[PBCT] Chapter 22: It's Important even if You Don't Think about it

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Translator: Redeyes

Editor: JadeCloud

To begin with, there was no chance of success or such.

Compared to my siblings who did not have any strong points, I am a person full of charm. Whatever trick you play, when I appeared in front of the public, it was natural to gain overwhelming support.

If I wanted to get over the speech peacefully and uneventfully, I had to plan and put the royal palace on fire to stop the Bushin-Sai.[1].

One day has passed since the Bushin-Sai. Now, I was lying between the straw floor, overwhelmed by defeat.

”And, bastard. Did you repented properly?” ~Gettenwo

”Oh, I repented. The cause of defeat this time was because of my failure to underestimate my charm. The next time, I will consider the plan carefully.” ~Sugen.

”Wrong. I don’t care about that. I’m asking if you have repented for using my name.” ~Gettenwo

I opened my eyes and raised my upper body from the futon and saw Gettenwo stood in the dirt beside me. I sensed her visit with the presence and the sound of footsteps, but it was unexpected to see the displeasure on her face.

”Wait, Gettenwo. Certainly, I was wrong about the fake Gettenwo, but after that, you had your revenge. Rather the biggest loser was me. Shouldn’t we consider this as draw and forgive each other?” ~Sugen

”You can become serious up there. I’m impressed you can go around.” ~Gettenwo

Gettenwo exhaled for a long time as if shocked. She sat down on the dirt floor crossed legged as if sulking.

”Well, fine. It’s weird even if you remove your humble manner. Let’s come to an agreement. There is a more important story than that.” ~Gettenwo

“Important story?”

”Oh, it’s about assassination attempt incident.” ~Gettenwo

Gettenwo spoke in a serious tone. However, I can’t remember on the spot. While scratching my head, I traced my memory.

”Assassination attempt….? Is there such thing…?” ~Sugen

”There must be. That fake Gettenwo, wasn’t that person an assassin aimed at you?” ~Gettenwo

”Ah. Now that you mentioned it, really?” ~Sugen

I did fall into a predicament. At that time, I was in a daze with the pressure of the speech, so I did not feel any criminality.

But there was. If I think calmly, it was a big matter.

”That’s true. With a deadly weapon, the assassin approached right beside the prince who was speaking. It may have been a pretty big problem…” ~Sugen

”Remember that it was none other than you who was the one who led him to that standing position.” ~Gettenwo

However, the result was not a great disaster. I and my brothers and sisters are not as bad as the assassin’s degree.

”Well, don’t worry too much. It’s a festival that was originally held with people who would trespass. Only if you brush it aside, there is the Bushin’s protection to the royal family. Anyway, I think my father had confronted people so far.” ~Sugen

This country does not always enjoy the world of peace. At the border, there are often clashes with the surrounding ethnic group, and in the countryside, disturbing elements such as salt thief are also making their move.

Even in such a situation, the current Emperor’s overwhelming centripetal power is what makes a country powerful.

If anything, once the Emperor is gone, it is possible for the country to be greatly weakened. Therefore, letting the rebel releasing the assassin is a very natural strategy. It’s not strange that our brothers, who are the candidates for successors are targeted.

”And since the festival is over, I don’t have the opportunity to go out in public for a while. That’s rare.” ~Sugen

I informed and tried to go back to sleep again.

However, the word that Gettenwo said there surprised me.

”I don’t think that was the case if you’re careless. Actually, I chased after the assassin and asked him for more details, but he said: “There was a possibility that the client could be inside the court.” ~Gettenwo

“What?” ~Sugen

I brushed off my futon and turned to Gettenwo. In response to my gaze, Gettenwo’s eyes were filled with a sense of justice like a bandit.

”I did not talk to the client directly, but there were some factors that could lead to this judgment. Those who asked for the assassination hid his face and pretending to be a rogue — his behavior was clearly that of a legitimate soldier.” ~Gettenwo

“Oh, that’s a habit.” ~Sugen

The soldiers who were enlisted are thoroughly taught from walking to breathing as the basis of martial arts. Those who are good with observing eyes can determine if the subject is a soldier by finding such a trace of training from everyday action.

”Even for that soldier, there seemed to be a strong presence of ‘I’m coming as someone’s messenger.’ Perhaps there may be some who are trying to abolish the royal family and seize the power among those who can command a soldier.” ~Gettenwo

While saying so, Gettenwo turned her fingers as if preaching.

”In other words, the enemy is not always outside. If you’re worried about yourself, don’t be foolish as usual, but with a little self-conscious of a prince, live your life in line with your status.” ~Gettenwo

“Why didn’t you tell me that important story earlier?” ~Sugen

I shouted and jumped out from my bed and Gettenwo stepped back with agile movement.

”D-don’t shout without warning and frighten me. But, as expected, you seemed a little surprised. I think this is good medicine.” ~Gettenwo

”Oh. I was really surprised. How could there be an understanding person in the imperial court…” ~Sugen

“… huh?”

I nodded many times, while unintentionally broke my cheek into a smile.

”Understanding person? Bastard, what are you talking about?” ~Gettenwo

”Well, that’s the client. The aim of usurping power is that they don’t want us to be Emperor? Or is he thinking that he could be the next Emperor? Isn’t he a guy with a backbone? I thought the Imperial Court was full of enemies. How could it be that there’s a hidden comrade around me…. I’m impressed.” ~Sugen

”Are you in your right mind, bastard? The client of the assassination would be the enemy. What hidden comrades?” ~Gettenwo

I showed a gentle smile, stood in front of Gettenwo and put my hands on both shoulders.

”Is this alright, Gettenwo. The client and we are just a little bit different in the way we do things. The aim of ‘Inheritance Opposition’ is a perfect match. If we talk well and discuss ways to avoid inheritance, we could be a like-minded comrade.” ~Sugen

”Open your eyes. Are you trying to find a partner to kill?” ~Gettenwo

”It was a little sad to cross path without meeting. Still, there is a way for reconciliation.” ~Sugen

”Why do you have the useless ability to make a big statement only at this time, you bastard?”

Actually, it was inevitable because I was that talented.

To skillfully hide my great talents and avoid inheriting the throne, there was no way that I would neglect such a valuable and understanding person as an ally.

”This was great information. Thank you, Gettenwo. I thought it hopeless with the Bushin-Sai, but now I can see the light of hope again.” ~Sugen

I was enthusiastic and my eyes were shining, but for some reason, Gettenwo looked exhausted.

Translator and Editor Notes:

[1] Bushin-Sai – Demon-Fighting Festival

Must be tiring to talk to someone like Sugen, huh? lol

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