[GFWI] Chapter 35: Count and Aide

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Translator: McTavish

Editor: Ageura

After finishing the call with the professor, I gave my party the information I got.
I explained my future plans and left the city with them.

Now I’m walking along the highway with the three girls towards the royal capital.

“Will. I’m sorry.”

Satsuki walking at the front looked back and said.

“Oh, what is it Satsuki?”

“Why are we going to go to the royal capital?”

“You’re asking now…”

Mii sighed beside Satsuki.
When I at look at Cyril she shrugs helplessly.

“Hmm. I think I explained that before leaving.”

“Well, It was hard to talk and I didn’t listen halfway…”

While Satsuki slows down and walks by me, she shows a guilty smile.
I didn’t mean to talk so hard, but … well, if she couldn’t understand it I can’t help it, so let’s start over.

“So, first of all, Alice Flamelia. She graduated from Wizard’s Academy three years ago and became a court magician to the Count of Goldert.”

“Ah, yeah, I remember that area. That Sothuron was a book about the undead. She graduated three years ago, about three years older than Will. Is she about twenty years old now? “

“Probably not. I can’t say for sure because some people enter the magic school after they get older.”

“Hmm. But at such age she can be a noble aide.”

Satsuki said impressed.
When I heard that, it seemed interesting.
Certainly, it may be quite rare for a person younger than twenty-year-old to stand near the center of power and politics.

A sorcerer who studied various things at the Magic School is also suitable as an advisor or assistant in territorial management.
In addition, the ability to use magic naturally makes him/her useful in many situations.

Therefore, it is common practice for a noblemen who can afford a certain amount of money to secure at least one court magician at his / her own.

And if you become a competent and veteran magician, it is normal to already serve some nobles, so the main target of hiring young guru wizard who just graduated from school.

“So is Alice the mastermind, so we can kill her?”

Satsuki’s thinking was simple today.
Dualism of good or evil.
Although it is a pleasant personality, I am a little worried.
If someone doesn’t stay with her all the time, she’ll be at risk.
In the future, I imagine the struggle of a stranger who will stay close to her for the rest of her life, and I smile involuntarily.

“I don’t know about that yet, but the most likely culprit is Alex.”

“Hmm … but then, why don’t you go and defeat Alice and the Count of Goldert? Is the County of Goldert the opposite direction? Is Alice in the royal capital?”

At Satsuki’s remarks, Cyril says in experation.

“… Satsuki, you. I guess it’s true, but you didn’t intend to go directly to the mansion and fight there right?”

“If you do that, you are suddenly transformed from low-level adventurers to one of those criminals you find in quests.”

Mii says after Cyril.
However, Satsuki still seems unsatisfied.

“But if they’re criminals, the Count and Alice were responsible for the destruction of Filia’s village. They should be considered as criminals.”

“There is no certainty or evidence that they did it.”

“Is the paper in the bandits storeroom useless?”

“It’s not useless but you need to think about who we will give it to and what will happen after that.”

When I said that, Satsuki scratched her head
“I don’t understand how difficult is it ?!”

” I don’t think it’s possible for Satsuki anymore.”

Cyril says, Satsuki, who was scratching her head, stopped moving.

“Well I won’t think! I’ll leave it to Will!”

Satsuki laughed while saying that.

That’s when Cyril asked me this time.

“But is that okay William?”

“What is okay?”

“When you go to the royal city, do you trust one of the adventurers? If you take into consideration your position as a Guru wizard and my acolyte position, they will hear your story, but … “

So that’s it.
Haven’t I talked to Cyrils about that yet?

“Oh,I have an acquaintance in the royal capital.”

“An acquaintance in the royal capital? Is it a powerful person?”

“Well, you can say so.”

When I answer, Cyril sighs heavily.

“William is still amazing. He looks good, his abilities are out of the world and his network is so vast as well. if this was a story are you supposed to be a prince?”

“These connections aren’t something I’ve built. I just know someone who’s in that “prince” position.”

“You know a prince, Is that it?”

The truth is, there’s one more connection, but that’s the one I don’t want to rely on as much as I can.
Let’s start with another source.

Translator and Editor Notes:

the office is playing in the background as I translate this. ~ McTavish

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