[GFWI] Chapter 17: Sandwich

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Translator: McTavish

Editor: Ageura

The reward for the undead quest was twenty-five gold coins.
Once we confirmed the receipt of that quest, and received two gold and five silver coins, we finished our preparation, and then immediately headed to the village in question.

If you want to get to the town it takes half a day walking through the forest.
We left after breakfast, so will we arrive in the evening, or will it be too late?

Now, we were walking down the street for a while.

“I’m getting hungry. Let’s eat somewhere.”

“The rock under the shaded tree over there looks just right.”

By the time the sun came up directly above me, I found a rock with just the right shape, so I decided to take a break there and have lunch. Satsuki, I, Cyril, and Mii sat side by side on the rocks and take out the lunch I want.

What I took out of my luggage was a sandwich I bought at a bakery before leaving.

When I opened the packet, I found a piece of bread with colorful ingredients such as vegetables and meat sandwiched on top, and it looked good and appetizing.

There is also a decent amount of food for five copper coins, it can be said that it is quite a cost efficient.

I take one of those sandwiches and eat it. Sure enough, good. The taste of the meat that spreads as I bite, the fresh crunchy vegetables, and the sweetness of the sauce are intertwined, and it is a satisfying taste that does not disappoint.

“Pin, how strong are those zombies?”

Suddenly Satsuki talks about it and then bites into the sandwich just like me.
Then, she growls happily while humming “Yummy!”

By the way, she saw that I bought it at the bakery, and bought the same thing.
She’s been happily showing it to me, so I guess she has other intentions.

Well that aside.

“Normal zombies have a monster rank of I. Goblins are H rank, so they are one rank lower than goblins.”

“To …? Is it weaker than a goblin?”

Satsuki swallows the food then speaks such words.

A monster, a zombie, is simply a moving corpse.
High endurance but slow movement, very low intelligence, blindness and intimidation when looking at the living.

And in most cases, they don’t even have weapons.
If you can fight calmly, it is said that it is an opponent that can win without such a big danger even if the general public with a weapon.

However, there are common assumptions.
It is a premise that if you can fight in one-on-one or more favorable conditions.

Mii points out Satsuki’s optimism.

“But the number is the problem.If the inhabitants of one village are all zombies, it is not strange that there are more than a hundred zombies”

“Ugh … that’s ugly …”

“Even if they are weak, it is a threat. If you can’t survive and be pressed by the power of numbers and be taken down by them, your throat will be cut off.”

“Don’t say scary things, Cyril …”

There is also a point from Cyril following Me, and Satsuki is getting of track and more sloppy.
The appearance of Satsuki, where the tension is back again can finally make me relax.

“Well, at least don’t jump into the zombie swarm.”

With that said, Cyril glances at me.

“Undead opponents can’t be effected with sleep magic, a magician specialty. It doesn’t work well like goblins.”

” well, that’s right.”

I nod obediently.

Certainly, the undead monsters are definitely annoying to the mages, because the sleep spell does not work.

But that’s it.
If you’re a beginner-level magician mage, but if you’re a mage-class or better, you can do something about it.

For example, the most simple story, if you knock fireball spell, the story is over. When I dealt with the goblins, I avoided using it because I thought that secrecy was necessary and there was a danger of cave collapse in some cases, but this time, there is no ban on house destruction , No problem.

And that’s it.

“Undead elimination would be more specialized for a Cleric, Cyril.”

“Well, that’s right.”

Clerics are said to have been specially blessed by God.
That blessing is commonly called a “Miracle,” and can cause magical paranormal phenomena.
The use of miracles requires mana, much like the magic used by Magicians.

And another typical example of the miracle along with the art of healing is the miracle for repelling the undead.

Miracles for repelling undead, such as turn undead, changes greatly depending on the ability of the caster who uses it, it will be a reliable force in defeating the undead. Therefore, priests are sometimes called undead elimination specialists.

“But if I had a hundred or so I wouldn’t be able to handle it alone. I need some help.”

“Okay, I don’t know if I will be of any support, but I’ll try my best.”

“Well, it’s okay.”

When I saw Satsuki regain her tension and laugh, Cyril and I sighed again at the same time.

“I think that Satsuki should drink a little, made the two of their nails” (EN: I don’t get this sentence)

Mii was detoxifying and drinking the water in the water bottle.

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