[VHBF] Chapter 23: Eager to learn (2/2)

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Translator: Zucci

Editor: Asada

Mr and Mrs. Luo hearts went soft seeing that their cutie’s dream was related to the family. They couldn’t help but be jealous of their own son.

Even if people told her that her dad was mean or dangerous, she would not believe it. She would go against them alone, one against two.

“Daddy is not a bad guy. He works very seriously to raise YinYin. Daddy works hard!”

The cute dumpling didn’t know what more to say. She often heard people refer her dad as a ‘bad guy’ and all she knows is that it’s not a good word, so it must be a bad one. YinYin emphasized once again: “Daddy is very good!”

“Thank you, everyone. I’m finished.” The pink dumpling bowed down.

Unfortunately, since she was too short and fat, she almost rolled down the stage when she made a bow. It was thanks to Mrs. Wang, who stretched her hand around her collar, that she was rescued.

YinYin: “….”

The dumpling blushed her and covered her eyes with her hands, mumbling: “I saw nothing, I saw nothing, I saw…”

“You can’t laugh at YinYin because no one saw it!”

After that brain-washing, YinYin put her hands down, satisfied that no child laughed at her. All the other kids covered their mouths to laugh secretly. How lovely, YinYin’s so smart.

In fact, the moment YinYin almost fell down, a group of children who had been conquered by her speech couldn’t resist laughing.

It was Teacher Wang who stared at them one by one and made them freeze. After YinYin brainwashed herself, she opened her eyes and didn’t know that the children had already finished laughing.

The parents in the viewing room also laughed, “Hahahaha, whose baby is that? So cute! So funny!”

“She’s from the Luo family. Madam Luo, your child acts like that at home too? Haha, so cute!”

“I wish I had a daughter like that, haha!”

Seeing most of the parents were admiring her granddaughter, Mrs. Luo smiled and waved whenever they said her YinYin was cute. What child is not cute, after all?

Still, their YinYin is the cutest.

Luo Sheng’s mouth was tilted up and there was a smile in his eyes. That’s his daughter.

The parent’s meeting was meant to inform all parents how their children act outside home and there true feelings. The most popular child ended up being the little princess of the Luo family.

The noble kindergarten was full of wealthy and powerful people, there were many people from same social circle as Luo-Bai. So, when Luo Sheng went around talking with acquaintances, he Couldn’t stop talking about their princess.

Although they are not biologically related, they have a very good relationship. While other kids dream about food or small worries, the only dream of the Luo princess is that no one bullies her dad. This childish and heartwarming dream is adorable in the eyes of the adults. Who wouldn’t love such a child?

Luo Sheng had his little dumpling sit on his shoulder and held her hand. The dumpling told him that she performed very well in class and received lots of applause.

As for the fact that she almost fell, YinYin filtered it out that she couldn’t afford to embarrass herself in front of her father.

Mrs. and Mr. Luo thought it was so funny that they couldn’t help but tease her, asking again and again what was her dream.

The dumpling blushed even though she had just performed it to her whole class. However, this time she felt very embarrassed and answered with red cheeks: “No! You can’t say your dream out loud, or else it won’t work! That’s what the Teacher said.”

“Oooh…” Mrs. Luo prolonged her voice, intentionally teasing the dumpling: “So that’s how it is.”

She smiled at her husband.

Still sitting on her father’s shoulders, the dumpling leaned down to whisper in his ear, “Oh… Actually, YinYin’s dream is to go to an amusement park with daddy!”

Her eyes were full of longing: “YinYin had never been to an amusement park….”

The employees of the Bai Group were all shocked to find out the president didn’t go to work that day.

Then something became very popular on Weibo, “Amusement Park is visited by the cutest father and daughter in the world”.

It was a picture taken by a passer by. A young and handsome man was holding a cute dumpling in his arms. The cutie held a heart-shaped pink marshmallow and, after each bite she would offer it to her father with a pained expression. The photo was taken when they both were smiling.

Netizens exclaimed: Where did this cutie came from? So cute! She looks better than those celebrity’s kids!

Gradually people started to comment how that pair of father and daughter look familiar.

“It seems like I’ve seen them?”

Netizens are comparable to detectives and quickly found the official blog of the Luo Group, “Our crown prince is a stay-at-home dad!”

Wasn’t the picture bellow the same pair of father and daughter?!

