[GFWI] Chapter 21: Possession

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Translator: McTavish

Editor: Ageura

We decided to carry Satsuki a little further from the village, however its unknown whether we should still call her Satsuki or not.We decided to resume calling her Satsuki for convenience sake.

We wanted to take a break in the village but we weren’t sure if there is more zombies or not.

I think the undead in the village have probably been exterminated but there is no proof.

Even so we weren’t lucky just like the goblin defeat quest.

Ghosts are monsters that aren’t represented by a rank but are ranked D for convenience.
Originally, it should not be seen in an E rank quest.

However, adventurers’ guilds tend to rank quests based on “visible threats”, so it’s unavoidable that some surprises will occur.

If the “visible threat” is about one hundred zombies, it’s not strange to get an E-rank rating based on their weakness to hit-and-run tactics.

I myself regret that I didn’t take the necessary precautions but what I should consider now is what to do in this situation.

Mii, Cyril and me transport the tied up Satsuki and let her lie in the grass near the highway, a little away from the village.

Then we lit a bonfire rested and waited for Satsuki to wake up.

“Hmm …”

After a while, Satsuki slowly opens her eyelids.
She was in a wobbly state.

“Well … I’m …”

Satsuki slowly looks around the area──, and finally locked gazes with me in front of the bonfire.

“Finally you’re awake, How do you feel?”


Satsuki didn’t respond to my question and tried to break away from her bindings.
However, she was tied up neatly so she couldn’t get away.

“Settle down and let’s talk. Are you a ghost from the village?”

“……That’s right”

As soon as Satsuki heard the question she became quiet and answered.
The tone is totally different from that of the usual Satsuki.

I asked further questions to the girl.

“You possessed Satsuki’s body, trying to fulfill your goal of some kind.Is that right?”

Is the owner of this body called Satsuki? She has great power, If I have this power I can kill them. Please release me.I have to kill them.”

Satsuki said with hatred in her eyes.
I express my thoughts to the girl.

“Sorry, I can’t do that”

“Why! You saw the village, so why can they live as if nothing happened?”

In response to the girl’s words, Cyril, who was watching while leaning her back on a nearby tree responded with disgust.

“… you’re making a lot of statements. Who are the people you’re talking about? “

Cyril had said that, she was serving the goddess of light and justice Ahatna so she may have some considerations.
Satsuki in a tied up state moves her body looks at Cyril.

“Bandits, brutal, violent, and the worst scum. Suddenly invaded and took away everything from us. Plundered the whole village they’re not people they’re monsters, I’ll kill them all! “

As she hears the girl’s words of hatred, Cyril’s eyes narrowed.
Mii, who was listening nearby, was shaking her head sadly.

Ghosts are those who died with strong regrets, strong grudges, and hatred in this world.
Further conditions there was no clarification between how they and undead are born but she probably met certain conditions and became a ghost.

It is said that if the ghost had its purpose fulfilled it will be purifyed and disappear.
If that happens, Satsuki, who has her body taken over, will be able to get back control of her body.

I take that into account and tell my opinion to the girl in front of me.

” I understand your situation and your purpose, but I can’t help you.”

When she heard me, the girl opened her eyes wide and then started to protest.

” Why! Are you guys on their side too !? Don’t joke!Why do we have to get treated like this!?”

“No. We are not the bandit’s allies. What matters to us is Satsuki-the body you control now.”


The girl gasps.
She wants to say something but cannot say it.

As the sound of village burning echoes, I speak further to the girl.

“Bandits attacked your village and annihilated everything, so how many were those bandits?”

“… I don’t know. Maybe twenty or thirty or so, but …”

“Well, that’s not possible. Because for them to annihlate a village of this size they need at least 100 person to be able to do it. It seems that they are strong if they only the number you mentioned, but if you look at the situation calmly, the strengths of both sides will be equal.”

“Kuh …!”

Satsuki bites her lips with regret.
Then she shouts in a hatred voice.

“But I still have to send as many of them to hell even if I kill them myself”

“That’s unacceptable to us. Satsuki is our important companion. We don’t want her to lose her life for your revenge.”

“… then”

The girl looked down at me, with her eyes fixed.

“So, you guys should cooperate. If you care so much about her?”

It was a threat.

“You may be threatening us but it’s ineffective and counterproductive because I have the power to annihilate you.”


“There is a spell called mind blast. Should I try it?”

Translator and Editor Notes:

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