[GFWI] Chapter 31: Filia

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Translator: McTavish

Editor: Ageura

Sunlight shone brightly through the window of the hall.
The figure of Filia standing there while the sunlight illuminated her back was fantastic.

Her hand that was firmly gripping her sword slowly loosens and the sword drop.
The sword fell on the floor making a claking sound.

She looked at her hands filled with blood and looked stunned.

“Is it over, Filia?”

I shouted and she shook.
She turned to me.

“… Yes, that’s it.”

A shy, scared expression.
Then her body began to glow.

I couldn’t say anything.
It’s the same with Mii and Cyril, we all just watched her.

Then she started mumbling.

“Ah, yes. Is there really a world after death? I understand, Satsuki-san. I shall have fun even when I die. Satsuki-san do your best.”

Did Satsuki say something?
Filia answers while wiping her tears with her kimono sleeve.
However, her face seems to overflow with tears that ran down her cheeks.

She tried so hard but couldn’t stop her tears from overflowing.
Then she turned to the three of us and said with a face full tears.

“Thank you, everybody. I was so selfish that I tried to harm you, but still you were kind.”

The glow enlarged then outlined her.
It seemed that something was coming out of Satsuki’s body.

It must be Filia’s soul coming out of Satsuki’s body.

“Eating, drinking, talking, and laughing together at the tarvern was so much fun. Goodbye … Thank you very much!”

At the end of her words Filia’s soul floated out of Satsuki’s body gently, and disappeared.

Satsuki’s body loses its support and collapse.
Mii and Cyril rush up to her Cyril wakes her up, and Mii calls out to her.

“Satsuki! Are you ok!?”

“… Ah, ah … Well, I’m just tired … but Filia … is gone …”

Satsuki regains control of her body in Cyril’s arms, and murmurs weakly. She turned to me and said,

“Will …. I guess I can’t do anything anymore. I’m always talking to Filia and I’ve always wanted her to be happier, Was there anything more I could do? “

Satsuki’s eyes were full of tears.
But I shake my head to Satsuki.

“No, at least to my knowledge there is no way to resurrect a ghost as a human. As far as I know, this is the best result.”

“I see……”

The tragedy was confirmed when the village was destroyed by the bandits.
We are all adventurers and we can’t eliminate all sad events of the world.

All we can do is live our own lives to the best of our abilities.
Anything beyond that is not our issue.

“Let’s go back when Satsuki recovers. This is not a place to stay in for too long.”

I looked around the surrounding corpses and pools of blood while making the suggestion.
After Satsuki recovered a little, we left the bloody hall while lending Satsuki my shoulder so that she can walk.

On the way back, I went into an office-like room I had found through the see-through spell and took a document box there.

The box was locked and it even had a poison trap set up, but I was able to unlock all of them.

Then I picked up the loot from the box and put it in my bag, I left the museum with my friends.

After that, we stopped by Filia’s village, dug out the gold coins from the garden of the village chief’s house, and stored them in the bag as well.

Translator and Editor Notes:

this is the end of volume 3 so too volume 4 we go ~ McTavish

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