[PBCT] Chapter 27: Companion to Hell

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Translator: Redeyes

Editor: Asada

Speaking of the Capital’s Garrison Commander position, its seems a little under powered.

The Garrison Commander is a leisure post where they usually solve drunkards brawl and catch petty thieves. It is far from a general who leads the large armies or the prime minister who manages the finance and political affairs――many people think so.

However, the truth is different.

Being entrusted to the security of the city under the protection of the Emperor means that he must deal with serious cases as well such as rebellions and domestic conflicts. The political strength and military power they have will not allow other official positions to follow in Ando.

That’s why the most trusted person was placed there.

”Old Man Ren! Are you here!?” ~Sugen

We broke through the security using our privileges as the prince and break into the Chief of the Ministry of Defense’s office. The office was located beside the Imperial Court’s Parliament, the center of intelligence that protected the city.

By the window in the room, old man Ren ――the Chief of Ministry of Defense, Renfu, stood quietly.

”You guys come in.” ~Renfu

He was a dignified old man with a long beard. He was calm as if he was expecting this visit. Even though the princes rushed in, he did not move.

”Hey, you guys. You… why bother to kick something that could be opened normally. Oh good, don’t break it.” ~Renfu

However, with the presence of Gettenwo who came along, I moved my eyebrow a little. Because she was worried that if we went alone, she decided to accompany us.

”Oh, don’t mind her, Old Man Ren. This girl is just ――” ~Sugen

”Is that the Fifth Princess? This is the first time I saw you.” ~Renfu

I tried to explain her as a new manager, but Old Man Ren took the initiative by saying, “I know everything.” As expected, he was a well-informed person.

Seeing this exchange, Iifu laughed meaningfully.

”You have seen it through, huh? It was expected from Old Man Ren after all. Do you know why we came here?” ~Iifu

”Of course, Iifu.” ~Renfu

He was speaking to us princes without honorifics,  it was the remnant of our contact since childhood.

The wind blew through the window and shook his white beard, Old Man Ren closed his eyes in nostalgia.

”I have been prepared when attempting to rebel and assassinate the imperial family, even if you tear my body apart, or burn me to death, it is alright.” ~Renfu

“No, why are you speaking these things, Old Man Ren. We come here to be your comrade.” ~Sugen

While basking in the wind with his eyes closed, Old Man Ren turned slowly like a Karakuri [2] doll.

”Now, what?” ~Renfu

”Please rest assured, Old Man Ren. We are your allies. Attempting to assassinate the imperial family means that you are not happy with the imperial bloodline? right? I totally agree. There must be a lot of people who are more worthy to be an Emperor than us…” ~Sugen

”Sauran?” ~Renfu

Sauran too supported it. Ryausha too began to talk.

”Yes. Yes. We can just be treated like a special soldier who moves in case of emergency. If you promise to pay enough wages so we can play every day, we can accept anyone as Emperor without complaints.” ~Ryausha

Until now, everyone spoke out their passion, and I can’t be the only one who is silent.

”Hey, Old Man Ren. When I was welcomed to this Imperial Court and was unfamiliar with it, the one who played with me the most was you…?” ~Sugen

”At that time, I thought, ‘the troublesome idiot has come again’.” ~Renfu

”I want to return the favor from that time. I will happily cooperate with you if you plan to overthrow the nation and seize power. No. Let me do it. The remuneration after the overturning will be as much as the content presented by my older sister.” ~Sugen

As I spoke, the corner of my eyes was getting hot. It was not an exaggeration to say that Old Man Ren is my second father, so to speak. Besides, to make this offer so far, am I not a filial son?

The first father on the side who was about to be overthrown did not know about this though. Such a muscular life form was not my father.

After listening to our words, Old Man Ren silently closed the window frame. Then, he took the cane, banged the floor and announced to us.

”Sit down.” ~Renfu

”What is it? Because we were talking while standing, we should sit down and have tea? I guess its not good to be standing on ceremony as from now on, we’ll be comrades.” ~Sugen

”Moron! I tell you to sit up straight!” ~Renfu

Speaking of the difference in current ability, we are overwhelmingly stronger than Old Man Ren, but there was the imprint of lecturing that we received in our childhood. Everyone but Gettenwo sat on top of the feet, flat on the floor.

“What cooperation !? Comrades !? I failed an assassination, a person with a felony!? It will be normal for me to be beheaded for this! Oh, I know, I know! Anyway, you guys were thinking ‘Because it’s troublesome to be an Emperor, is there anyone suitable to snatch the Imperial Throne?’ Am I wrong?” ~Renfu

“Old man. That’s exactly right. I was involved in that scheme as well.” ~Gettenwo

Gettenwo spoke from the side and Old Man Ren dangled his beard and bowed deeply.

”I’m sorry to trouble you my lady because of my lack of upbringing. I don’t have a much time and thus wanted to take along the worries of the people of the country to hell, but they grew up as trash.” ~Renfu

”It is a calamity.” ~Gettenwo

Gettenwo and Old Man Ren seemed to have deepened their understanding, but I raised a protest because there were points that could not be ignored.

”Wait a minute. We are in national grieving? Why is that? To capture such a talented person…” ~Sugen

”Hey, silence! Because of your rotten attitude, the dissatisfaction has piled up among the soldiers. Now somehow I am holding it up together, but should any of you take the throne, you will be in a state where rebellion can occur anytime.!” ~Renfu

The four of us listened to Old Man Ren’s words and closed our eyes.

“Old Man Ren. How many soldiers are dissatisfied with us?” ~Sugen

”Ah? Even in the Imperial Court alone, there are hundreds. If you include the Capital Security, it may reach thousands… Anyone in the imperial court can notice it.” ~Renfu


The four hands overlapped in the air and sounded in joy.

The number of comrades were higher than expected. With that many allies to oppose the enthronement, we are no longer afraid.

I offered Old Man Ren a smile.

”That’s why, Old Man Ren, Let’s join the soldiers to oppose our enthronement. We are confident that we have the same goals, so it would be helpful to treat you as the leader. Surely, I think I can be comrade with the group members.” ~Sugen

When he heard that, Old Man Ren’s had a blank look on his face.

It was as if he was lost all his emotions and his soul was consumed in heaven.

Translator and Editor Notes:

[2] Karakuri Doll – traditional Japanese mechanized puppets.

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