[HGEG] Chapter 55: Cooperation & Betrayal

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Translator: Zucci

Editor: Asada

They can still try to experiment by risking their lives. Only Xin Meng, You Yi and Qi XiaoKui have enough lives to take the risk. But, even if they agree to enter the bus, Dong Xiu still have to get the right lip reading. Dong Xiu read Li Yougen’s name being called in the last bus. Li Yougen naturally refused to risk his life since it was a matter of life and death, so they had to wait for the next one.

“Dong Xiu, now it’s you,” Xiong JiaBao pointed to the fake Dong Xiu inside the bus. “Look, who is it calling?”

Dong Xiu narrowed his eyes and soon revealed a playful smile: “Yes… Qi, Xiao, Kui!”

The girl who was called by her name raised her head, glanced at Dong Xiu and Li Yougen who were watching her as if watching a show and then looked at Xin Meng. He appeared worried, so she nodded at him and flicked her hair, exposing her clear forehead. “I’m going up!”

Even though she was the only woman in the group, she was braver and smarted than most of the big men in the team. Xin Meng sincerely hopes she will be safe and sound.

Qi XiaoKui got inside the bus and the door was quickly shut behind her.

The group outside began counting time. According to Dong Xiu, the interval between a buses is one hundred seconds and no matter how much time a player spends on a bus, they will appear in the platform during that interval. It will never be more than a hundred seconds, which means the time inside the bus was not synchronized with the platform.

If they finish it to a hundred and Qi XiaoKui’s not returned to the platform, it means they were successful.

“…97, 98, 99…” Xiong JiaBao’s eyes grew brighter and he clapped his hands firmly. “100! It’s done!”

Another bus came to the platform and Qi XiaoKui showed no signs of appearing. This method was right!

Since they finally found the right way to clear the game, they were all excited. Dong Xiu smiled, but then he silently looked at Xin Meng, who was clapping happily next to You Yi, and light was reflected on his glasses.

“Quick! Dong Xiu! Look at this bus, who is this for?” Li Yougen ran around in panic, anxious to grab Dong Xiu’s collar to drag him closer to the bus. Dong Xiu was agile enough to avoid his hands and squinted his eyes at the bus. He waited until the door was almost closed to say, “It’s yours.”

Li Yougen yelped and rushed towards the bus. He managed to get inside just a second before the door closer and so he took the road to life.

With two people clearing the level, Xiong JiaBao cheered and even wanted to pat Dong Xiu’s shoulder. But since Dong Xiu’s arm was gone, Xiong JiaBao silently retracted his paw. There was no signs of infections or bleeding, but it was still an ugly view.

Dong Xiu only glanced at him and sneered.

Another bus arrived and this time it’s Xin Meng again. Sitting in the middle of the last row, there were many passengers in front of Xin Meng, so it was very hard to observe.

Dong Xiu walked next to the bus. He tilted his head and moved around from time to time. He narrowed his eyes, walked towards the door and then glanced at the three people behind, focusing on Xin Meng and You Yi. Then he lifted his chin towards Xiong JiaBao, “It’s you, hurry up.”

Xiong JiaBao smiled, turned around and said to Xin Meng: “Brother, I’m going first. I’ll be waiting for you in the next game, ah!”

Xin Meng nodded and Xiong JiaBao walked towards the bus with great enthusiasm. Dong Xiu watched quietly. When the door began to close, Xiong JiaBao ran two steps and raised his right leg to get inside…

“Oh!” Suddenly, Dong Xiu, who was standing next to the door, slammed his body against Xiong JiaBao. Xiong JiaBao was unprepared and hit the ground with his two palms. His hands bleed from the contact and he screamed in pain. When he looked up, he saw Dong Xiu’s back as he entered the bus!

The door closed immediately. Even You Yi, running, wouldn’t be able to pull Dong Xiu out.

Through the glass, Dong Xiu sneered at Xin Meng with pride. If he had a hand, he might’ve shown them his middle finger.

“Stay to the end, help you clear the game, the hell with that! Go die!” Dong Xiu cursed loudly, his voice passing thought the gaps of the door and windows as it echoed clearly on their ears.

“You..!” Xiong JiaBao got up from the ground and ran after the bus while cursing. “Dong Xiu, you son of a bitch, damn asshole, fuck you!”

Still, the vehicle passed by him, leaving no traces behind, just Xiong JiaBao’s tears. He knelt on the ground and punched the concrete with his fists.

“What to do! What to do!” Xiong JiaBao looked at Xin Meng with red eyes full of tears. “I knew that asshole couldn’t be trusted, we should’ve tied his legs!”

Xin Meng didn’t expect that to happen. It seems Dong Xiu had already planned his betrayal since the beginning, so he approached the bus while pretending to lip read. That’s why he called Xiong JiaBao, because he wouldn’t be able to go against You Yi’s strength and because Xin Meng’s vigilance was too high. If he managed to get inside the wrong bus and returned to the platform, Dong Xiu’s plan would be dismantled. It was a very risky plan.

Still, he got away with it.

