.

“Hey, Princess. Just think of an excuse so when you lose.”

Satsuki stands with the wooden sword she received.
Her figure, with her back straight and the sword in her right hand, was still beautiful.

Eileen, standing back in front of Satsuki, with a sword.
While Satsuki stands upright with a wooden sword in a double hand grip, Eileen holds the sword with one hand and leaning her body forward.
She usually uses a shield, so she also has a disadvantage of using standard armaments.

Me, Mii and Cyril watched the two of them from a distance.
Mii and Cyril are standing on my left and right.

Then Mii pulled the hem of my robe.

“It’s a good fight anyway, but which one do you think will win, William?”

She seemed to be interested in it.
I answer it after a little thought.

“It’s bad for Satsuki, but it will be a even game.”

“The Princess is that strong?”

Cyril, who is on the other side of Mii, looks at me and said.
In response, I replied, without averting my gaze, from the two of them.

“She’s the monster of the kingdom.”

And in fact, the result was exactly that.
The next moment I gave the signal and said “start”.

“Now …!”

Eireen lowered her body and dived at Satsuki in the blink of an eye.
In response, Satsuki was trying to stabilize her balance.

A second later, Satsuki’s wooden sword flew in the air.

“Nice reaction.”

” ──End !? ”

Eireen also grabbed Satsuki’s right-hand sleeve with her left hand without a sword, and at the same time, caught her foot and knocked Satsuki back.
She fell down as if to cover herself, and pressed the wooden sword against her neck as she pushed her down.


“It’s my win.”

One moment later, Satsuki’s wooden sword, which was flying in the air, made a noise as it fell to the ground.
It was a quick game.

When Irene stood up, dusted of her clothes.

“Well, now I’ll guide you to my room. Follow me.”

She also picked up Satsuki’s wooden sword and returned it to its original location, leaving behind a lost Satsuki while walking towards the castle hall.

“… Damn it!”

When Eireen left, Satsuki sat down and hit the ground with her fist.

The strongest often find that they are higher than their age so they always aim for higher heights.
Right now Eireen is a monster, but Satsuki is also a masterpiece. I do not know what will happen in a year.

“──Satsuki, let’s go”


As I reached out, Satsuki took my hand.
Looking at it, I was convinced that this girl named Satsuki would be even stronger in the future.

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