[GFWI] Chapter 36: Royal City

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Translator: McTavish

Editor: Ageura

Departing from Atlâtia we journeyed for two and a half days.
Around the evening of the third day, we arrived at the Royal City of Greysburg.

We went through the city gate and followed the bustling streets to Ojo Castle.
On the way, Satsuki looked at the streets in bewilderment.

“Even though it’s almost time for stalls to open, the city is lively its as if we’re not in the royal capital.”

“Yeah it has a bit of a countryside feeling.”

“This is the first time I’ve come to the royal capital. I’m a little excited.”

The girls are expressing their thoughts.
I looked at them and asked.

“Is this your first visit to the royal city?”

They confirmed then Satsuki said.

“Well, I’ve been to royal cities of other countries. Will is this your first time coming to the royal city?”

“Oh, I used to live in Greysburg.”

“Were you born in this city?”

“No, technically speaking I was born in the magical city of Rector. I came here at an early age because of my father’s work. I’ve always been in this city. ”

“Interesting. By the way, what is your father’s job?”

Satsuki asked casually.
I was hesitant to answer but then I thought there is nothing to hide so I replied truthfully.

“He is a court magician in the royal city he’s supposed to be working as a division leader now.”

“The commander of the imperial court magicians!? ”

Asked Cyril in shock.

Satsuki is surprised at Cyril’s reaction.

“Well, what’s that?”

“It’s amazing! First of all, being a court magician in the royal city is a sign of a magician’s highest level. So being the commander of imperial court magicians is like being the strongest magician in the country. “

Said Cyril.

It seems that Cyril tends to overestimate human abilities.
Perhaps it’s because they are competent in their own right.

I told my opinion to Cyril.

“Well, I admit that my father is a very good magician. But that doesn’t mean the he’s a good human being.”

The eyes of Satsuki, Cyril, and Mii turned me all at once.
The girls’ eyes were looking at me strangely.

“… what is it? Did I say something strange?”

“I think it’s the first time I heard Will being mean to someone.”


“Yes, I was surprised.”


…… Is that so?

“… No, just because I didn’t express it didn’t mean that I never thought that there are bad people. For example, the bandits who killed all people in Filia’s village were bad human beings.. ”

“Well, that’s right … but I wonder why it feels like you have a grudge. Not the usual William.”


A grudge.
I can’t say it isn’t, but I don’t think I’m particularly resentful.

To be honest, I don’t like my father.
That’s it.

“Hey, Will …”

“N, what is it Satsuki?”

Suddenly, Satsuki was pulling the hum of my robe.

Looking at her her watery eyes were full of tears.

“Was that your secret?”


I was embarrassed by her words, and had no choice but to scratch my head.

Cyril then walked ahead, but Satsuki stayed for a while.

By the way, we arrived in front of the Royal Castle.

The city of Greysburg is also covered by high city walls.
In addition, a deep moat surrounds the wall, and you have to cross the drawbridge over the moat to the main gate.

We cross the drawbridge, which is large enough for a large carriage, and passed the security measures of the gatekeepers.
The gatekeeper tells something to a young soldier, who seems to be a messenger, showing the name of the person we want to meet while showing a medallion indicating that I am a graduate of the Magic Academy.

And as the soldier ran back, the gatekeeper told us to wait here for a while.

We waited for a few minutes in front of the gate.
The soldier came back, and another person I knew ran towards me.

“Wow, It really is William, How have you been it’s been a while?”

A shimmering silver hair shortcut and a gorgeous smile with tomboyish features.
She has a sword on her waist and dressed in clothes similar to what boys wear in the royal family.

She’s my childhood friend and the first princess of the country, Irene Grace Road.

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