[NTBG] Chapter 38 (1/2): A New Rival

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Translator: Asada

Editor: Kylerboi(edited_

The next day, after a long time I was planning to sleep till noon. But in the end I decided to woke up early and sat in front of the pc.

Recently, I have been working and seeing the villagers only on the smartphone. I would like to spend more time watching over them on the PC.

Even though the sun is still hiding, the villagers have started doing their work.

Carol is still a child so she is still sleeping. Kan and Ran are nocturnal, so they are sleeping outside while cuddling each other.

If they were human, it would have felt a little erotic but looking at the Red Pandas gives a cute impression. I want to keep watching them till they wake up but lets see the other villagers for now.

Laila and Chem are preparing the breakfast. The available ingredients and seasonings have increased thus increasing the variety of the dishes and enhancing the taste. There are no longer any complaints about the food.

Kan and Ran do not require breakfast so it will be only served to six people.

Chem is worried about something and she looks towards the gate many times when arranging the tableware.

There is Gams, standing across the gate, covered in lots of fur as the weather was extremely cold with chilly winds.

The fur is wrapped around him like a blanket. He is looking towards the forest spreading beyond the fence.

Kan and Ran stand on guard during the night, as they are nocturnal and naturally resistant to cold.

However, Gams is a human. His body hair is thinner than the beasts-people. As I have learned recently, he seems to be bit poor with cold weathers. His appearance covered in fur is abit comical butcharming.

I am alert these days as there is only one week left for the Temptation of the Evil God.

Despite being prepared, I am well aware of the dangers of Temptation of the Evil God due to my experience last time. It is natural for the vigilance to increase as the day approaches.

There is a figure standing beside the ‘furry’ Gams.

“You must be feeling cold. I brought a hot drink. It looks like breakfast is going to be ready soon.


He receives the handed wooden cup wrapped in her hands which is still warm.

Murus smiles at the Gams and sits down next to him.

“Any monsters around?”

“I can no longer find any goblins, ever since we crushed their base.”

The last time Murus helped us which benefited the village. If the Goblins don’t appear in the Temptation of Evil God, it would be much easier to deal with it.

“I was really grateful for your help that time.”

“Please do not act like an outsider. Murus you are now a resident of this village, you are our family. ‘

“A family eh? … I’m glad if thats the case.”

She mutters gently and moves closer to Gams.

It is a good atmosphere.

Better than the (unamed) forbidden sister and a child. There is still another age problem here as well but the older people should be a comparatively safer bet morally.

Gams is pretty handsome and honest. He has good character even from the perspective of a man.

In this situation he is carrying over the hardships of others as well.

God of Fate also supports your feelings Murus. Keep fighting!

Gams peeled off the wrapped fur and covered Murus with it as well.

Oh, this is….

While I watch them, they stare at eachother for a split second.

“I’m sorry, it must be cold out here. I did not notice it before.”

What a comeback. He said it without even flinching.

Murus whose cheeks were slightly red smiled bitterly on his remark.

Gams…..I don’t know if you are an insensitive hero or a player…. It was such a good scene. I am disappointed. Well, I was expecting it somewhat.

I knew he was insensitive to feelings, his sisters advances have failed and he treats Carol as a child logging on him.

I doubted if he could act like an adult and understand their feelings but I am convinced now now. This man is definitely gonna be a dense hero. Maybe because he is used to his sisters shenanigans.

But I guess it should be fine. If he starts a relationship with Murus suddenly then it will be bloodbath.

I joked but I can already imagine that scene.

….I don’t want to get involved. Please don’t give this God an extra work.

Rodis, another man is writing down records of his dealings with Dordord. The gain this time was more than expected and most of it was used for village development.

Well, he bought more clothes and now everyone has started wearing better stuff.

The men are reckless but it has made the womens happy. Although, it takes more time to wash them, they do it in good mood.

Chem jumps out as soon as the breakfast got ready.

She glances at the watchtower with sharp eyes…..

Translator and Editor Notes:

Brother and Sisters, you all can see the bloodbath chapter tomorrow. Hope you like it. And yes, why no chapters for 3 days? Well, here is the answer. As I told you earlier, I will post chapters as long as I dont have exams the next day. Here is the things, I had 3 practicals straight without any gap. Lol. So I coudnt translate and post the chaps. ~ Asada

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  1. Seems like i can’t post a direct answer, so here’d hopping the concerned party read this…
    “Disgusting”? That’s pushing it very far. It’s “borderline” on the level of racist/supremacist level of speaking/thinking.
    Incest, with some limits (aka, large age gap and parental being nono) isn’t anything “disgusting” really. If two(or more) parties love each other then that’s that. And even if only one does, it’s still a form of love no different from same gender love or poly-amor or so on. Disaproving of it is one thing, saying it’s disgusting is another thing all together.

  2. Sorry, but I hate brocons/siscons 😅 Chem would be an alright character, but her obsession that borders on being romantic, is disgusting to me. I hope, that Gams gets a nice girlfriend and Chem will calm down finally.

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