[PCBT] Chapter 23: Who is the Culprit

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Translator: Redeyes

Editor: JadeCloud

”I see… So, why did you call us?” 

The place had changed to the military room in the Imperial Court.

Inside the room protected by the thick walls and doors that didn’t allow any sound to leak out, the five brothers and sisters faced each other at the round table in order to have a private talk.

”The assassination’s mastermind this time — in order to win the trust of a comrade who has yet to be seen, It’s not enough that only I show my intention to work with because he’ll see that only one person is pleading for his life. Such a cowardly person cannot be trusted.” ~Sugen

”So then, all four should bow down their heads and come up with something to say.” ~Ryausha

”It’s common decency as a person.” ~Sauran

After I told them the existence of our “comrade” discovered by Gettenwo, Iifu, Ryausha, and Sauran responded positively as I did. My rotten siblings and I were always hostile with one another, but we shared the same mind when it came to things like these.

”It was thanks to you that we can now cooperate, Gettenwo.” ~Sugen

”Really? That’s good.” ~Gettenwo

However, Gettenwo who made this plan possible simply sat at the round table with displeasure on her face from beginning to end. It was an important siblings meeting, so I brought her forcibly. If I didn’t, she would have run away.

”I don’t know why she’s in a bad mood, but I don’t think it’s a good attitude to show to other people.” ~Sugen

”It’s not any of their business, anyway”. ~Gettenwo

PUI, Gettenwo turned away.

Seriously, it was troublesome. It seemed that she still did not have any awareness as an heir, but the youngest children may act like this in any household.

Laughing and forgiving my younger sister’s immaturity, I turned to Ryausha.

”How is it, Elder Sister? If it is Elder Sister, do you know who arranged this assassination?” ~Sugen

”Yes… actually, I knew that there was such a  power in the Imperial Court. Or rather, it is impossible to think that there isn’t any. The Imperial Court, the center of power is swirling with the pandemonium of ambition and desire.” ~Ryausha

”There are so many comrades? Reliable, huh?” ~Sugen

At the thought of the existence of future comrade who we had not seen yet, a lot of hot things rose in my chest.

”However, too much is also a problem. Because it makes it to harder pinpoint the suspect. Even with this attempted assassination, it is a bit uncertain who the mastermind actually is.” ~Ryausha

While saying so, Ryausha turned her fingers around a stick like a chopstick and used it for divination. Had she already given up on her brain?

Iifu groaned nervously as he heard it.

”Because I don’t know where or who it is, I’m not going to say hello. Would the one behind it show himself with just, ‘We are Allies’? When the higher-ups gather at the Imperial Court’s event, the five people here are going to kill the Emperor all at once.” ~Iifu

”Walk instead of just talk? It is a sound strategy.” ~Sauran

”Hey, wait! What do you mean, five people?” ~Gettenwo

As Sauran nodded, Gettenwo, who appeared confused, stood up and stepped back from the table.

Gettenwo, who joined us shortly as siblings, seemed distanced to her idiot siblings.

”Calm down, Gettenwo. This was just Iifu’s on-the-spot idea. ‘Because we lost to the Emperor even four to one at the Bushin-sai[1], we need at least five people for the next challenge.’ That’s just simple addition. Seriously, it’s a brainless idea. If you challenge that fucking father, you’re not good enough in terms of strength even if you add one more person…” ~Sugen

”Who’s talking about military analysis. Don’t just include another person as you please.” ~Gettenwo

Not at all. We needed to include Gettenwo to be a little stronger.

Because it was clear that the table have turned, Iifu’s plan was rejected.

Frustrated that we couldn’t come up with an excellent plan, I began to shake my legs. 

”Damn, the goal is the same, but we don’t know who the other party is… Once we pass this ordeal, it wouldn’t be strange to get encouragement like ‘Let’s do our best together!’ from the other party   .” ~Sugen

”I can’t help but complain. Since there isn’t any specific appropriate plan, we need to use brute force investigation to search for this suspicious person.” ~Ryausha

As Ryausha clapped her hands and spoke, Iifu tilted his head.

”Brute force? Do I capture people one by one and torture them?” ~Iifu

”It’s not that simple. If you torture an innocent man, you will create more future problems. There is a more effective way than that.” ~Ryausha

Ryausha took out a folding fan from her bosom pocket, pretending that it was a small knife and acted as if she was cutting her head.

”If that guy attempted to assassinate us, naturally we’d be more than to oblige. So if anyone is in critical condition, just observe the reaction of the suspicious people coming to visit.” ~Ryausha

I see… then I nodded.

The death of an heir was naturally a tragedy for the country, but from the point of view of the assassin’s mastermind who aimed to usurp power, I couldn’t help but wish him good luck. 

If an heir was on their deathbed, this person might look happy somewhere. If one could catch wind of this, one may be able to identify the culprit.

If so, then, first of all–

”And, who among you and for what reason are you going to be on the death bed?” ~Gettenwo

Gettenwo asked before I did and everyone fell silent.

Yes, the biggest problem in this strategy.

— No one is likely to die in the first place.

Translator and Editor Notes:

1] Bushin-Sai – Demon-Fighting Festival

It’s hard to figure out who was talking in this chapter.

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