[PBCT] Chapter 26: Because of Loyalty

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Translator: Redeyes

Editor: Asada

After the stormy battle, the physician’s office was full of scars of destruction.

There was a large hole in the wall, the ceiling boards were torn apart, and the bed broke into pieces, the contents of medicine rack were scattered and collapsed.

At the disastrous scene, only the Emperor was uninjured and with his unwavering magesty.

Although the four siblings did not have any bruises, yet everyone sat in front of the Emperor with a huge bump on their head.

”It seemed that you were trying to find the assassination mastermind. Moreover, it is not a good plan.” ~Emperor

He pointed it out in few words seriously, we looked away with sulky face.

What is wrong with it? We were just trying to catch the country’s enemy. By this way of thinking, there was no reason to be blamed for.

And, the Emperor continued his unexpected speech while unfolding the explanation himself.

”I already know about that person. Now, I will consider how to deal with it cautiously. You guys should stay still and dont take any unnecessary actions..” ~Emperor


Is our precious comrade with the same noble aspiration as us has been already been caught by the Emperor’s information network?

Anyone who committed a serious crime, such as an attempting assassination of a royal family, will no mistake will be facing death penalty. But I can’t lose my comrade here.

―― Anyway, I must stop the Emperor here. Even if it results into a fierce battle, Iifu could probably lose his life.

I silently clenched my fist again, but the Emperor put his palm to hold back.

”Knock it off. Don’t waste your time in such place. Don’t worry about it. I am not going to sentence him to death immediately.” ~Emperor

”What?” ~Sugen

I was looking for a chance to jump out, and my hip and my posture broke.

Not sentenced to death? A person with such a big offence?

Therefore, I kept a watchful eyes on Ryausha.

”The sin is too heavy to forget with a mere amnesty of Bushin-Sai [1]. Is he a important person who can’t easily disappear?――I wonder if he’s someone with a close relationship with my father?” ~Ryausha

The Emperor’s expression was slightly distorted. Therefore we regained momentum and quickly rose up from our seat and moved to counterattack.

”Elder Sister! Identify him as soon as possible and run! This father, we will stop him!”

Iifu and I clung to both Emperor’s feet, meanwhile, Sauran drew his sword and took a position in front of the Medical Office exit. Taking advantage of Sauran’s ability to earn time, this is a tactic that earn every minutes while abandoning victory.

Certainly, this beautiful sibling love created this supreme collaboration.

Then, the Emperor muttered quietly.

”It’s troublesome if you joined hands like this. If anyone changes side at this moment, only that person will be removed from successors candidacy.” ~Emperor

Iifu and I simultaneously let go of the Emperor’s feet. Sauran pulled away from the front exit, and Ryausha suddenly stopped.

”You guys are so stupid that it was easy to read your behaviour.” ~Gettenwo

In the corner of the broken Medical Office, Gettenwo, who was watching the whole time, breathed out in resignation as if she was stunned.

Surely, if you think calmly, we cannot be removed from this candidacy at this degree, but we just reacted reflectively.

The Emperor exhaled loudly and scratched his head from the top of the crown.

”But too bad. I said something carelessly and give a specific subject.” ~Emperor

While identifying and not sentencing, surely would be too much of information

A man who turned their blades to the royal family and was allowed to survive for a while, the number of people can be counted on five fingers. If you can think thid much, even if you are not Ryausha, you will be able to identify it easily.

”Eeh~ That’s right, dad. If that is the case, can someone already confessed?” ~Sugen

”… Well, that’s right. It would be better if I directly show it to you..” ~Emperor

Saying that, the Emperor looked at the distance. And then, he announced.

”Chief of the Ministry of Defence who administer the security of the capital ―― do you know Renfu?” ~Emperor

”Oh, Renfu. Of course.” ~Sugen

A long time sworn friend of the Emperor, a warrior who was once famous as a general. But, he often play (trains) with us siblings since our younger days and I have a strong impression of him as a good old man.

”Well, recently I haven’t met him… I haven’t received pocket money for a long time… Wait, father. The fact that this name appeared in this conversation.” ~Sugen

”That’s right. According to investigation, Renfu was the one who arranged for your assassination. However… he is not a man who will attempt to overturn a nation for his personal interest. That’s why, I couldn’t decide on how to deal with this.” ~Emperor

We were shocked.

Speaking of Renfu, he was famous as loyal retainer who competes for the first and second place in the Imperial Court. During the strategy meeting, Ryausha was almost excluded from the candidate.


”Renfu, huh? I’m glad. It would be unpleasant feeling to be a comrade with a high officer old man with rotten character. If it’s Renfu, we can work together comfortably to prevent succession.” ~Sugen

“Seriously. I’m relieved.” ~Iifu

“I’m worried about the motive…” ~ Sauran

I don’t know what kind of change of heart did Renfu had.

However, if we were going to work together as comrades from now on, then the experienced good-natured old man will be reliable as an ally. Although the search for the culprit has an unexpected result, but in terms of result it was more than our expectation. We may meet the people with the same thinking as us.

“Then, father. Can we go talk to Renfu directly now?” ~Sugen

”Oh.. do as you like.” ~Emperor

I also took the Emperor’s promise. With this, there was no longer obstruction to our military rule.

However, I heard a little bit of the Emperor and Gettenwo’s conversation.

”Hey, Emperor” ~Gettenwo

”What?” ~Emperor

”Somehow, I can understand why a righteous loyal subject has betrayed, but should I guess?” ~Gettenwo

”Um. Honestly, I can guess but, for now, let me hear it.” ~Emperor

Gettenwo narrowed her eyes as she glanced at us brothers.

”Because he concerned about the future of the country――probably.” ~Gettenwo

At the meaningful speech from Gettenwo, the Emperor nodded deeply.

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