[PBCT] Chapter 28: Announcing Candidacy Courageously

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Translator: Redeyes

Editor: Asada

”So the old man does not regret his decisions. The Emperor is not completely incompetent. As expected, if these guys are forever like, you might really need to reconsider inheritance.” ~Gettenwo

Old Man Ren sat silently at the edge of the wall, and Gettenwo was encouraging him. I have a reputation for deep kindness, so I went to support him immediately.

”That’s right, Old Man Ren. That stupid Emperor seems to overestimate us, but we are not going to lose. Even foolish parents with cloudy eyes, can’t help but admit that ‘they are useless’, so from now on, I’m going to expose my disgraceful behavior. Expect it.” ~Sugen

“Hey bastard, shut up.” ~Gettenwo

Gettenwo kicked my chin aggressively, but her kick was light. If you dont take a solid stance, it won’t harm me.

”That… it’s not the reason. Indeed, His Majesty was considering adoption at one point.” ~Renfu

”At one point? Is it different now?” ~Gettenwo

”Fifth Princess… when we officially acknowledged you, it seemed that the policy did not change. It looks like we are still working on it. Besides, an adoption does not mean that everything is simply solved.” ~Renfu

With that said, Old Man Ren looked at us with a tinge of melancholy in his eyes.

”If we adopt someone from the outside and made him Emperor, then these four are nothing more than a eyesore to his eyes. They may be calm if he give them food and money, but it is evident that they will always be the source of political strife. People who are oppose the new Emperor may carry them to a higher position. There is even a fear for the country to be divided as well.” ~Renfu

”In other words, even if we don’t become Emperor, just being alive will be a problem?” ~Ryausha

“You understand what I mean, Ryausha.” ~Renfu

I don’t think Old Man Ren hates us and wanted to kill us.

So that’s it. When they look for a prince from the outside, they couldn’t find anyone more talented than us siblings――particularly, me, Sugen. There was no choice but to compromise the talent of the man as the new Emperor.

In that case, it was understandable that the forces that carry the slogan ‘Sugen-sama as Emperor’ would appear. No. It will be harder for them to not appear. I am definitely not going to respond, but my existence will be an eyesore for the new Emperor.

”Find an Emperor with a proper character, otherwise you all will die. But, I will not let His Majesty sentencing you guys with capital punishment without charges. That’s why I was praying for the former…. Unexpectedly, it was stupider than what I could imagine.” ~Renfu

At that time, Iifu sat silently on his knees and put his hand on Old Man Ren’s shoulder.

“Hey, Old Man Ren. Don’t you think it is a little early to give up?” ~Iifu

”Iifu….” ~Renfu

”Emperor or death. The world is simple and clear, isn’t it? Isn’t it possible to come to a conclusion after a lot of troubles and more various reasons are mixed?” ~Iifu [2]

Thats Iifu.

Iifu, whose brain is the smallest among us siblings, is trying to persuade with words instead of fists. This was would have been an unusual situation in the past.

”No. Wait. Isn’t this is just whining ‘I don’t want to die or become the Emperor?’.” ~Gettenwo

Gettenwo’s thoughts hit the target. It was dumb to persuade a clumsy man.

But, unfortunately, it seems that Iifu’s persuasion did not reach Old Man Ren’s heart. Old Man Ren lifted Iifu’s chin with his cane, and Iifu turned upside down.

”Yeah! Anyway, I’m telling you to sentence me to death after this has happened. Show a relentless attitude to the rebels! If I, the ringleader died, the people of the ‘Revolutionary Organization’ may be a little bit discouraged…” ~Renfu

“Oh, is that ‘Revolutionary Organization’ our comrade?” ~Sugen

”Did you even hear what I say?” ~Renfu

The four of us approached the Old Man Ren.

”Is there an entry test? the official written test is hard, so it would be helpful if we could be exempted because of Old Man Ren’s recommendation.” ~Sugen

“I will tell you the results of the interview test right now. All of you have failed. Go home.” ~Renfu

The marking scheme is strict. We were rejected because we were elites. This may be an obstacle.

Since then, we and Old Man Ren continued to not reach an agreement for a while, but then, I noticed it. Gettenwo’s facial expression while waiting beside me was getting more and more bitter.

“Hmm? What’s wrong, Gettenwo? Is your stomach bad?” ~Sugen

“… Old man. I wanted to ask you a little bit of something, for example, if I were to receive official recognition as the Fifth Princess, will the circumstances be a little better?” ~Gettenwo

When he heard that, Old Man Ren suddenly regained his spirit and bowed down to Gettenwo.

”Of course. Lady has strongest support. If you are officially recognized as the legitimate child of the current Emperor, with the addition of a decent person as a successor candidate, the dissatisfaction of the soldiers will be decreased.” ~Renfu

The Old Man, and Gettenwo curved their lips.

And then, after a long silence, she said heavily while crossing her arms,

”If the country is in disorder, everyone will be in trouble… It is just a formality. Don’t misunderstand, because I am not going to be on the throne. It is a measure to act as a filler until you guys cure your character problems, I will return back to my real job after the official announcement that I am not a real prince――” ~Gettenwo

Gettenwo has been saying it somethings for a long time, but in my ear, there was no mistake of the contents, to summaries it….

――Leave the next Emperor position to me.

Translator and Editor Notes:

[1] Sound effect

[2] No idea whats happening here lol

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