[NTBG] Chapter 37(2/2): The True Memory

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Translator: Asada

Editor: Kylerboi (edited)

Some people will fall apart due to these advances but I will never talk to anyone about this.

“Let me talk about my game then.

In the game which I play, the goal is to destroy the base of the enemy and when you pay, you can increase the number of monsters you can control.”

Manipulating monsters…..A famous battle game comes to my mind which everyone must know. Its not a rare setting. [1]

“It’s a gacha game, right?”

“Well, yes, but it’s fun to destroy the villages like a villain, and the graphics is beautiful. The players are set as evil gods, and it is clear that their goal is to destroy Humanity.”

Its a setting which I don’t particularly like.

Especially now that I am defending a village. Although its just a game, I am still bothered.

“If you defeat an enemy, you accumulate points and use it to summon more monsters, but there is also a pay to win element. If you put in a lot of money, the points will increase rapidly. …… ”

“I see. I see……”

It looks like I am talking to myself. After all the pay to win system in recent games….

I realized that nothing in this world is more scary than the word money. How much did the Village of Fortune charged in total?……I am scared to even think of it.

But there is also the rewards. Probably, the food send as the tribute might have recovered some of my spendings. I checked it on the net, if you buy boar meat in store, its quite expesnive.

That mysterious fruit also seems nutritious and is also delicious. If it comes to the market then it will be treated as high grade commodity.

“I can increase my bases, but I need a lot of points. It’s quick to spend money, but to increase just a single base …”

Yamamoto gazes off to the distance.

I shouldn’t ask the amount if he is so scarred.

“I managed to increase the number of bases to three but recently two were destroyed.”

“You told me about one, but another one is destroyed?”

“That’s right, oh yea. I was aiming at two places at about the same time. I split my strengths therefore I coudn’t defend properly. I feel sick now. The main monster was also killed.”

He smiles a hollow smile.

I would be the same if the village was destroyed… It would have been even worse though…

I wish I could say something to console him but at this moment my lack of humans interactions pull at my feets. I can’t figure out what to say.

“I’m sorry for the money I wasted as well, but it’s just too interesting, this game. I think it’s the best I’ve ever played. I need to make money to-“

I arrived at my house at the time when he was trying to say something to Mr. Yamamoto who was really depressed.

“If you’re tired, go to sleep. We will do the rest.”

Yeah, I was so absorbed in talking that my precious rest time had passed.

However, the president keeps driving to work. His youthfulness is more than us combined?!?

“I’m home~~”

I managed to finish my work and came home early today.No, I didn’t have any conversations with him except about his work.

“Oh, you look tired. Do you want a bath or have dinner first?”

“I’m going to the bath …”

I dragged my tired body to the washroom, managed to take off my clothes and opened the glass door to the bathroom.

Then I saw my sister was bathing in the bathtub.

You knew what our mother taught us….

“… a majestic perv.”

“… I’m really tired, so could you leave room for excuses later?”

My younger sister who diss me without missing a beat. Since the bath salt is used, she is hardly visible.

For now, I just hide my lower abdomen by hands.

Screaming in this situation or calling molester only happen happens when there is no blood connections. If actual siblings encounter in the bath it will be something like this.

“Please tell me when you are done.”

As, I couldn’t take a bath together with her, so I tried to turn my heels and walk away but was suddenly splashed with hot water.

“It’s okay, You wash your body first. I’ll leave when you’re done.”

I don’t mind at all, but didn’t she hate bathing with me?

Not too long ago, she hated to go the bath after I used it. Isn’t this a major advance? [2]

I wash my head while thinking about how tired my head is.

“I’m still hungry.”

“… I’m sorry. I got you involved again.”

Unusually I hear my sisters depressed voice.

I’m shampooing, so I can’t see the her face, but I can guess that she’s tearing up a bit from her voice.

“… I’ts really my fault. It’s a brother’s duty to protect his sister. I couldn’t protect you before.”

“That’s not it. You’ve protected me.”

“It just failed and then ran away. I’m a bad brother.”

I can only escape, and while still begging a junior high school student, Yoshinaga. The stab was so fatal that the memories before and after are ambiguous, but I still remember that my sister showed a miserable appearance.

“I thought you have forgotten about the events at that time. Is you memory fussy? I cursed Yoshinaga and he got angry an took out the knife. You said to him, that if he want anyone then stab you, but don’t lay a hand on me!”

Huh……I don’t remember this. Was it like my sister said?

I looked at my sister who looked back at me with a teared up smile.

Its not a lie? Was I unintentionally making my memories worse because of my regrets?

It seems peoples memories are ambiguous, and that past events and memories might not necessarily match. In my decade of being a NEET, I might have tampered with both the good and bad memories on my own…….No, thats……

“But the fact that I couldn’t help you is still right.”

“What are you talking about? You helped as he escaped thus saving me, my voice and body was shaking at that time.”

My sister got kinda angry and sprinkled water on me.

“Woa WOA! Don’t do this. The hot water is going in my nose!”

I grabbed the shower and fought back with cold water.

“That’s cold ah ah! I’m already angry!”

“That’s my line!”

I got up while fully equipped read to fight her….

What interrupted this situation was…..

“It’s soon going to be New Year, dont fight in the bathroom.!”

It was my mother’s scream.

Translator and Editor Notes:

Hope you all understand. Yoshio wasnt that bad of a person. According to this memories, he provoked Yoshinage and then got stabbed and then ran away while leaving his sister behind in a helpless situation but the truth was that the one who prokoed him was his sister while he took the stab for his sister and the one who escaped like a coward was Yoshinaga. This was one of the memories which he has messed up. There are many more things which he has forgotten. He has forgotten all those good times. Phew….. ~ Asada

Btw guess the game at [1] ~ Asada

[2] – Remember boys and girls, Japanese save bath water for the whole family.

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8 thoughts on “[NTBG] Chapter 37(2/2): The True Memory

  1. Is this normal in japanese culture for a sister and brother to bathe at the same time? I get, that she is in the bathtub covered, and he is washing up in the shower area, but still… too weird for me.

    • I don’t know about Japan, but it’s a super western thing to care about nudity so much. Many places across Europe don’t have separate bathrooms for men/women, it’s only really North America that makes a big fuss about nudity, including within families.

      Also remember they aren’t kids or hormonal teens, MC’s like thirty something and his sister’s an adult too. So I don’t think it’s that odd for them to both use it for a minute in rare occasions.

  2. Wow…so it wasnnt that other players control a village each….IT’S THAT OTHER PLAYERS CONTROL VILLAGES OR MONSTERS EACH!!!!
    That’s so freaking messed up man…it’s just messed up….

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