[PBCT] Chapter 21: May no Longer able to Turn Back

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Translator: Redeyes

Editor: JadeCloud

Gettenwo was smiling and laughing.

But I knew that this was not the situation where a person should be smiling. Clearly, this smile meant something else.

” Hey, what are you doing…? Aren’t you banned from taking the stage?” ~Sugen

” Really? If you can accept that fake as the real thing, don’t you think there’s nothing wrong with the real one being here?” ~Gettenwo

When I turned to my siblings, they all stood there with an expression saying “serves you right.” Apparently, those scum siblings of mine did not like it that only I had profited from what happened.

It was definitely them who led the angry Gettenwo to the stage.

“You … are you going to show yourself here?” ~Sugen

” Certainly not. I just sincerely came here to support you. Don’t be scared.” ~Gettenwo

If you look closely, there was no laughter in her eyes.

While cold sweat was pouring down on my body as I tried to guess Gettenwo’s intentions, she went up to the podium without permission.

And then, seeming as if she was just an ordinary town girl, she shouted out loud.

“Eh! Everyone! Actually, I was kidnapped and the fourth prince, Sugen, rescued me.” ~Gettenwo

I rushed at once and closed Gettenwo’s mouth with my hand.

“Stop it! Don’t spread around distorted facts! That was nothing short of a performance.” ~Sugen

However, his hand was bitten and shaken off.

“I was hiding because of shame but it is the truth, everyone! Sugen is the person who walks the talk as if it’s common sense. Please do take care of him.” ~Gettenwo

“I was wrong! I was wrong! Please stop, I’m begging you!” ~Sugen

Looking at me, who was half-way to begging, “Poo~” Gettenwo laughed as if to ridicule me.

“Still stupid as usual, huh, bastard. Because you desperately denied it, it now looks like you’re really trying to hide the truth.” ~Gettenwo

Impatiently looking down at the garden’s crowd.

Even though it wasn’t as enthusiastic as when the fake Gettenwo appeared, the crowd started applauding as if believing the story that I saved my “sister” from a kidnapping.

No, if you listened carefully, the biggest source of applause was–

“You guys!”

My brothers and sisters were standing behind the grand stairs. Each of them was using their strongest to make a loud sound by clapping their hands and inviting the crowd to applaud. It was like a monkey watching something funny.

This was bad, rather than cheering on the fake Gettenwo, who was standing upright and doing nothing for the crowd, perhaps the current situation was easily more understandable and even more so favored.

Think. A way out of this situation. One-shot reversal plan — and such. However, there was no longer any.

Therefore, something popped up in my brain. I realized that I was a despicable strategist.

Casually, I stood on the podium and gave a very short speech.

“What’s excellent about me is that I am the strongest among my siblings. From now on, I am going to beat them and prove it.” ~Sugen

I held my fist and set up a suicide attack among my siblings, who kept applauding. If your plan sunk and drowned, at least, try again by solving your problems with your fists. I will show it openly to the crowd.

At the same time that Iifu was prepared to respond, a gong resounded from the court, reminding me of the festival.

Glancing at the observatory deck, I saw the Emperor standing beside the gong with a face that said, “idiot.”

— Then, our brawl, that caused a disturbance at the festival, was buried like a needle in a haystack.

…. By the way, the final winner was — “That’s enough!” the Emperor barged in and spoke.


At that time.

Gettenwo, who escaped from the court after bringing the brawl and excitement to the festival, stood in front of a man who sat in the darkness of the alley.

The man was the unnamed assassin who disguised himself as the fake Gettenwo.

“I don’t know who you are, but it’s better not to be associated with that fool. I just came here to tell you.” ~Gettenwo

He was a man who raised his gaze when he was called out. He looked in Gettenwo’s eyes for a while, and soon, they fell down again.

“Your wish is my command. I’m gonna be plowing the fields in the countryside… what are you gonna do, original” ~Fake Gattenwo

Gettenwo wrinkled her eyebrows and smiled slightly.

“Maybe I shouldn’t have tried to quit.” ~Gettenwo

Translator and Editor Notes:

This is the end of part 2. ~ Redeyes

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