Soon, Weibo’s hot search became “Cute father and daughter are from the Luo clan!!!!”

The user that shared the picture didn’t know that it would cause such a reaction and quickly posted another photograph.

There was also a short video where the man is sitting awkwardly on a pink carousel with his handsome face while his little child sat in front of him, grabbing the small horn on the wooden horse’s face. Her smile was very bright and at a glance, you can tell how happy she was.

When they got off the wooden horse, the man’s face was completely dark. The dumpling couldn’t understand why and happily kissed her father’s cheek. “YinYin is so happy!!!”

The tall and handsome man froze in place.

The person who originally took the video wasn’t going to post it at first, but then she saw the comments on the Luo’s blog and was very frustrated at the reactions. She ended up posting the video and typing: “If this is not a qualified dad, then who would be?”

Even among normal people, there are very few dads who would accompany their children to the carousel. Usually, there were mothers willing to, but even so, the Luo Prince still tagged along.

As big as his reputation was, the greater was the contrast now. It was such an incredible thing to the netizens, how come the famous Luo Sheng turned out to be such a good dad??

And he was even spoiling his daughter, right?

Some netizens went far to find out that Luo Sheng didn’t inherit his own company and became the Bai’s group president.

After searching about the recent acts of the Bai Group, they found that after Luo Sheng went to the Bai Group, the Bai Group’s stock price rose by several points and also signed a successful contract with a well-known multinational trading group. Within three years, the Bai Group had no more shortage of funds!

Netizens laughed at him being a dad now. It was not easy for him! Not only accompanying his daughter’s to have fun but also had to deal with the company.

The Luo clan’s Prince was renamed thanks to his status as a father, now the world looked at him with new eyes. Female fans screamed to marry him, they wanted to be a stepmother.

“Who even said he was a bad dad? Did you receive a slap on your face? He not only raised his child very well, he also became the company’s president and is now at the prime of his life!”

“It turns out everyone can be a good father!”

“Woah woah woah, the young Luo is controlled by his daughter. No way, I don’t get it!!!!”

“If becoming a father has more power than makeup, I’m considering having a baby too!”

Gu Mian pointed at the comments on the tablet and laughed: “Brother Luo, you are now our face, the marketing is about to ruin you! Hahaha!”

A lot of brands that focus on children’s products took opportunity on the baby incident and boasted the Luo Prince to the skies, saying that such devoted dads are touching.

Gu Mian saved the short video of the carousel, played it on his tablet and asked, “How did Brother Luo feel about riding the carousel for the first time? Was it special?”

“Alas, we never rode a carousel when we were kids. I’d never expect you to ride one under little YinYin’s blessings! Are you happy now?”

Luo Shen’s face went dark, “Shut up!”

The small dumpling sat on his leg and laughed innocently: “Happy! YinYin is happy. daddy is also very happy!!”

Luo Sheng “….”

Gu Mian rolled on the couch, smiling, and the laughed out loud: “Haha… YinYin, Uncle Gu likes how honest you are!”

MuBai spent a year in city A and ran to Luo’s house for a few days. He originally wanted to approach the Luo’s house in order to observe what Luo Sheng had. It was weird, but he found nothing important and ended up having his heart captured by a little kid.

Whenever he sees a snack, he wants to buy it for her, and whenever he sees beautiful clothes, he wanted to buy it to see how the little dumpling would look in it. It was worse than having a biological daughter!

It was a pity another man glanced at him with wariness. MuBai felt that if he dared to ask the little kid to acknowledge him as father too, then that Luo Sheng would find a way to bury him alive.

She heard that the pretty uncle was leaving and reluctantly pulled his trouser while asking bitterly: “Why is the pretty uncle leaving! YinYin can’t bear it!!”

MuBai squatted down, cleaned the tears off her face and coaxed her gently: “YinYin, wait for uncle MuBai to come back with lots of candy, okay?”


Luo Shen lifted the child from behind by her collar. “Sorry, the kid’s delaying you. Please go away.”

MuBai: “….”

The little dumpling fluttered in her father’s hold and waved at the beautiful uncle: “Goodbye, uncle! Don’t forget to bring YinYin candy!”

MuBai: “…”

Oh, Buddha.

