[HGEG] Chapter 54: Lip Reading

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Translator: Zucci

Editor: Asada

Xiong JiaBao’s words weren’t wrong. At least he had the courage to try what Dong Xiu and Li Yougen, who were afraid due their few lives, couldn’t. Knowing he did his best, Xin Meng didn’t blame him and patted his shoulder as he said, “You have to keep your compassion and face everything bravely. This way, you will live longer than those two.”

Those words didn’t sound comforting, they were more like a curse towards the two. At least, for Dong Xiu and Li Yougen, it sounded that way.

Xiong JiaBao was also at loss with those words but Xin Meng’s support was at least better than what those two said before. He at least showed his goodwill. Xiong JiaBao rubbed his nose and thanked him with a nasal voice, “If I remember what she said, I’ll tell you.”

“En” Xin Meng nodded.

Meanwhile, another bus arrived at the station and, this time around, the person inside was Xin Meng while the person being stared was You Yi.

Xin Meng was afraid You Yi would get inside the car and his first reaction was to grab his hand, “Don’t go!”

Seeing him so afraid of You Yi being taken away, Qi XiaoKui felt the need to joke, “You look like you are trying to prevent your husband from running away with another lover.”

Xin Meng’s face flushed, “Nonsense, I’m just afraid he will endanger himself. We haven’t found a way to clear the mission!”

Besides, that person inside looks exactly like himself, so even if You Yi took a liking to that person it wouldn’t count as cheating…

W-Wait! What’s he thinking?!

Xin Meng’s mouth was drawn straight. Why did he allow Qi XiaoKui’s tease to get inside his mind!

You Yi smiled and rubbed Xin Meng’s hair as if he had seen through his wild thought just now. He said, cooperating with the joke: “You are the real one, the fake can’t seduce me.”

Xin Meng “…”

Dong Xiu said coldly: “If you have no worries and no fear of death, go up and try!”

The bus is almost driving away and there were many words Dong Xiu wanted to say. ‘Don’t you want to clear the mission? Do you want to drag everyone to death?’ Dong Xiu doesn’t lack complaina. He knew it from the first bus that sometimes a information can only be acquired if someone dies. Now there’s three people with one life left while Xin Meng and Qi XiaoKui have three. And You Yi has four!

If they don’t die, how can they solve the mystery? If they don’t solve the mystery, how do they pass the level?!

He didn’t feel like he was wrong. After all, they had so many lives and, as long as they passed, it wouldn’t count as an official death. As for the pain of death? He experienced it four times, why should they be so especial and not experience it by themselves?

Seeing how no one answered and that the door was about to close, he couldn’t wait to push someone inside.

“Anyway, You Yi can’t go up” Xin Meng looked coldly at Dong Xiu. “Xiong JiaBao just died, indicating there was a problem with out previous theory. If we don’t have new clues, he will die for nothing. If you are so anxious, go up your own!”

“That’s right” Xiong JiaBao took a bite of his bread as he supported Xin Meng. “Dong Xiu, you up!” After that, he gave Dong Xiu his middle finger.

“You!” Dong Xiu’s face was completely red but he couldn’t give his last life up, so he reluctantly cursed: “If that’s what you want, then don’t go up. Let’s all die here together!”

None of them had much food and Xiong JiaBao devoured half of backpack already. If they wait two more days, they will starve to death without clearing the mission.

Thinking of the taste of hunger, Xiong JiaBao shuddered and quickly packed the rest of his food. It was better to not finish it all at once.

“You don’t need to worry about that” Xin Meng didn’t even bother to look at him and instead watched the bus close its door and drive away.

Xin Meng frowned. Why did it seem like his lips moved? Was it an illusion?

There was some doubt inside his heart, so he decided to pay more attention to that. You Yi was inside the following bus.

The handsome face with strong lines and beautiful brown eyes, just like the real man, had the same inorganic vibe as the real You Yi. However, now, he didn’t look at Xin Meng and stared at Qi XiaoKui…

He stared intensely, as if there’s just one person inside his eyes, but that person was no longer Xin Meng.

Xin Meng felt extremely uncomfortable. He frowned and he looked very unpleasant. There was a inexplicable impulse inside his heart and all he wanted was to stop in front of Qi XiaoKui and let that stare fall on himself again…

His palm was pinched and Xin Meng quickly turned his head around to look at the real You Yi, who was staring at him with raised eyebrows. Xin Meng tried to hide his expression, he couldn’t wait to bury himself in a hole!

In order to get rid of that shame and embarrassment, he looked away and continued to pretend he was just searching around the bus as if nothing happened. When he saw You Yi again, he noticed that You Yi’s lips were indeed moving!

He walked unconsciously towards the bus and accidentally kicked Xiong JiaBao, who was sitting on the floor. Xiong JiaBao yelled and Xin Meng looked down at him by reflex. But, when he looked up again, the door was closed and the bus was moving.

