[GFWI] Chapter 24: Bandit hunting

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Translator: McTavish

Editor: Ageura

It was around the evening of the next day when we left to hunt down the bandits.

The bandits are in a pavilion in the forest near the village of Filia, around a half hour walk along the mountain path.

It is said that the pavilion was built by aristocrats who liked it in the past, and it seems that the place was abandoned when they got tired of it, it was occupied by the bandits a while after.

When we got near the village of Filia around dawn, we went off the road and went to the mountain road leading to the building.
The mountain road was not wide but was well maintained and there was no great difficulty in proceeding.

“It’s their territory from here. We have to be careful.”

“Yes. It doesn’t mean that arrows will fly towards us.”

Cyril and Mii said in a whisper while climbing a narrow mountain path.
Upon hearing that, Satsuki/Filia touched her sword with a nervous look.

I share the spells that I can use with them.

“If it’s a bow and arrow I have the missile deflection spell. So you have to stay 5 meters around me.”

When I told them, Mii and Cyril stopped and looked at me with their eyes wide open.


“I’m serious.”

“I always thought that your magic is foul. Considering how much you can do without being scared from bows and arrows that might fly at your face from anywhere.”

Mii and Cyril were ecstatic about the spell.
It’s not a very high-level magic, but it seems to be surprisingly effective against those who are not able to use magic.

In fact, it appears that missile deflection spells are often used during wars, but in recent years there have been few cases of its tactical usage.

At one point in time it was used as a tactic to neutralize enemy archers by placing a middle-class magician in front, but this tactic could lead to losing precious military units in large numbers if mistakenly executed.

Due to this spell enemies has begun preparing siege methods as a countermeasure, and the protests from magicians on the scene, such tactics have been abolished in recent wars.

However, this spell is still very useful.
It is a spell that is useful enough when dealing with humans or monsters that use bow and arrow such as Goblins.


“That’s also just in case. A camouflage spell makes it harder for them to notice us before we arrive. Unless a watchman looks very closely at us, we will not be exposed to the enemy early on. ”

Camouflage is a spell that makes people and objects within the area “hard to be recognized” by people outside the area.

Just as few people turn their attention to for example rocks falling on the roadside, those within the scope of this spell will rarely give it special attention.

It is not very effective when you are strongly aware of the opponent, such as during battle, but it is a spell that can be effective in stealth before the fight.

“It’s still ridiculous.”

“As expected.”

When she heard my explanation, she was surprised and Cyril shrugged.

“I’m going to avoid using many spells that consume a lot of mana and I’m going to choose a spell that can do more with low amount of mana,that’s my reflection from what happened on the undead quest.”

“Is this a reflection?”

“It’s a reflection.”

Mii tilts her head while repeating my words.
Meanwhile Cyril had a similar look to her.

“It didn’t look like you were failing. It seemed to me that you’re the monster and not the zombies.”

“That’s the failure too many resources were spent unnecessarily. If there was another problem I wouldn’t be able to deal with it. If you take into account Satsuki’s strength and Cyril’s presence as a priest of Holy Order, I should have stopped using fireball after three times.”

” After a quick solution to all those S-class problems, the result is still not good.”

They seemed to understand my idea somehow.
You can hear the conversation between the two people saying “He’s crazy” and “That freak”, but I don’t care.

By the way, some people misunderstand, but “reflection” does not mean regret of failure.
Its the thought of improving yourself by taking advantage of your failure so that you do not do the same mistakes.

No one doesn’t make a mistake, but there are people who don’t make use of it.
The accumulation of these small differences will manifest themselves in the long term as a huge difference in ability-I think that’s what it is.


Then, the girl in the kimono raised her hand.

What, Filia?

“That,” Filia said “Satsuki says that you’re amazing and its also my opinin.”

I have a headache.

“Yes I understand”

“What the hell, I didn’t know that you will show off in front of Filia.”

However, this is not a place where you should have such a carefree atmosphere.
This is almost a battlefield, albeit with double insurance. We should not be too preoccupied.

“Everyone focus your mind and don’t slack off because of my spells or you will die.”


“Roger that”

“I understand.”

At my command, Mie and Cyril renew their vigilance along a nervous samurai girl.

Then we went up the mountain path to the Bandit House.

Translator and Editor Notes:

This is the end of volume two. So on to volume three. ~ McTavish

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