[GFWI] Chapter 37: Duel Start

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Translator: McTavish

Editor: Ageura

“We can’t talk in here so, let’s go to my room. Follow me.”

Eileen said, and invited us inside the gate.
Then she walked in the courtyard to the castle building.

We followed.
Eventually, Cyril takes a small step and stands right beside me.

“…Hey, Will. Is that person really a prince? I mean sure he looks cool but for a man his features seem too cute.”

Cyril whispers to me.
So that she wont be heard by Eileen.

However, I didn’t feel that I needed to talk confidentially, so I answered with a normal voice.

“No, she’s Eileen Grace Road, the princess of the country. That outfit and her way of talking is a hobby.

“Well … is that true?-But William, you said that your acquaintance in the royal city is a prince.”

“Is that so? I meant people in the position of a prince or a princess.”

“That might be the case, but that’s a princess.”

Cyril seemed unconvinced.
Well no wonder, because its not convincing at first glance that she is a princess.

“She has been a mischievous since she was a child. I wanted to read a book slowly at home but she forced me to go out and run around the city with her , we even used tree branches to play swordsmen.”

“Fufu. Will was a boy and his swordsmanship was ok. But it was my victory.”

Perhaps because I was talking in a normal tone Eileen turned her face to me and said.
I said to Eileen without hiding my dissatisfaction.

“You were too strong. If you think about it, you weren’t considered a child anymore, haven’t you mastered aura at that time? That was almost bullying.”

“Hah, right. Since I started training with knights, I knew for the first time that there was an aura.”

We hear that auras, which strengthen physical abilities, are usually worn by high-ranking warriors after specialized training, but some people can use them only with their mid-features without such training. .

That’s what I would call a “genius”, and Eileen is a genius.

It is probably because of her talent that Eileen the princess of a nation is allowed to be unbridled in her movements.
She’s one year younger than me, so she’s 16 years old, but I’ve heard from the rumors that she’s as scary as a guard knight of royal family, she’s good with the sword.

In the first place, a knight is an elite highly trained warrior.
The training includes aura handling in addition to hand to hand combat experience so they average as a C-rank adventurers.

In addition, if you are a guard knight of the royal family, you are one of the most skilled knights comparable to B-rank adventureres.

It is said that a girl named Eileen as a knight she can be exactly described using the word “monster” , because she can be a guardian knight at her age.

But on the other hand, there was a girl who smiled fearlessly when she heard it.

Satsuki, who was casually walking beside the girl, uttered said in a provocative manner.

“Hey, then you’re a princess knight. I feel like its been a long time ago when I started using aura.”

That was when Eileen arrived in front of the castle.
She stopped reaching for the door and then looked back.

” I know what you look like. I’ve seen it in a training book. You’re an eastern swordsman, its called a samurai right?”


“So, you can run your mouth very well but what can you do to me?”

Eileen gave a glimpse of fierceness, and points to a place that seems to be a training ground.
And Satsuki, on the other hand, was not fazed by her fierceness.

“Oh, I’m the one who just wanted to challenge you.”

Eileen and Satsuki got ready in a flash.
Looking at the girls, Mii and Cyril were exparated.

“Princess …”

“She’s a muscle brain like Satsuki. “

I nodded at their thoughts.
There seems to be a tendency for girls with a lot of fierceness to gather around me.

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