[HGEG] is dropped


Asada Translations here.

We are sorry to inform you that we are going to be dropping the novel Horror Game Escape guide a.k.a HGEG. Some of you might have liked the novel and have been waiting for more release but we are sorry to disappoint you.

The main reason we are forced to take this step is because we are unable to get in contact with the translator Zucci. It has been quite a while since we last heard from her thus we are forced to assume that she might have left the translation community due to some personnel reasons.

Another reason for dropping the novel is because the novel did not meet our expectations. We know that there were many who appreciated the novel so we continued the translations hoping that we might get better response but unfortunately that didnt happen. The translator leaving the translation acted as a trigger for us to take the decision.

The Readers of the novel might be disappointed about it but unfortunately we dont have enough manpower to continue it. If anyone is interested in continuing the translations with us then please do contact us at asadatranslations@gmail.com

We would love to have you with us and translate this novel. Other translations are also free to pickup the project. If you can contact us is advance then we can do a shout out for you as well

Thank You.

Asada Transaltions.

Logging Out.