“Don’t worry, there must be another way!” Xin Meng said. “This game has many players beside us, there must be other players that also passed through his phase without anyone knowing how lip reading. Or else, would the game let the whole team die? I don’t think so.”

The more he said, the clearer his thoughts and the calmer his emotions. “Knowing lip reading is just a shortcut, so that even if you are out of luck, the shortcut will allow you to pass through peacefully.”

Xiong JiaBao stared blankly at Xin Meng who was, obviously, younger than him. His figure was thin, but in Xiong JiaBao’s eyes, he looked absolutely giant.

You Yi crossed his arms in front of his chest and leaned against a sign post. His brown eyes fell on Xin Meng’s back while he still analysed his situation. He pressed his thumb against his own lip and smiled slightly.

Another bus arrived.

Xin Meng looked at his copy inside the bus, four eyes that looked the same stared at each other. It wasn’t his own bus, but it could be You Yi’s.

Xin Meng approached the bus, looked at the squirming lips but was unable to identify a name. However, he wasn’t in a hurry now that his mind was clear and that all the details he overlooked had found its place.

The ‘Qi XiaoKui’ that Xiong JiaBao met before said to him “I didn’t call you.”


“Can you tell me whose name are you calling?” Xin Meng looked into his eyes and slowly asked his question.

“If you just ask how can he possibly…” Xiong JiaBao was going to faint. He even thought Xin Meng’s actions were an illusion. However, before he could even finish speaking, he saw the ‘Xin Meng’ inside the bus bent his eyes, exposing a soft smile, a smile that can refute any men, and opened his mouth. The three mechanical sounds that left his lips could be heard clearly: “Xiong-Jia-Bao.”

Xiong JiaBao’s jaw fell to the grund.

“Sure enough!” Xin Meng exclaimed. “This special NPC is able to speak. Since you said it could speak, I thought it could communicate. If we don’t understand what they say, we just need to ask to speak louder.”

“This… Is it that simple?” Xiong JiaBao though he was still dreaming. Why did it suddenly changed from a life-and-death puzzle to a house game where they can just talk their way out?

“Simple?” Xin Meng raised his eyebrow. “If I hadn’t thought about that, you’d be stuck here for the rest of your life.”

Indeed, even if it looks simple now, it didn’t mean it was easy to find. It can even be said that the simpler the way, the more difficult is to think of. They are traumatized by this game so they believed it would only get harder and harder, so they didn’t even think they could pass the level like that!

But when you think about doing things this way, you can see that is a universal escape for all types of players. Even if someone like Xiong JiaBao gets desperate and yells at the NPC, as long as he shouted words like ‘what the hell you talking about’ or ‘speak louder’, even if it’s in an angry tone, the NPC will be triggered to answer their questions.

This way is difficult to guess, but easy to trigger. Even Xin Meng had to admit this game was very intelligent and sophisticated.

“Go up, or the bus will go away!” Xin Meng urged him.

Xiong JiaBao didn’t have time to chat and rushed to the bus quickly before the door was closed. He looked at Xin Meng gratefully: “Brother Xin, your Xiong JiaBao owes you his life. As long as it doesn’t involve me dying, I’ll do whatever you ask!”

Xin Meng smiled and waved at him.

The bus took Xiong JiaBao away while he leaned against the door and waved back at them.

“Unfortunately it wasn’t your bus,” since no one was there, Xin Meng allowed himself to express his feeling. “I had to save Xiong JiaBao first.”

“It’s okay, it’ll come soon” You Yi pat his head.

After a hundred second, another bus arrived according to Xin Meng’s expectations. When he saw the person inside, it was the first time he felt disappointed seeing that person. “It’s you..”

He didn’t even need to ask. This was Xin Meng’s bus since the person on it was You Yi, so it couldn’t be You Yi’s bus.

“Maybe I’ll wait for the next bus?” Xin Meng hesitated to get into the bus. “Since they come in a cycle, after the six buses leave, mine will come again. I feel safer watching you get inside your bus.”

You Yi shook his head with a smile, rested his hand on Xin Meng’s back and rushed him to the bus. “Go, we will meet again soon. The next game, I’m… Looking forward to it.”

The door closed right away and Xin Meng asked loudly between the gap on the door, “What do you mean?!”

He felt there was something strange about You Yi’s words. The next game… What’ll happen?!

However, all that he saw was You Yi waving at him before everything out of the glass disappeared.

He turned around and found out that all passengers inside the bus disappeared, including the fake You Yi.

Xin Meng walked to the seat where the fake You Yi was before and sat down slowly.

You Yi stayed on the platform, watched the bus go and waited for a while before the last bus finally arrived.

The person inside the bus showed a familiar and docile smile to him as he reached his hand towards him. You Yi smiled and got inside the bus.

The door closed and they headed to the end.


“That was too low. This phase’s problem was that it was too easy, it was unable to eliminate anyone.”

“Raise the difficult up.”


Translator and Editor Notes:

Oh, bus arc over. Next one should be the demon’s castle… but this translation is going into hiatus. I’m not sure how long the hiatus will last, but thank you all for the support till now!

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