[VHBF] Chapter 23 (1/2): Eager to Learn

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Translator: Zucci

Editor: Asada

The cute dumpling was very eager to learn. Even though what they teach in kindergarten isn’t complicated, she still pays close attention to her teacher’s explanations.

YinYin has never been to kindergarten before and, while picking up her water bottle, she watched other kids carrying beautiful schoolbags being picked up by their families.

There they can count, can learn to add and subtract small numbers, can draw and can sing nice songs!

The little dumpling secretly picked up unfinished drawing as if she was gathering precious treasures. Whenever she painted them, she didn’t dare paint too much because she was afraid of occupying a lot of space, so she painted by small sections. It always took a long time to finish.

She couldn’t draw well, so she took a broken pencil and drew only big trees and flowers on a blank paper. After painting them for a long time, YinYin felt that her painting was the most beautiful in the world!

Even now, YinYin still thinks so!

When the kindergarten teachers spoke, the little dumpling listened very carefully. During classes, she always maintained her eyes wide open on her small fat face and looked at the teacher full of curiosity.

Who wouldn’t like such a cute dumpling?

Mrs. Wang, the head teacher, always complimented the dumpling whenever she called Mr. Luo. She told him the kid was always serious during class and could learn very well. Even though she was always enthusiastic before class, she would concentrate once the class started and wouldn’t make a noise.

Kindergarten tend to me more about fun and games than teaching, since a group of four-year-olds have no patience to learn too much. Their biggest instinct is to play.

“So the other kids are very different. She is quite eager to learn and always understands the classes. Not only that, but she also likes to teach the other children and read small books for them.”

Teacher Wang told him about a funny story. In the beginning, she thought her seatmate Shi Yuan was no good at learning, so she tried to help him. So after every class, no matter was the teacher taught them, she asked Shi Yuan ‘do you understand’?

If he didn’t? then she will say “It’s okay, YinYin will teach you!”

Later they found out Shi Yuan had lied and understood everything!

The little dumpling was so angry that she picked up her book and went to teach other kids to let a certain someone know how much she felt betrayed. So now teacher YinYin’s not in short of students!

Shi Yuan: “…”

By now, she already had several ‘students’ in her class and, besides attending class herself, she also teaches others and is always busy.

Teacher Wang told that to Mrs.Lou as a joke and both laughed together on the phone.

She told everything there was about the kid to Mr. Luo. That dumpling’s gangster father was so intimidating, specially after that time when she fought in class. So even Teacher Wang was a little afraid of him and would refuse to call him unless necessarly.

Mr. Luo laughed over and said: “Our YinYin is not one to be overlooked. Despite being cute and sensible, not even ten bulls could prevent her from doing what she wants. If she can’t teach one, then just go and teach everyone, what a success!”

That was a noble kindergarten, so there were more courses than public kindergartens and the children already knew simple characters.

Teacher Wang assigned them with a task called Dream.

The children didn’t know what a dream was, so Teacher Wang explained it to them, “Dream is something you want the most!”

A kid raised their hand in the air, “Like eating candy right now?”

Teacher Wang: “….”

“Well, your biggest dream is to eat candy now. But another kid’s dream is to live in a house made of candy. Do you prefer eating candy now or owning a candy house? Kid, don’t you want to dream big?”

The child immediately went back their word, “It didn’t count! It didn’t count! Let me think another one!”

“Teacher, I want us to live in a candy world, where the table is made with candy and the chairs too. So I can eat it all!”

Teacher Wang: “…That’s great….”

The three and four year olds only knew simple chinese characters. For example, characters like one, two, three and four are fine (一 二 三 and 四). That’s why Mrs. Wang asked the class to draw instead.

Most of the kids are born fearless, including this group. So they were naturally willing to share their dreams and show off their drawings.

YinYin sat on the first space in the second row and waited for the children in the first row to finish their turn. She held a small paintbrush and raced against the clock.

An adult was drawn on it, wearing blue clothes. He was tall, taller than the sun and YinYin used red watercolor to write “good daddy.”

Standing next to the blue adult was a child in a pink skirt holding a flower, she had a necklace made with various unknown objects around her neck.

The lines of the drawings were immature and crooked. If you tell someone to identify it, they probably won’t be able to tell what it is. Still, the cute dumpling smiled so contentedly that it made it beautiful!

