[GFWI] Chapter 32: Mana Test

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Translator: McTavish

Editor : Ageura

No matter what happens life goes on.

Returning to Atlatia after the exterminating the bandits, we ate, drank, made noise, and slept again.
I don’t usually drink too much, but yesterday I drank too much and I remember having a debate with Cyril.

When I woke up the next morning, I got ready and then cast my morning routine spell, the Mana Measurement Spell.
This is a spell that measures the amount of one’s own magic, and is one of the earliest spells I learned at the school.

“These numbers … Is the total amount of magic elements increasing?”

Looking at the numbers I get from the effects of the spells, I confirmed the hypotheses I have been have for the last few days.

Since being an adventurer, there seems to be a sign that my total magical capacity has been increasing.
I thought about the possibility of an error, but today’s numbers doesn’t seem to be so.

The total amount of magic elements varies slightly depending on the physical condition of the day.
Depending on the condition of the day, it can change up to 10% up and down, so even if the value increases a little compared to the previous day, it is premature to immediately think that it is a significant increase in the total amount of magic elements.

The total amount of my element that were 105 points on the morning of my first day as an adventurer. They were 109 points the next morning, 108 points the next one, then 109 points, 112 points, 113 points, 111 points And today 117 points.
I think there may be a significant increase in the total amount of magic elements.

In the first place, the total amount of magic elements can be increased by training, though there are some innate differences.
It is common sense in school textbooks that the total amount of magical elements can be increased by using the elements to their limits and then resting.

However, the increase in the total amount of magical elements due to this usually has a “maximum” value.
The amount of magical elements that grows rapidly when you start training will gradually decrease, then it will reach a plateau where no further growth can be seen after about three years from starting training.

It naturally happened to me so I should not have been able to expect a significant increase in the total amount of magic elements anymore.
It is very interesting that this is happening.

However, similar events happened before.
In records of past adventurers, there are many examples of dramatic growth in abilities as a result of accumulating time as an adventurer.
If you think of that case, you have a precedent.

However, there are many examples that mention that continuing to an adventurer wont show any significant growth in abilities.
I don’t know the exact cause of this, but in my case, I should think that I happened to meet the condition of “growing up”.

In any case, there is too little information to conclude the cause.
Once I have more information I’ll find the cause.

Well then.
Once the magic measurement is complete, the next step is counting my gold.
How close am I to seven hundred gold coins?

Prior to receiving the undead extermination quest I had saved about 11 gold coins since I started being an adventurer.

“… Is there 35 or more gold coins left after reducing living costs?”

In my room, I am counting the gold coins taken while talking to myself.

My personal income is six and a quarter gold coins for exterminating the undead, and thirty and three-quarters gold coins for exterminating the bandits, for a total of thirty-seven gold coins.
The cost of living for the four days is about two gold coins, so after the deduction its 35 gold coins.
The total savings since the beginning my adventurer’s life is 46 gold coins. (11 from before + the current 35)

With this, the remaining amount is 654 gold coins.
Although it is still far from the target amount, if you think that it is only been a week since I started being an adventurer, I have successfully saved about 6 to 7 gold coins per day, this savings are non-heard of F rank adventurers.
And as adventurers rank higher in the future they receive higher paid quests, so I don’t have to panic anyway.

The number of gold coins buried in the garden of the village chief was 123 in total.
This was exactly what we received as a reward, but this amount is exceptional reward and is more than five times what a normal F rank adventurer receives.
I wont always get this much coins.

I put the coins back in my pocket.
Then I wrote the total amount of money on a separate record sheet, rolled it up, tied it, and put it in a luggage bag.

By the way, the paper used for this was created by magic.
Paper creation spells, along with cloth-forming spells, are an integral part of urban society today.

In some situations, parchment and the like are still traditionally used, but basically, the “paper” created by magic is used to record details.

For example, parchments used for adventurers registration in the adventurer’s guild is a waste of money, and there is growing demand that paper be used.
Parchments are still used because of those who value tradition and emotion, but it is a matter of time before it will eventually be replaced by paper.

Every time an adventurer dives into an ancient archaeological site and discovers a new spellbook, society changes dramatically.
With that in mind, the social role of the adventurer cannot be forgotten, but it seems that those in power don’t notice that.

Therefore, the social status of adventurers is always at the bottom.
If you become a high rank adventurer, the story will change, but adventurers below D rank are treated like thugs even C rank adventurers can still be treated like that sometimes.

In general, only a handful of adventurers, rated B or higher, tend to be respected by the townspeople.

Will my father, if I go there, accept my choice?

“I’m not a child anymore.”

I laugh alone in my room, ridiculing myself.

When I remembered my father, I realized that my mental age is getting smaller.
Even though I became an adventurer because I thought it would not matter, I still couldn’t abandon my childish desire to get everything.

I left my room and headed to the dining room for breakfast.

Translator and Editor Notes:

Chapter time. ~ McTavish

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