[VHBF] Chapter 22(2/2): Learn How To Eat Well

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Translator: Shi Xiao Ling

Proofreader: Asada

She was too busy thinking about that food and the incident that happened and so she shouted out her inner thoughts into her chat group, “Ah, ah, here comes the little princess!”

Some people in the group asked: “Little princess? Who is it?”

The receptionist quickly typed and sent out: “The little princess of our Bai group! Chairman’s daughter! The daughter he adopted! “


The group started to burst with activity in a flash, a lady said: “The little princess is super cute!!!! Kawaii!!! Please wave at me, a bue bye! “

‘I don’t know if the little dumpling was too cute or beautiful, or because the little princess of her company has added a real life camera filter added to her.’ The more the front desk Miss thought about it, the more lovely the little princess seemed to her, “Ah, I’m dead!!!! What did the little princess just say?”

“She said that she had brought food for her Daddy!!!”

“God! How can there be such a lovely little angel!!! I envy President Luo… “

The girl at the front desk typed a long string of words at a time, but her heart was not strong enough to say ‘I want to have a daughter like that in the future, just like the little princess! “

“Bah, think beautifully!”

So, The little dumpling had not yet arrived at the top floor of the president’s office, and the employees within the Bai group already knew that their little princess had come! Their three-year-old heir!

Luo Sheng once again was scolding several department directors. He was not a blatant person, but a once famous A-city overlord, who could frighten people to death when he had a bad mood.

Many department directors, who were older than Luo Sheng, stood in the president’s office with their heads down and dared not to speak.

“Let you make plans and implement it? The risk of scheme A is greater than the expected income, and you need to be taught by others on how to change the scheme? “

“Do it all over again with the cooperation of all departments…”

In the spacious and bright office, it was summer but it was currently as cold as mid winter. Luo Sheng pointed out their mistakes one by one, and asked them to take them back and change again. And at this time, his phone started to ring.

There was no sign of the doorman outside. He knocked twice symbolically and pushed himself in. “Look who I’ve brought to you, Brother Luo!”

Luo Sheng looked up. The Yellow haired young man was holding a small pink ball in his hands. The girl was smiling brightly. When she saw him, her eyes went bright, and Little YinYin shouted: “Daddy!”

The man was slightly surprised and raised his eyebrows.

Several executives who were trained by the president and had their own grandchildren once, couldn’t help but look up and see past him.The plump ball, which looked pink, and looked as if carved out of jade,  fell from the arms of the Yellow haired youth and jumped at their president with her little short legs.

“Dad, Yinyin will give you a meal!” The girl invited him proudly.


Afterwards the bodyguard handed over a pink heat preservation box, the little dumpling took it with both hands with much difficultly, because it was heavy with soup and vegetables.

“Daddy, Daddy.”

They didn’t know if it was an illusion. But Bai executives felt that the impatient atmosphere of the president, which was just like an angry fire breathing dragon, seemed to soften a lot in a moment, and the office did not have as heavy and condensed environment as before.

When the dumpling opened the lunch box, the smell of the food suddenly came out, a big hand took over the heat preservation box and put it on the table. He saw the crowd looking at it curiously and said in a deep voice, “What are you doing here?”

Executives: “…”

Before leaving, the executives secretly looked back and saw the dumpling sitting on her father’s lap, smiling sweetly. She was attentively pointing to the dishes and said, “Daddy, I’ve tasted it. It’s delicious!”

“And this spare rib, It’s delicious! It’s all daddy’s favorite!”

After that, the little dumpling looked at her father and sighed like a little adult. Her face was full of helplessness. “Daddy, you have grown up and you have to learn how to eat well!”

Luo Sheng: “…”

Executives not far away: “Poof Hhhhhh “

Gu Mian was not polite. The executives dared not laugh out loud, and they were shaking in their hearts like sheeps.

Only Gu Mian laughed happily, pointing to Luo Sheng and laughing, “YinYin is right, brother Luo, you have grown up, if you don’t eat a meal and a three-year-old child will have to remind you!”

“Uh… It’s our little YinYin baby’s care, (weeping sounds). Why don’t I have such a nice little padded jacket, i mean daughter? “

Gu Mian deliberately finished joking and discussed with Luo Sheng, “Come on, Brother Luo, how did you make Yinyin your daughter?”

The man sneered, opened the dishes and began to eat, and looked at him before eating. “Don’t get in the way!”

“Bah! If I hadn’t brought your daughter up, would you have such a delicious meal? What’s wrong with turning your face away? “

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  1. I also want a daughter like Yinyin!!~ Wahhh!! She’s so darn cute!! Will Luosheng get her a mommy?? Thanks for updating!

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