[GFWI] Chapter 33: Suspicious Nobles

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Translator: McTavish

Editor: Ageura

“Will look at this.”

As I descended into the canteen, the other three were already at the usual table.
Satsuki called me to show what she’s wearing on her chest.

When I get to my usual seat, I look at it.

“Is that an E-rank adventurer’s Tag?”

At Satsuki’s chest was a small plate made of bronze.
If you look closely, the surface is engraved with Satsuki’s name.
Satsuki was hanging it from the neck like a necklace.

“Well, that’s right. Will is still F-rank so you can call me” Oneechan “.”

Satsuki is very proud of her advancement.
But I am not clear about the meaning of her remark.

“Becoming an E-ranked made Satsuki stupid.”

“I guess so. Originally she was like this.”

Mii and Cyril had a light breakfast as usual.
A bronze adventurer’s card shines on their chests as well.

The three including Satsuki had their adventurer ranks promoted from F to E after completing the previous quest to get rid of the undead.
Although the rank itself was upgraded after completing the quest, it is likely that they received their new adventurer’s card this morning.

By the way, I also have a small plate-shaped adventurer’s card.
It is still made of normal copper for F rank.
The day after I registered as an adventurer, I received it from the adventurer’s guild.

The adventurer’s card has different materials depending on the rank of the adventurer, and each material has a different color.
This means that the rank of the adventurer can be understood at a glance.

Even so, being the only F-rank adventurer at the party is making me restless.
So I decided to joke a little bit.

“Then Satsuki-Chan. Can you bring me some butter?”

I asked Satsuki while eating my breakfast.
But Satsuki’s reaction was strange.


Satsuki made a strange voice while shaking.
Then she flipped and fell back with her chair.

“No, it’s dangerous!”

Satsuki got up quickly and sat down.
Somehow her face turned red and her breathing was rough.

“No, it’s more like …”

“Either way, it’s horrible …”

Cyril and Mii, on the other hand had their face blue.
I’m not sure how well the response is, but this is the best response to my jokes at the moment.

When I was thinking about that, Cyril cleared her mind and said something different with a serious face.

“Any case did you decide what are you going to do now Will?”

“I think we should avoid mentioning the bandits extermination details to government or those in power without doing the background check first.”

“That’s right, I honestly think that we can’t trust the nobles.”

While I and Cyril were talking, Satsuki who was also listening punched her palm as if she just thought of something.

“Oh, that’s right. The paper that was in the archive in the bandit’s house. That box with such lock it must contain some important information on their backers.”

Mii immediately shut Satsuki’s mouth with her hand.
Then she immediately looked around and saw that nobody noticed them, then sighed in relief.
Then she released Satsuki’s mouth and reprimanded her.

“Are you stupid !? ”

“What is it? Did I say something bad?”

“I told you! Think a little bit about what you are going to say in public!”

“Oh. I was so lazy at that time that I didn’t read exactly what was written on the paper.”

“I understand. I’ll explain a little, so listen quietly without making any loud noise.”

“Oh, oh”

Satsuki shows the attitude of someone listening to a story after being reprimanded by Mii.
I’ll leave explaining the situation to Mii, but I’ll investigate the box handling the documents again.

A document box in the office of the Bandit House.
Among them there were some obscure documents, as well as important documents—a few “mission notes”.

And what was written there was amazing.

“Now then, did the Count of Gordart instruct the bandits to destroy that village !?”

Satsuki who heard Mii’s explanation, utters in a whisper surprised. Mii raised her index finger at her mouth to urge Satsuki not to speak anymore.
Satsuki nodded in silence.

──Yes, that was exactly what was written in the document.

To attack the village every day and to kill all the villagers.
When they’re done, they will be given a lot of gold or land and serfs.
He’ll call them later so they can wait.

Along with such a statement, the name “Count of Goldert” was written, indicating that he swore by the name of the Goldert family and will keep his promise.
These documents were recovered from the box and brought back with us.

Count Goldert is the lord that rules a certain area in this neighborhood.
The city of Gordia, about a day and a half walk from the city of Atlâtia, and the dozens of surrounding villages are his territory, and the destroyed village of Filia was also his territory.

It’s hard to imagine that the lord of the territory asked the bandits to destroy it.
Although the count’s territory is entrusted by the King, the Count has the right to collect taxes in his territory and can take a certain percentage of the tax collected.
It is hard to imagine that a lord will waste his own financial resources.

In many ways the document seems fake.
But ──

“If it’s true then Filia died because of that.”

Satsuki’s eyes were filled with anger.
I nodded at Satsuki to show my consent.

“Oh, I agree with Satsuki … but at the moment there’s too little information. And above all, we’re adventurers, not lawsmen.”

“What’s! Then are we going to pretend that we don’t know anything!”

Hearing my words, Satsuki was upset and punched the table shaking all the tableware.
All the attention gathered at Satsuki and our table.

“… Satsuki, be quiet. You’re not the only one that’s angry. You know what the god I worship controls.”

Cyril glares at Satsuki while drinking her tea.
In response, Satsuki returned to her seat with indigation.

The surrounding gazes disperses.
I confirm that and explain to Satsuki.

“As I said, I agree with Satsuki and I sympathize with Satsuki’s feelings, but it’s not that simple. If we don’t move carefully we will be destroyed. We need to consider social matters. “

“… I understand, I was at fault.”

Satsuki seems a little unsatisfied but she still manages to apologize.
I nod at her and add another word.

“And as I said earlier, we are adventurers. It would be dangerous to do free work based on justice and our emotions. But if there is a reward then the situation changes.”

“Huh. How can you add a reward?”

“I have some thoughts. I don’t know if it will work.”

“You can make your own reward!?”

I eat my breakfast while looking at Satsuki’s stunned appearance.

Translator and Editor Notes:

Chapter time. ~ McTavish

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