Teacher Wang: “Now is time for the second row to come on stage. YinYin, are you ready?”

YinYin stopped drawing, swelled her fat cheeks and then exhaled: “Yes!”

Today is their last day before summer vocation, so the children are about to say goodbye to eachother.

Mrs. Luo deliberately dressed up his child as a princess doll and promised the whole family would pick her up after school, even her silly father Luo Sheng, who was now a busy man!

Wearing a pink princess dress and a princess crown, she went to the podium while holding her paper.

Shi Yuan looked at her as a form of encouragement. The shy kid shook his fist, making a cheering gesture and sound.

Her cheeks went pink and she became lively again, she was a little shy.

The dumpling’s not nervous, just shy… But what the naive dumpling didn’t know was that, since the first semester was coming to an end, the kindergarten arranged a surprise for the kids and didn’t let they know.

The parents were watching this ‘last class’ by live broadcast through the classroom high-definition wireless camera, so they could participate and learn about their children’s inner thoughts and life in the kindergarten.

Most of the children didn’t recognize the cameras and thought nothing of it, and neither did Teacher Wang tell them about it.

The dreams of the several children made parents laugh and cry. The young children often had very unexpected ideas which made hard to keep up with their thoughts.

For example, one kid said that their dream is that their best friend, Xiao XiongXiong (a ragdoll) becomes a person so it can protect them, since their parents are busy making money and ignoring them!

In the parents meeting room where the parents are watching, that pair of parents were embarrassed. All other parents looked at them and from their faces they are thinking ‘are you even a parent?’

Another kid said that her biggest dream is to have endless cute skirts. Another one hopes that their mother’s headaches becomes better…

So far the most surprising one was a kid with an innocent face who said their biggest dream was that her stepmother and father died, because she hates them!

Her reason was because her father went crazy. He found another woman and divorced her mother and, after her mother moved out of the house, she changed from a spoiled princess to a poor girl. Her stepmother secretly bullied her and her father didn’t care about her at all.

This time, it was her mother who came to the parents meeting. Her father truly didn’t care, he called her mother to attend the meeting alone. The mother looked at the big screen in shock, specially at her innocent face.

Someone suggested it might be better if she took her child home.

The mother nodded with her eyes full of tears. During the divorce, thanks to her ex-husband temperament, she had no choice but to leave the kid with him. She wanted her daughter to live like a princess as well. She might have endured hardships with her father but, from now on, the woman decided she will take her child back no matter what costs!

That’s a difficult war she was buying. After the parents ‘meeting’ ended, a middle-aged man looked for her and offered her his business card. She told her that the Rockwell group would help her find a good lawyer.

That was everything about the case.

Three people from the Luo family came this time.

Mr. Luo’s legs were almost fully recovered, as long as he didn’t exercise hard he would be fine, walking was good.

There was a young man sitting next to Mr. Luo, leaning lazily on the chair. He stared at the cute princess on the screen, his deep eyes reflecting the young maiden.

The dumpling spread out her paper and began to narrate her dreams.

The cutie’s voice is a bit high and longing: “Hi everyone, I am YinYin.”

“My dream is to wear a necklace made with candy by my daddy and put on a beautiful skirt my daddy bought. I want to tell everyone he’s the best daddy in the world and that he’s very good. No one can bully him!”

Unexpectedly, that child’s dream was not to be with her dad forever, but to let emphasize over and over again that he is a nice man and that no one can badmouth him!

Everyone was silent. Guilt came suddenly and everyone wondered if she was often teased about her father being a bad person, which caused her to be over sensitive about that. They all hoped everyone could empathize with her and agree that her father was nice, that they wouldn’t bully him!

The children in class remembered the bad words spoken about YinYin’s father and immediately understood. They clapped and cheered, “YinYin, we support you!”

Teacher Wang also thought that. She couldn’t help but admire the cute kid. That man was very lucky to have such a caring daughter.

Mr and Mrs. Luo were too soft hearted to see that their cutie’s dream was related to family.

Translator and Editor Notes:

Hello, I’m the new translator who’ll be in charge for a while~ take care of me. Also… I didn’t know the chapters were that long, i was like ‘yeah i dont think i’ll need to separate them in two parts’ yeah i was dumb. ~Zucci

Well, we will tell you the new schedule for this novel in the next release 😀 ~ Asada

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