[NTBG] Chapter 38 (2/2): Everyday Life

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Translator: Asada

Editor: Kylerboi(edited_

“Onii-sama! Breakfast is ready. Did you see Ms. Murus around?”

“Yes, I’m coming. Murus is here as well. “

“… Hey Murus…. you are there?”

She seemed to be surprised seeing. Chem expression didn’t show much change.

“Gams Onii-sama?”

Carol looks up to Gams holding a stuffed animal.

…..I am thinking that she has been here since a long time isn’t she…?

Normally, harem situation of the protagonists in the games and animes might be enviable to everyone, but if you find yourself in such a tight situation everyday….then it won’t be enviable at all.

Chem and Carol stand on both sides of Gams after he came down from the watchtower.

Both of them took one of his hand pulled him towards the cave. Murus only gently smiles at them.

Was it just an elderly love or does she have romantic feelings?

Hmmm. I have never dated so its a little humorous for me to think of romance.

Everyone was present at the dining table except Kan and Ran who are still asleep.

It seems that there are rice like ingredients in this world as well. There is fried meat, vegetables and rice-like grains on the plates.

Its a heavy meal for a breakfast, but its needed to do the physical work. They should at least eat this much.

And there is plenty of monster meat….even at my home….

The large amount of meat obtained from the tributes occupy more than half of the refrigerator and freezer.

It is certain that meat will be cooked for dinner. By the way, I don’t hate it. The meat has such an exquisite taste which won’t make you tired no matter how much you eat. The meat is useful as well as it can be used to make various dishes.

After the villagers finish their meals, they take a short break. Gams soon returns to the watchtower to keep eye on the surroundings but others relax after eating.

“Now is my chance.”

I got down and had my breakfast during this break and then went back to the PC after going to the toilet.

As the sun rises, the area starts to get brighter. Laila, Chem and Carol do houseworks such as cleaning and washing.

Gams and Murus go outside the fence to explore the area and secure food. Despite there being enough preserved food for the winters, they probably don’t want to use it and leave it for emergency purposes.

Rodis takes place of Gams and climbs the watchtower and take charge of keeping watch.

If he finds a monsters, then he will play a flute obtained from the destroyed village. The sound is quite loud and it will reach to Gams and Murus.

Soon noon comes without any issue.

They eat lunch outside unless the weather is particularly bad.

Kan and Ran are awake at this point and also take part in the lunch.

I also had a cup of ramen and fruits during the villagers lunch.

“Oops, that’s right. You’re with me as well.”

Surprisingly (not) I see Destiny sitting in front of the pC.

Even though I keep the top plate secure properly, it gets out everytime.

It must be a phantom thief reincarnated.

When I provide it with food, it grabs it with both hands and eat them happily.

“Do you want to observe the village together with me?”

After a relaxing time, they start their work again in the afternoon.

Murus is now in the watchtower.

Kan and Ran are cutting wood to make simple furnitures.

Laila, Chem and Carol got out of the fence to go and collect wild plants and herbs.

“I was sent a medicine that prepared by these wild plants, but is that effective I wonder?”

Around three days ago, Murus homemade medicine was delivered in a parcel.

There is a precious and mysterious liquid in a little finger sized wooden container. I guess it shouldn’t be bad guessing from everything send up til now.

I hope it is some revolutionary medicine.

While I was watching the villagers while doing my muscle training, the area begins to darken.

As the villagers started to prepare their dinner, my mother calls from downstairs.

I returned Destiny to the glass case and went downstairs. Today, my father and sister are absent.

“Both of them are returning late today.”

“It looks like everyone is busy.”

Apparently, it seems that its not only the cleaning job which is busy during the end of the year.

While having dinner with my mother, I continue to listen to her one-sided chats.

In the past, I was tired from hearing “Find a job”.

I learned the importance of family gatherings from the villagers.

I took a bath after eating and went back to my room.

After securing lightings inside the cave, the bedtime for the villagers has considerably shorten, but they still went to bed much earlier than modern Japan.

After a while, everyone was asleep except Ran and Kan.

The Red Panda couple is nocturnal and resistant to cold so they alternately go the watchtower to keep watch or work on the furnitures.

“I’m going to sleep now since I am supposed to wake up early tomorrow.”

I have become healthier after I started playing Village of Fate.

Its a game where there aren’t much events.

Some people might call it a boring but for me its the best game.

Thanks to the villager, I was able to redevelop my spirit.

Just before laying down on the futon, I checked the PC again.

“Good Night. See you tomorrow.”

I said.

Translator and Editor Notes:

Hey, mates. Here is the next chapter. Unfortunately, there wasn’t a bloodbath. Sad. ~ Asada

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