Waiting for the car, MuBai opened his backpack and found a jar of snacks inside. There were toffees, biscuits and another familiar snacks. It was the snacks he bought for the dumpling earlier.

MuBai still remembers that jar. Dumplings family prohibits her from eating too much snacks, specially her father Luo Sheng, who looks like a snack maniac and needs only one glance to know that his daughter ate more snacks than allowed.

Because of that, the small dumpling cherished the snacks she had and often refused to eat them, so she would eat a few and hide the rest in small jars.

MuBai knew that the small jar that appeared on his backpack was the one the dumpling hid the snacks he brought to her. She put it on the small pink jar and whispered to him, “Uncle, don’t talk loud, hide it and eat!”

Now the jar was in his hands.

MuBai held the jar on his hands and smiled, his eyes dazzling against the light. She was such a cute kid, even the demon king would recognize that!

So he left with no worries. MuBai believed that, even though Luo Sheng was a bit weird and had his weaknesses, he would never mistreat that kid.

After the pretty uncle left, Daddy’s face was dark and angry and he hadn’t talked to his daughter. The dumpling was so sad that her face wrinkled.

“System uncle, is dad angry?”

The protagonist was gone and the villain was completely normal, with no signs of blackening. The system calculated that the blackening probability was about 0.000001%, it was too low and almost negative. The system appeared very relaxed, but he joked: “Little cub, you dad is jealous!”

The dumpling questioned: “What is jealous?”

“He became jealous by seeing your good relationship with uncle Mu, that’s why he’s unhappy!”

The kid then realized, then thought for a long time and then ‘da da da da’, ran to her room and pulled a large pink box from the cabinet, which was the same as the one she gave to MuBai, but with a different size. That box was twice as large.

YinYin picked up the box with a pained look on her face. That was her last box!

The man was looking at the documents in the study with a condensed breath. He turned the pages expressionless and, for a long while, the door remained closed with no signs of the shadow that followed him everyday. How cold.

The dumpling struggled to push the box and stopped in front of her father, “Daddy, for you!”

Luo Sheng laughed loudly and big hands opened the lid, seeing that inside there were all kinds of snacks and even the dumpling’s favorites!

The system was startled, “Did you also give such snacks to your uncle, little cub?”

Who would know what she would say next: “I gave him my second favorite box, those are my favorites!” The dumpling pointed to the box and looked up at the man. “Daddy, don’t be angry or jealous! All the snacks are for you!”

After she spoke, she sighed and tried to coax him.

Luo Sheng “….”


The dumpling covered her mouth and started to act silly: “Hehehehe~”

“Ah! Daddy must be good, you can’t beat people!”


“Daddy, can you eat a tiny bit less? Just leave a bit for YinYin…”

There were crisp laughs and the dumpling’s childish words echoing around. The maids passed by and showed a knowing smile, their lovely little lady must be pestering the young master again for more candy.

[Parallel World]

Luo Sheng is a notorious demon who has caused the fall of the city’s business district. Zhang Su Liu’s three famous giants were now ruined thanks to him.

That wicked man, who everyone feared, has escaped from prison recently and now no one knows where he was.

The sky was slightly bright. In the dark bedroom, the man on the bed suddenly opened his sharp eyes but didn’t look awake at all.

But when he closed his eyes and opened them again in a second, he appeared a little confused. How could this infamous man be confused?

He rose from the bed and his eyes slowly cleared.

Luo Sheng poured himself a glass of icy water and allowed the cold to penetrate his stomach. He was in a tall building and looked at the horizon through the window. This was the highest building in city A. Some people from the Zhan Su Liu’s clan jumped from here and fell into their deaths. Once full of ambition they were, but now they are just a pile of withered bones.

Everyone in city A was looking for him and the police searched for him everywhere. No one would’ve ever thought that he was still in city A, living in this clear building.

That room was about two hundred square meters. There’s only a small kitchen, a bathroom and the rest is open space with a sofa, a wine cabinet, and an empty bed just like him, as empty as his soul.

Luo Sheng’s not afraid of being arrested. He’s like a naughty child who plays with the world, playing those fools into a pit and ruining their homes. After getting caught, he plays with the police and, after playing enough, he leaves the prison.

Windows that reach from the floor to the ceiling reflect the man’s tall and slender body. He’s thin and has a pale face, and clearly he hasn’t had a good meal in a while.