Xin Meng was a little discouraged and gave Xiong JiaBao another kick. “What was that? I just found a clue and you let it go away!”

Xiong JiaBao caressed his calf innocently. “You were about to step on me, I just warned you. But, Brother Xin, the real You Yi was right next to you. How dare you look at the fake one that way? You eyes were almost flying off your face!”

“What?!” Xin Meng kicked him once more. “I said I found a clue! Clue!”

“Ah, don’t kick me, it hurts!” Xiong JiaBao quickly begged for mercy and then ran away. “What clue?”

“I saw his mouth moving, as if he was saying something” Xin Meng explained. “When I saw myself in the last bus I also thought I’ve seen my mouth moving, but I don’t know what the ‘me’ said.”

“Ah?” Xiong JiaBao crouched on the ground as he held his backpack, recalling something.

“It’s alright, there’s still a chance. When the next bus arrives, let’s take a closer look” Qi XiaoKui said. “But I don’t know lip reading so I probably won’t be able to see it clearly.”

Dong Xiu moved the corner of his lip but didn’t speak.

Immediately after, another bus arrived and the passenger was Li Yougen. He looked at Xin Meng while his lips were indeed moving!

“He appears to be talking!” Xin Meng confirmed. “I just can’t see very well, what is he saying?”

“Something short,” Qi XiaoKui narrowed her eyes. “It looks like… A name?”

Xiong JiaBao suddenly jumped.

He shouted, “I remember!”

“Remember what?” Qi KiaoKui startled him.

“I remember what you said before I died!” Xiong JiaBao shouted excitedly. “She said ‘I didn’t call your name!'”

Not his name!

“Sure enough!” Everyone immediately became energetic and even Li Yougen, who was scratching his head in anxiety, raised his chin. “They call for our names!”

“Look, whose name is Li Yougen calling?!” Xiong JiaBao couldn’t read lips and quickly urged other to do it.

“I can’t see clearly…” Xin Meng narrowed his eyes but still couldn’t see what.

A name is just three words, if they look for a while they will be able to find out. But that person’s lips are too small and, besides, the passengers inside the bus walk around and frequently block their view. They only have a few seconds to observe. Unless you are familiar with lip reading, it’s difficult for ordinary people to accurately distinguish what’s being said in such a short period of time.

“Qi…” Qi XiaoKui tried hard. “The word just now was Qi, is he calling me?”

“What Qi! It’s obviously Li!” Xiong JiaBao retorted.

Li Yougen was dissatisfied and quickly retorted: “It’s clearly Xin.”

The group looked at each other, twitching the corners of their mouths.

“The sounds depend on the tongue” Xin Meng said, a bit speechless. “Many pronunciations look the same when we look only at the lips…”

In addition, the amplitude reached by the lips was very small so it became very difficult to distinguish sounds.

They were stuck again. Since they weren’t 100% certain, no one dare to rush inside a bus and watched it drive away.

“Damn! My eyes are gone!” Xiong JiaBao rubbed his eyes vigorously.

“That won’t do…” Xin Meng was also very worried. Even if they found the correct path, it’s no use since they couldn’t distinguish the names.

At that moment, Dong Xiu, who had not spoken for a long time, suddenly asked: “Can you be sure that this is he right way to clear the game?”

The other five looked at Dong Xiu, who sneered and said: “In order to grab all my opponent’s information, I’ve learned lip reading before.”

“Why didn’t you say it before!” Xiong JiaBao was very frustrated.

“What if I said it was your name just now, would you go in when you just have one life?” Dong Xiu mocked.

Xiong JiaBao: “…M-My name?”

Then he wouldn’t dare to…

“I can help you distinguish the names, but you also have to risk yourselves and go inside” Dong Xiu said. “If it’s my turn next, I won’t go since I only have a life and can’t be the experiment. You have to agree to go in, if not, you can try the lip reading by yourselves.”

Everyone was very disgusted by his tone and way of speaking, however… They had no other way.

“You won’t tell us the wrong name on purpose?” Qi XiaoKui didn’t trust Dong Xiu.

“Why would I?” Dong Xiu sneered. “If I tell you the wrong name, there’s no way to verify if that’s the real way to clear the game. How would that be good for me!”

Xin Meng knows Dong Xiu is a clever man. He wants them to spend their remaining lives to test their theories. But he can only test their theory if he says the right answer. After all, Dong Xiu also wants to clear the game, it’s just that he values his life too much to rush into battle himself.

“Well,” Xin Meng said, “since it’s for a mutual objective, we can reach a consensus temporarily so that we, as a team, can win. So, if we are going to do that, you have to be the last one to enter your bus.”

“But remember, you won’t be able to live if we are all dead.”

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