[PBCT] Chapter 24: No Good Points other than Stubbornness

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Translator: Redeyes

Editor: JadeCloud

Each one of us had strong physical prowess and overwhelming fighting power that was far from any ordinary person.

It was normal to doubt a situation where one of us was suddenly ‘on his/her death bed’, and needing to make it believable, it was necessary to give a justified explanation.

”I’ll ask you straightforwardly, have you ever tried dying?” ~Ryausha

Regarding Ryausha’s question, Iifu and Sauran leaned on their chairs and looked up at the ceiling.

”I got drunk and jumped into a big river in the midwinter and washed away to the sea…” ~Iifu

”When I was hurt by the ladies-in-waiting for ten consecutive times, I jumped off a cliff impulsively…” ~Sauran

“How are you guys still living normally?” ~Ryausha

Stubbornness was my brothers’ only best point.

Ryausha, who was asking the question was similar. When I was young, I heard that there was a former criminal who tried to kidnap her for pocket money. But I heard that she had returned normally.

”Sugen. How about you?” ~Ryausha

”Sometime ago, I was beaten viciously by the Emperor.” ~Sugen

”Then, Gettenwo?” ~Ryausha

”Why are you asking me? I am different than you guys. If I ever come across danger, I will undoubtedly die.” ~Gettenwo

In fact, at the opium smuggler’s house, she was locked in the storehouse and was indeed about to die. She was veritably the weakest among the siblings, but that didn’t mean that she should be the one on the death bed. Gettenwo had not yet officially received the recognition as a princess so she was unaffiliated.

”That’s right, Sugen. If you have the time, please add in some training so that this child becomes stronger.”

“Huh? Was that what we were talking about?” ~Sugen

”Well, this conversation has detoured. And, the main question is — who is going to be on the death bed?”~

Ryausha, who formed an alliance at the table, looked around at everyone’s face.

”It’s too troublesome to think about trivial matters, so shall we say we had a quarrel between siblings? Hitting a vital spot and in turn inducing a coma. Recently, we fought with each other at the Bushin-Sai [1] and that right there proves credibility.” ~

”I’m fine with that. Then, who will be the one who lose?” ~Iifu

The one who raised his voice was Iifu. To sustain a serious wound that critical means he was less powerful than his other siblings. It was a shame that cannot be accepted as a warrior.

Of course, to avoid the inheritance, there was no choice if disgrace was inevitable. But if it could be pushed to another, the role would and should ideally be pushed to someone else.

”Let’s decide fairly by lottery. Oh, but I won’t draw. Only you three fools will draw.” ~Ryausha

”Elder sister, isn’t that unfair?” ~Sugen

”Well, if I pretend to be unconscious, how am I going to I look at the expressions of those suspicious people coming to see me? You would not be able to do such a skillful deception, right?” ~Ryausha

The three men keep silent.

Certainly, if you were a high-ranking official, you would cleverly hide your inner soul. Ryausha was the only one who had the ability to see through that.

Sauran shrugged as if it troubled him. Then, he spoke quietly.

”Then, let’s decide on an actual fight. The one who kneels the earliest will be the person who will be on the death bed.” ~Sauran

”Don’t try to be sly, Brother Ran. With prolonged battles, you would be the most advantageous, right? I’m guessing you will wait for me and Brother Fu to crush each other, but before that, the two people will form an alliance and crush you first.” ~Sugen

I was familiar with Sauran’s dirty way fighting. I will not be tempted by such a plan.


”Ha-! Good. Let’s get it on. Right here, right now, I will knock down the two of you. If you like, you guys will seriously be on your death beds.” ~Iifu

My eldest brother was sadly, still stupid.

He raised was raising military room’s chair, even now, he then started going on a rampage and massacred everything around him.

If you have to kill, kill.

Sauran and I stood up and took a defensive stance against Iifu.

”Hey, you idiots, here.” ~Ryausha

Ryausha released something from her hand. The three of us grabbed it in reflex, but Iifu caught it in his mouth. When you pick it up and look closely, it was the chopstick for divination.

”The chopstick with its tip painted red will be the one on death bed. I don’t want to waste time.” ~Ryausha

And then, the chopstick in my hand was red.

“Wait, Elder Sister! I can agree if I draw the lot myself, but throwing one-sided like this–” ~Sugen

”A gap!”

In my objection, Iifu and Sauran suddenly jumped to surprise attack me as I turned back to Ryausha. I could not defend because I was pushed down to the floor and my movement was sealed by the two of them.

”Okay, you lose in lottery and fight. Think of this as a younger brother’s filial duty and give it up.” ~Ryausha

”Damn! You cowards! Help me, Gettenwo!” ~Sugen

In such a situation, I asked the neutral Gettenwo for help. But, she stuck her cheek to the table with a face that said, “Is it going to end soon?”. She was not paying attention here.

I cannot believe it that someone who was once a noble thief would heartlessly abandon a distressed person. Is it that my siblings released their scoundrel aura, and it had already eroded Gettenwo’s noble spirit?

”Then, let’s take him to the Court Physician. Be cautious when you’re acting, Sugen, or you might ruin our strategy.” ~Ryausha

I realized that I was in this predicament isolated and helpless, — I clenched my teeth, closed my eyes and accepted my fate.

Translator and Editor Notes:

[1] Bushin-Sai – Demon-Fighting Festival

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