[GFWI] Chapter 20: Ghost

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Translator: McTavish

Editor: Ageura

When I tried to help Mii to recover the zombie’s proof of subjugation.

“Ugh …!”

It was Satsuki who made that sound.
Satsuki held her head in agony and knelt on the ground.

“Something” was attached to the girl in the kimono who was illuminated by the flame in the dark night.
It appeared to be the figure of a naked girl who had a pale translucent body separated from Satsuki.

The appearance was, in a nutshell, a “Ghost.”

“Now …!? No way a ghost !?”

Cyril, who was near Satsuki, shouts and backs away from her.
She tried to reach to her waist for the mace. But she noticed the mistake and withdrew her hand.

“No, ghosts can’t be defeated by physical attacks … but the miracle is useless.”

The cleric says so and bites her lips with regret.
She seemed to have no solution to solve the current situation.

I’m surprised at what suddenly happened.

But things won’t on their own anytime soon.
I tried to stay calm, and I decided to remember the ghost monster from the knowledge that I learnt in my school days.

Undead monster, ghost.
A dead soul left with regrets and grudges remains on earth without being purified.

You can’t defeat them with physical attacks because they have no flesh, and they can be damaged by magical attacks like magic arrows, magic missiles, fireballs and so on.

If so, what about a priest’s turn undead? It’s a miracle that purifies the negative power of the physical undead but it doesn’t seem to have any effect on ghosts because they are spiritual bodies.

Ghosts, on the other hand, have little ability to interfere with you, but there is one thing that is extremely annoying.

Ability to possess an object and take over its body.

Nevertheless, I wondered where this ghost suddenly emerged from but the ghost which is a spiritual body, has almost no restrictions in terms of movement.
It can fly in the sky and sneak up from overhead, or go through the ground and attack from under the ground, any number of ways are possible.

I was alert to magic spells as I left the city but due to the nature of this spell, it’s no wonder I didn’t notice the ghost in this case.

Well, anyway, what shall we do in this situation? I’ve already cast the fireball spell four times, and I have few mana left. If so, then …

After considering various options in my head, I decide to cast one spell.
Started casting.


“Satsuki! Satsuki, are you okay?!”

Satsuki screams and Mii starts checking on her.
Cyril is worried about the condition of Satsuki.

Eventually, Satsuki stops screaming.
As if the all that suffering was a lie it suddenly turned silent.
The ghost clinging to Satsuki disappeared.

“Well … Satsuki …?”

When she calls her fearfully, Satsuki, who has been struggling on all fours, rises slowly.
And ──

“Ufufu, ufufufufu … Ahahahahahahaha!”

The girl in the kimono spread her arms toward the sky and began to laugh maniacally.

“Awesome! Awesome body! This power can kill them! I can kill them! I can kill everyone! Wait for me trash, I’ll go and kill you right now.”


The girl, who was laughing, collapsed. It is lucky that it worked in one shot.

“Mii, take out the rope.”

“Ah … yes.”

Mii, who seemed to be panicking still took the rope out of her luggage and tied Satsuki. In addition, taking into account the increase in muscle strength due to Satsuki’s aura, she firmly restrained her with three ropes so that she cannot escape.

This is good.
It was too difficult to deal with it because it abruptly appeared but we can say that the threat is now gone.
Let’s move on to the next step.

Translator and Editor Notes:

Sorry for not having chapters recently ~ Mctavish

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