[GFWI] Chapter 34: Professor

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Translator: McTavish

Editor: Ageura

Now, the most important thing in a social war is information.
We should start by gathering information about Count Goldert.

I returned to my room after finishing breakfast.
I took a large hand mirror out of the bag and secured it, and began casting spells with the mage staff.

The spell used is a communication spell.
This spell magically connects different special mirrors and can transmit the video and audio of both.

Each mirror has an access number.
I completed the spell, remembering the number of the target mirror.

Then, the a scene is reflected on the mirror.

It is one of the labs at Magic Academy.
Many books are piled up on the desk and they seem to almost collapse and fall.

And only one corner of the desk was free where an old man was sitting and working on something.
He is writing on a paper placed on the desk scratching his head, crumbles the paper he just wrote and throws it on the lab floor beside the other paper scrap.

I sigh and call into the mirror.

“Professor, it’s been a long time. It seems like you’re still not good at organizing and cleaning up.”

“… Hmm? Oh, William!”

The old man, who was immersed in writing, looked up and turned his gaze to me from behind the mirror.
The mirror in the lab should be showing me and the room I am in.

“Han, I’ve said before. Eagles aren’t tidy, but this is the best place. The environment where material is within reach is the most desirable condition for researchers.”

The old man hits the books stacked on the desk with his hand.
Then ──

The pile of books on the desk collapsed and fell abruptly.

Dust scatters everywhere.
I smiled at the professor as before.

“Keho, Kehoh , William what do I owe the pleasure of your call? Are you tired of being an adventurer and want to work with me? There is always an eagle’s passenger seat available.”

“No. I’m not tired, I’m still at the beginning of my adventurer career. I would rather ask the professor about another thing.”

“What do you want to know?”

“Yes. I would like to know if there was a graduate from the academy who got assigned to Earl Goldert as a court magician.”

I asked the professor.

The term court magician in the literal sense refers to a magician who serves as an aide to the king, but it can also be a term for a magician who serves as an aide to the aristocrates.

“… Huh? Wait a minute.”

The professor goes to the bookshelf on the side of the room, removes a thick book from there, and returns with it.
He flipped over the pages, and stopped the hand on one page.

“Yes, there is one graduate just three years ago who had been assigned to Count Goldert. The name is Alice Flamelia. Wait, this is…”

The professor places the book on the desk and heads back to the bookshelf.
Then bring another book and starts flipping the pages.

“Ah yes. Alice Flamelia is a heretic who has submitted a graduation thesis in the field of necromancy. The title of her graduation thesis is” Conditions of the naturally occurring lower rank undead. ” I heard that the thesis wasn’t evaluated because it was related to necromancy …. Well, why do you ask William?”

The professor asked.

On the other hand, I was a little surprised.
I was thinking of contacting his court magician to get information about Count Goldert, but didn’t expect to gain this information.

The whole scene began to shape together in my mind.
This is an unexpected find.

“No, I faced a problem that I overlooked, so I thought about the information … Thanks to you professor I can see the whole picture.”

“Huh. I don’t know what it is, but if it’s helpful I was happy to do it for your sake and let me know when you’re ready to talk.”

“Yes. Thank you and I’m sorry, Professor.”

“Um. Good luck.”

I ended the communication spell.


What is this?

It turned out that the information was more useful than I could’ve imagined.
I decided to rearrange my information and reconsider my next action.

Translator and Editor Notes:

Despacito. ~ McTavish

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