[GFWI] Chapter 19: Miracle

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Translator: McTavish

Editor: Ageura

I released the fourth Fireball. When I saw it blow off a swarm of zombies, my job was done.

The number of remaining zombies is less than thirty, as expected. About three times as many zombie corpses were all over the ground.

“Okay, I’ll leave it to you.”

I say that and go down and I hand the baton over to Satsuki and Cyril.
Satsuki went up first then Cyril.

“Ok, leave it to me.”

“If Satsuki and I couldn’t handle this number, it would truly be a spectacle.”

A girl in a kimono and a girl in a priest’s robe proceed toward the zombies in the dark night illuminated by flames.
Before them zombies were approaching.

I stood beside Mii looking at their backs.
The beast-girl did not seem to be particularly keen on moving.

“Even if Mii goes it’s still a zombie. I can’t kill someone who doesn’t die even if I cut their head or hit their heart.”

I haven’t said anything, but Mii mutters such a thing.
Mii is not only intelligent, but also has a very rational mindset.

“What is Cyril’s ability?Satsuki’s arm was shown when we eliminated the goblins.”

“Her skill as a adventurer is very much different from me. I’ve never seen Cyril fight the undead. But if she’s going to do that, she’ll probably be fine. Cyril, unlike Satsuki doesn’t do anything reckless.”

While talking about that, the two girls and the zombies met on the battlefield.

Satsuki stands in front and holds the sword.
Behind her Cyril began to cast a spell in a prayer-like position.

That is the Holy Word.
Just as magicians activate magic in runes, priests also activate miracles in the sacred word.

[Turn Undead! ]

Cyril raised the mace to the heaven, and radiated a dignified voice.

At the same time a circle of light appeared around her, and it expanded to the outside at once.

Then, six or seven of the undead who were touched by the light fell and became immobile.

The number of remaining zombies is about ten.
Satsuki rushes in like a gale.

After finishing the miracle, Cyril watched Satsuki and the movement of the zombies carefully.
If Satsuki is in danger, she will help.

“… It’s a big deal.”

“What is it?”

“Cyril. The miracle of the turn undead, I hear that it is not effective easily if the difference between the ability of the caster and the ability of the target is not considerably large. She’s probably a powerful person to be able to bury all those zombies simultaneously.”

“Oh, is that so”

” Even if you take into account that the targets are undead zombies, you can assume that she have the ability of the acolyte class of not that far away from a priest .”

If the priest is the temple chief, then the acolyte is a powerful person that is just slightly under the temple chief. This wasn’t Cyril only strength.

“She has accurate judgement.She knows that if she reduces their number, then leave the rest to Satsuki it will be much easier.”

“That’s not all”

In fact, Satsuki destroys the zombies one after the other in continuous movement and does not stop even while I and Mii are talking like this. In the meantime, the Beast girl who was next to me began to say something strange.

“But I’m a little jealous.”


When I gave her my attention and asked her to explain clearly, she said.

“Satsuki and Cyril were praised by William, but my job can’t do anything in here so I wasn’t praised.”

…… Hmm, I see.
I didn’t think that she cared about such a thing.

I’m not sure if it’s true or not, but I think it’s a good idea to have a look at it.
I thought so, and decided to tell Mii my evaluation.

“It’s a misunderstanding. I appreciate Mii’s work. I’ve taken off my hat to how you use the magic eye when searching for a cave in the goblin extermination, and I see it as a considerable level of skill, such as hearing skills and observational eyes that have found pitfalls.”

” Taking the initiative in doing the dirty work, such as killing the sleeping goblin and not complaining about it,it is a highly demanding work. I’m always grateful to Mii for her own role as a cog to keep things running smoothly. “

“Oh, oh …”

As she listened to me, she showed extreme emotions and opened her mouth.
I thought she was exaggerating, but it might be the first time she was told something like that to her face .

“Niya, Nyaru. This is the cause of Satsuki and Cyril’s fascination. Nya this is highly destructive. “

Mii was embarrassed with her cheeks dyed red.
That’s how I’m seeing it.

“Well, it’s over!”

Satsuki and Cyril have returned after finishing the zombies.
At least all the visible zombies were completely destroyed.

“As expected, you both are great.”


” It’s strange that you can pass through my dislike and make me really hear it.”

“Well then, we’ll quickly recover the subjugation proof and move out of such a dismal place.”

As soon as they return, they head to the fallen zombies.
Mii has taken the initiative in doing the chores.

But this time, there are too many.
I thought it would be difficult to be alone, so I decided to help.

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