[VHBF] Chapter 24 (1/2): Daddy, love me! (again)

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Translator: Zucci

Editor: Asada

It’s been three days.

The ministers kneeled on the ground and Yu Guang secretly glanced at the little dumping in the emperor’s arms. The emperor’s mouth was drawn straight, his face was complex, but he looked handsome anyways.

Three days ago, the emperor picked up a small dumpling. According to the guards who witnessed the incident, the child looked very miserable.

Dirty like a beggar, with dry hair tied up in a knot, thin and small, mixed in the crowd. The child’s eyes appeared particularly large as they looked blankly around. According to Master Lin’s words, that ugly beggar could be a little thief.

That day, the emperor passed in front of her and the little dumpling, that jumped from god-knows-where, rushed over to hug the emperor’s thigh while grinning. Her voice was unexpectedly nice and tender:”Daddy!”

What did ‘daddy’ mean? Masten Lin couldn’t understand it. The emperor, who was much wiser and mightier, also couldn’t understand it.

His first reaction was, surprisingly, not throw the dirty dumpling away or order her blood to be splashed on the spot, but frown and ask: “Daddy?”

The little girl looked up, her face revealed a pair of big dark eyes that looked at him in admiration: “Although Daddy changed his hair, YinYin didn’t forget him!”

What happened later, Master Lin couldn’t believe his eyes.

He followed the emperor’s movement and, after the emperor heard those words, his tight brows didn’t loose. When Master Lin thought that the dumpling’s blood was about to be splattered on the ground, the emperor stretched out his clean hand and lifted the dirty dumpling from his leg.

“Get out,” he said.

After the dumpling was pushed away, she stumbled for a while. The tall man turned around and left, but only walked four or five steps away. The dumpling didn’t cry but, instead, chased him with short legs.

“Dad, dad, wait for me!”

“Daddy, why aren’t you talking?”

A low milky voice was heard behind him, accompanied by a small, almost imperceptible nasal sound that made Master Lin look back. The dumpling’s legs were two short and, even if it was five or fix steps, it took a while for the kid to catch up to them.

People came and went on the street and a small group of children were playing around, surrounded by adults. That child was not tall enough and was soon drowned in the crowd.

Master Lin, a steel man, felt his heart ache. After a moment looking at it, he couldn’t bear it anymore and spoke: “Your Imperial Majesty? That child is still chasing after Your Majesty.”

Master Lin is not defenseless and neither the emperor’s physical power is low. This is to say, even if the dirty dumpling has some bad intentions, the child doesn’t really have enough power to do anything to them.

That child was too thin and small. It looks like it’s been a long time since she had a good meal.

Hearing that, the man in front was not shaken at all. The sharp and beautiful face was indifferent and didn’t move even a strand of hair. His steps also continued large and rhythmic, neither fast or slow.

Master Lin was bitter for not getting an answer. He wanted to slap himself, why didn’t you worry about your own business? How is this alright? It has caused the emperor to reject you. Do you want to fix it?

Master Lin, as the leader of the guardsmen, is also a great figure in the emperor’s eyes. He dare not say how well he knew the emperor, but he had two or three points with him.

The emperor was a teenager who, at the age of ten, had his mother’s support to dominate the imperial court and reach out for the top position at the dynasty. The court became chaotic.

The current emperor calmly reacted, playing his game secretly, asking the emperor to enter the court and then took down all his relatives one by one. Later, in the presence of all ministers, the ten-year-old did not even blink as he chopped the previous emperor’s head.

Blood splattered everywhere. Bright red blood sprayed on the young emperor who remained cold and gloomy. All ministers were scared and several timider ones even fainted on the spot, or urinated their pants.

And even if some didn’t faint, they still had nightmares for a while. Many officials left in fear and, during the early dynasty, the palace remained very empty.

Against everyone’s thoughts, the culprit, the emperor’s mother, was imprisoned inside the palace and remained confined there. No one was allowed inside, not even the daylight.

The emperor never smiled after that.

His methods of ruling started to become more and more overbearing and no mistake was tolerated. Even a confidant minister was now hesitant to act, as the emperor didn’t mind killing people.

Sometimes, Mister Lin wondered if the emperor even saw him as a person…

What’s more shocking is… that the emperor didn’t kill the dirty dumpling that chased them, even though the child damaged his imperial robes.

Blinking, Master Lin could only pray for that mysterious entity. As if that little dumpling had the heavens on her side, she approached with ‘tam tam tam’ sounds, rushing up like an artillery shell and slammed against the man’s legs.

She bounced back and fell to the ground on her ass. She subconsciously looked up to comfort her father. “It doesn’t hurts. I’m not hurt, Dad, I’m not.

Master Lin: “…”

The man looked back at her indifferently, eyes like those of beast, without the slightest hint of emotion in his eyes, like a stone.

“Don’t follow me anymore.”

The man’s voice is different from ordinary people. He looks handsome and beautiful, but his voice is low and hoarse, like a broken blower or rusty chains that are difficult to pull. It doesn’t sound nice, it’s even scary.

Master Lin looked down at his sword and clenched the hilt, thinking that the dirty dumpling was probably thinking about quarreling with the emperor. What should he do? Should he hand the sword to the emperor or prevent the emperor from practicing the evil?

He was trembling, there were lives at risk!

The dumpling blinked and got up from the ground. Instead of being frightened, she hugged the emperor’s tight again and even dared to rub her little dirty face against his leg.

When she saw the black stains on his robe, the dumpling’s little fat face became hot and pink.

Even feeling guilty due making something bad, the dumpling still refused to let go of his tights.

“Dad, dad…”

YinYin looked down at the floor, her voice small with a trace of helplessness and grievance. She said: “I-I’m scared…”

“The people here are weird. There have long hair and wear lots of clothes. Y-YinYin doesn’t know them.”

“Don’t leave YinYin…”

Her fingertips moves slightly, her hair fell into her eyes and, obviously, her hair hasn’t been combed for a long time. Her hair was messy, dirty and tangled.

“Your majesty?”

Wei Jue abruptly turned back and started walking again.

Master Lin calculated silently how long would take for the little child to catch up.

But he waited and waited and didn’t see the small dumpling that chased them. So she gave up like that?

He looked back and saw nothing. There only and endless crowd of people, with no signs of the thin and filthy dumpling.

Master Lin sighed and muttered, “Was that a scam?” [1]

“Tsk, can a dirty child like that even be used for a scam?”

While lost in his thoughts, he didn’t even notice that the footsteps next to him suddenly changed its pace and departed.

Translator and Editor Notes:

So, like, for everyone that asked in the previous chapter what happened to yinyin etc, here it is~
She seems a little older, though, so I guess that she indeed stayed a little longer in the previous world before doing the world hopping. We can also assume Mu Bai and everyone are happy there. Idk. I like to think that way. Well, we’ll find out till the end huh… i’m always confused by world hopping.
ALSO, i’m not very good with old terms but i’ll do my best. i didn’t even now if it was okay to call an emperor ‘your majesty’ tbh (i was using ‘your highness’ lmaaao) – Zucci

[1] The word used here is 拍花子, it actually means a group of traffickers that deceive people with scams, they normally use children for that (like, a child asks you to help them find their mother, but they lead you into a trap.

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