[GFWI] Chapter 23: Moral

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Translator: McTavish

Editor : Ageura

By the time we returned to the city of Atlatia, the sun had set.

When we entered the city, we first went to the adventurer’s guild, reported the quest completion, and received a reward of twenty-two gold and five silver coins.
Then we decided to take a day off that day and head out to clear the bandits tomorrow.

But the problem is the ghost obsessed with revenge.

As usual, party members gather in the “Sleeping Kokutei” tavern around the dinner table, and Satsuki is silent.

“Without Satsuki, it’s too quiet and weird.”

“That’s right.She was always noisy, but Its lonely without her.”

When Mii and Cyril disclose their feelings, Satsuki’s shoulders shrink as if she was afraid.

“Sorry, I’m sorry, because of me but this conversation is still heard by Satsuki …”

“Is that so? Is Satsuki saying something?”

“Um … I’m sorry for what’s happening.” “Oh don’t care about me just drink, eat and have fun.” “So this is a message to me.”

Satsuki said, the girl in the form of Satsuki have tears in her eyes.

Indeed, Satsuki seems to be interacting with her.
And it looks like they’re building a friendly relationship.
It looks like Satsuki … she just looked up.

“Well, I’m sorry. I’ll try to have fun. I borrowed Satsuki’s body, so I need to take care of it.”

I guess Satsuki also said something.
The girl said to herself as an excuse, carrying the meat dish in front of her with her fork and happily enjoying her meal with tears.

I ask her a question.

“What’s your name?”

“Oh Filia. You’re William, right?”

“Satsuki calls him Will.”

“Ah, I can’t do it suddenly … oh, yeah, it’s okay, I’ll call you William.”

It looks like Satsuki said something.
The girl has apologized for the confusion.

Then, I asked another question.

“I’ve always been wondering, Filia? Is it possible for Filia to get out of Satsuki or change her personality to match Satsuki’s?”

“Ah, yes. it looks like I can’t just run away not until my regrets are fulfilled and I don’t think there is any difference in my personality sorry.”

“I’m not blaming you. If Satsuki have no problem in lending her body to you there is no prolem.”

“Um, um … when you really say that, Satsuki seems to be shocked …”

When Filia said that Cyril laughed.
I also felt sorry.

For a while, we laughed, made noise, drank and ate, and enjoyed the meal with four people and five including Satsuki.

After a while, Filia fell asleep on the spot.

Cyril and Mii took her together to to the room on the second floor, and only Cyril returned.
She sat down in the chair tired.

“We laid her on the bed she’s going to sleep today.”


I bring my wine to my mouth while listening to Cyril’s report.
I don’t usually get pay too much for wine but I can only order good ones.
Cheap wines are unpalatable.

“… Cyril”


“I want to hear your opinion. Do you think there is objective” evil “?”

When she heard that, Cyril looked a bit surprised.
She ordered wine from the waiter, and she fell abruptly down to the table where the dishes had been set aside.

“Are you drunk too? It’s unusual.”

“What? … I think justice is basically a relative thing. Depending on the person’s standing and viewpoint, what is justice can easily change. ”

The bandits that pillaged Filia’s village.
I have a desire to declare them evil.

The bandits may have had some kind of situation that forced them to do this.
But that’s not the point.

Cyril, who received the wine she ordered in exchange for several copper coins, said while tilting the cup.

“I think Justice and Evil don’t exist objectively. I think they are what we decide they are. “

“… is that the teaching of the goddess of justice, Ahatna?”

“No, no. I told you this is my thoughts. The goddess Ahatna teaches: ‘Thou shalt pursue righteousness. Your justice will continue to change. I affirm justice. Thou shalt illuminate the world with the light of knowledge. ” (EN: This one is tough..)

“It’s still vague.”

“It’s true. But when it comes to justice, we’ve always thought about it, but we couldn’t reach a unified answer. No matter how good you are, there is no easy answer. “

And then Cyril came up to me and flicked my forehead with her fingers.
…It hurts a little.

“… Cyril, are you drunk?”

“I don’t know. Let’s go to sleep. We don’t want to be killed by bandits because we had a hangover.”


In response to Cyril’s proposal, I headed upstairs.

Translator and Editor Notes:

Time for another chapter. ~ McTavish

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