[GFWI] Chapter 18: Village

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Translator: McTavish

Editor: Ageura

It was night, when the sun had already fallen. We arrived at the destroyed village, which was our destination, and we immediately started to take action.

No,”we” may not be appropriate.
I’m the only one who is taking action right now.

Behind me Cyril and Satsuki are exchanging words.

“Hey, Satsuki”


“I feel like I understand your feelings a little bit.”


“Yeah … that’s unreasonable.”

I listened to their conversation from my right and left, and watched the burning village ahead of me.

There were a lot of zombies that were either falling apart or burning up and charred so they couldn’t move. It was the result of a Fireball spell I fired.

When we arrived at the village after dusk, there were as expected a tremendous number of zombies. In the beginning, the number of zombies might have been more than a hundred in total their tracks were all over the village when night fell.

When the zombies spotted our presence near the village entrance they came all together slowly toward the light of our torch.  Zombies can attack at a speed that is not much different from ordinary human beings if they are in short-range, but while they are at a certain distance, they move quite slowly.

So I started casting spells when I was able to attract some of the zombie swarm, and fired numerous Fireball spells. The fireball that was released hit the most populated area with zombies and caused a large explosion.

The zombies there were torn, their heads and limbs were torn off and blown away, or burned up, or turned into black charcoal.

That number, in total, is about two dozen bodies.
The result was a spectacle that is now spreading before our eyes.

Even if the village is burning, it is not just that the whole village is burning, just because two nearby houses abandoned by the fireball fireball explosion are burning.
The range of impact of the fire flame from a single fireball fireball is at most about 10 meters in diameter, and of course it has no power to burn an entire village.

But it’s a good way to get rid of the zombies that flock to you when they see living beings.
It’s not an easy job, especially because there are so many zombies even with the bait.

I waited for a while after releasing the first fireball, and when the zombies gathered together, I fired the second fireball. The fireball explodes again,and as many as ten zombies blow up.

“… I wonder if we will have a turn”

“Now I guess there isn’t one.”

“I’m very glad because I don’t want to fight zombies.”

Three girls reveal their thoughts.
I will present the information in advance to the girls who are complete onlookers.

“Fireball consumes a lot of Mana. I can shoot up to 5 shots if I use my mana to the limit, but I want to keep a certain amount of Mana in case of emergency. Therefore, consider that there are 4 shots available and if I hit them with maximum efficiency, you’ll probably have about twenty to thirty bodies left. That’s all I can do for ‘support’, and I’ll leave the rest to Cyril. “

“Oh, yeah … I understand, leave the rest to me.”

Cyril shrugs as if she knew about it.

Fireball spell is one of the simplest magic spells used by Mages, and is therefore one of the most useful attack spells. It can be a high-level spell but the drawback is that it consumes a lot of mana.
It’s not as cheap and versatile as the sleep spell, and it’s a bit tough to use.

“Hmm, after all, Mages are not compatible with the undead.”

“I see.”

In front of Satsuki, who agreed with a I read-about it face, I fired the third fireball and destroyed the next group of zombies.

Translator and Editor Notes:

Have fun ~ Mctavish

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