[GFWI] Chapter 22: Zombie Extermination Quest End

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Translator: McTavish

Editor : Ageura

“There is a spell called mind blast. Should I try it?”

Mind blast is a spell that deals direct damage to the subject’s spirit. It is a medium spell I can use with the current amount of mana I have, it is only limited to two uses currently. It is questionable whether two shots will kill the ghost.

However, the spell is sometimes used for torture and the victims say, “It’s like feeling your your brain and heart shattering at the same time.” A single use for her would be enough.

In addition, even if I can only use it twice now, if I sleep overnight to restore my mana it’s possible to extinguish her.
In any case we have the advantage in this negotiations.

“Uh … then what should I do? As it is … does it mean that I have to perish without solving my regrets?”

The girl sheds tears in her eyes and ties asking us for a solution.

I have little sympathy for this ghost moreover, Cyril seems to be silent.

I think we should be logical rather than being emotional.
I told the girl the best solution in the situation.

“I didn’t say that, but if you wanted to threaten us to help you complete your revenge it won’t go well.”


“The principle of negotiation is a Win-Win situation, that way you get what you want and so do we. We’re adventurers so if you ask us something after checking the situation and having our considerations we can help you do it, but of course we need something in exchange for our labor. ”

“You mean money?”

“If you could offer something else or an alternative benefit, that would be fine.”

“… No, there’s a place in the backyard of the village mayor’s house where gold coins are buried. They shouldn’t have found it. The amount of gold buried must have been in hundreds. “

Having said that, there’s the possibility of ignoring her request and running away with gold coins.
I don’t think I’m telling lies, and I’m not good at negotiating.
Actually, I don’t think I have the means to run away,as I don’t think Cyril who is serving the god of justice would allow it.

For us, there will be no problem as long as we get paid for the job.
If there are really more than a hundred gold coins buried, the rewards are more than enough given the anticipated strength of the opposition.

The only issue is that it is not from the adventurer guild, so it is not reflected in our achievements but that point can be overlooked.

“How about you Cyril and Mii?”

The two girls both accepted.

“As a member of the goddess of light and justice, Ahatna, and even my opinion I want to eradicate these bandits.”

“I have no complaints, William has helped me before.”

Mii glances at Satsuki.

I understood her meaning.

So I decided to make another request.

“So we’ll take your request but there’s one issue.”

“……… Huh, yes!”

“You hijacked Satsuki’s body and tried to use it for your own purposes.We as Satsuki’s friends cannot overlook your act unconditionally”


“What I ask of you is an apology. If you make a sincere apology, we will really cooperate with you. I won’t force you.”

When I said so, the girl started shedding tears.

And ──

“I’m sorry ah! I’m sorry aaah! I’m sorry!”

She cried while apologizing.

After that, we took a rest overnight.

Then, the next morning we went to the village, dug up the garden of the mayor’s house checked if the gold coins were really buried there.
After confirming the existence of the reward presented by Filia, we returned to the city of atlatia to report the completion of the undead quest.

Translator and Editor Notes:

Fun fact the USA has lost 14 nuclear bombs since they were made ~ McTavish

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