Luo Sheng thought to himself, ‘That police officer Mu. Something is a bit annoying about him, right?’

A mechanical voice screamed in an unknown place: “Sir, he wants to kill the protagonist, whooops! The world is going to collapse!”

After a while, another yell came “Wait a minute!”

The man finished his glass and burst out laughing to the empty room.

The transparent glass seemed to reflect a child, about three years old, small and cute, and she said softly: “Dad!”

“My dream is… That no one bullies daddy anymore! Daddy is a good person!”

He blinked and the heart that had been frozen for so long suddenly started to ache, sore and numb.

Sitting there through the early morning, the sun gradually rose, shining through the window and enlightening him. Luo Sheng raised his hand to cover his eyes and laughed quietly, “Kiddo…”

Later, the police received a message from Luo Sheng, a criminal the police feared a lot.

He didn’t kill himself, but because of him, a business street in city A collapsed and the economy entered into crisis. Many people lost their jobs and Zhan Su Liu’s families were destroyed.

That letter revealed the truth of the Luo’s family defeat that year, from the death of the chairman of the Luo group to the death of Mrs. Luo and the defeat of the Luo Clan.

The real murder was Zhang Su Liu’s Sanjia!

There were also a packages that came with the letter, which contained all the evidence collected by Luo Sheng over the years.

Luo Sheng didn’t intend to surrender and didn’t expect the police to do anything about it. After all, the dead can’t be revived.

He’s like a boring person who is too bored to have fun anymore, who would tease everyone. As for being hatred? Who cares.

And another letter said: “I’m not playing around anymore, I am going to find my daughter.”

Since then, there was no contact from Luo Sheng. No matter how much the police looked for that person, she couldn’t be found and therefore they decided to close the case. It was clear that Luo Sheng, who belonged to the Luo family, never married and had no children. Why was he talking about his daughter?

That matter became one of the unsolved mysteries in A city.

The author has something to say:

The world is over, see you soon, Daddy!

New world preview: Emperor Dad

Hell! Dachen dynasty, home of the Iron Tyrant feared by everyone who picks up a small dumpling from outside the place and walkS around with it everyday???

The citizens and the military officials couldn’t believe it. But then their emperor sealed her as the princess and spoiled her to the skies!!!!

Citizens and officials: “…”

Wei Jue was out of the palace when a dirty dumpling suddenly hugged his leg, NuoNuo shouted: “Daddy!”

Translator and Editor Notes:

The last chapter was posted before I finished QAQ so this one ended up longer than I wanted (by that i mean im sitting in this chair for more than four hours my eyes don’t want to open anymore)
anyways, first world ended. oh well, i can’t say i was thaaat attached since… i ended up dealing only with the end of it. Anyways. I want to apologize if there’s any mistakes (specially with names, it may have a difference between the names translated by the previous translator and me, though i tried to search everything that came up i was still very confused at some parts, specially after dealing with a paragraph that started with ‘Dangerous micro-service out of the palace’). ~Zucci

Well..this is the end of the first Arc of this novel. The next arc will begin soon. ~ Asada

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  1. What a lovely kid, because deep inside I mostly dislike children under 10 y.o because they are annoying and loud. Its hellish for me to guard my 6 biological little nephews. I’ve never met well behaved kids. And my friends said that I look scary thats why no children come to me (its a joke) hahaha

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    • In the original world the villain Luo Sheng never met YinYin and blackened. When he was about to kill the protagonist (you can see the system talked after he said the protag was annoying), the system prevented it (since it would f*** the world) by showing him YinYin, so the villain Luo Sheng probably transmigrated to another world to find his own YinYin (not the one already adopted by the not-villain Luo Sheng)… Idk how the system messed with the other Luo Sheng’s memories but. well. I also dk if the villain Luo Sheng knew about the system… Well, the author decided to end the first word very dramatically lmao

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    • Nah…. basically the villain of this world aka Dad won’t be blackening now so now the soul of YinYin will transmigrated to another world to save another Dad lol.

      And about the parallel world. It is a world where Luo has already became a full pledged villain. He was going to kill the protagonist aka the pretty uncle. So some supernatural forces responsible for the worlds gave him a glimpse of his daughter or maybe he obtained some memories from the parallel world. This changed his personality. Now he is gonna look for YinYin in this world. Two world’s saved like this 😅

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