[HGEG] Chapter 53: Why are you here?!

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Translator: Zucci

Editor: Asada

Xiong JiaBao’s heart jumped as heard the sound of the door closing. He put his hands against his chest and felt his heart almost coming out.

He looked around, as if looking for a monster.

Xiong JiaBao, who was always bad at observing his surrounding, made a new discovery – the passengers inside the bus remained the same.

Since they arrived at Platform 3, a total of six or seven buses have passed, but the passengers inside it never changed. Earlier, he only briefly thought about it, but that information didn’t reach his heart. Now that he was alone, the details he previously ignored emerged from his memory to slap him on the face.

There were no changes in the number of appearance of the men, women and children inside the bus, except for one of them who has the same face as one of the six players.

Qi XiaoKui was inside the bus. Qi XiaoKui was looking at him and that’s why he entered the bus.

Xiong JiaBao had a bad feeling that increased with every heartbeat. He even regretted taking Xin Meng’s place as sacrifice since he had more lives than him. No, that’s not it. Whatever happened, he’s here now. He had no way back, he could only try to seek for a way to survive.

He didn’t dare walk around the bus and instead curled himself next to the door. Of course, he also encountered the same problem as Xin Meng and the game was paused.

In the middle of the silence, Xiong JiaBao had a whimsical idea. He thought that even if he cleared that level, he would enter another game. He would probably die again and not escape to the real world. It was way better to hide inside the bus where time is infinite and he can live forever. Even if he’s a little bored, it’s better than to be dead!

He was quite vigilant and took a closer look at those NPCs around him, fearing that they would suddenly become monsters ready to eat him and waited for a long time, but they didn’t change. So he sat down and leaned against his backpack.

Time passed minute by minute and second by second. In that comfortable environment, Xiong JiaBao was a little sleepy. He rubbed his eyes and tried to stay awake when he heard the grunting sound coming from his stomach.

“I’m hungry,” Xiong JiaBao straightened up, dragged his backpack to his front and mumbled to himself as he opened the zipper. “How long has passed? I haven’t eaten since we entered this game. I didn’t feel hungry because I was too nervous then, but now that I relaxed it finally hit me. I’m starving. I remember there was a cranberry…”

The backpack was empty.

Xiong JiaBao’s eyes widened in disbelief.

“What about my stuff?!” He flipped his backpack over and over, searching on every pocket in a hurry just to find there was nothing on it!

That’s not right! When he was leaning against his backpack, he felt the contents inside otherwise how could it be so stable!

The truth was right in front of him. The contents inside his backpack seemed to evaporate, leaving no traces behind. He tried leaning against his backpack again and found out he could no longer rely on it as a pillow.

Xiong JiaBao threw the backpack away and quickly shrank into fear in a corner with his body trembling.

“Damn… damn!” Xiong JiaBao almost cried from fear. He looked around helplessly, trying to find anyone that could save him or that could at least give him some advice, but he only saw the cold and rigid NPCs.

“What to do…” Xiong JiaBao burst into tears as he pulled his colorful hair with both hands, the whole person appearing as if he was about to collapse. “I’ll starve to death! Even if I hide, I can’t live a week… What to do?!”

Unlike Xin Meng who bravely faced death as soon as he knew he couldn’t escape, Xiong JiaBao didn’t have that courage at all. He was weaker, more cowardly and couldn’t do anything by himself. He thought ‘I should wait’.

But nothing happened even when his stomach started to ache and cramp from hunger. No one came to save him. He didn’t know how long he had been there but he felt as if several days passed. He wondered, ‘didn’t time stop? Why do I still feel hungry?!”

He tried to file a hole in the game, but it turned out such a smart and completed game would never leave behind such a ridiculous bug.

Xiong JiaBao covered his stomach with one hand and pulled the armrest with his free hand, his face covered in sweat. He looked faintly around the bus, knowing he couldn’t hide longer.

Rather than waiting to starve to death, rushing towards death and returning to the platform seemed more plausible.

“Xiong JiaBao, don’t be afraid. You still have a life!” Xiong JiaBao tried to cheer himself up with a crying voice. “When you die, you will be able to eat. C’mon!”

He grunted and rushed towards the back of the bus, ignoring those irrelevant NPC’s and rushing directly to the one who had Qi XiaoKui’s face.

‘Qi XiaoKui’ smiled and looked at Xiong JiaBao, calmly.

“I’m here!” Xiong JiaBao shouted harshly even though he used his backpack to cover part of his body. “Go on!”

The smile on ‘Qi XiaoKui’s face disappeared but she still watched him in silence. It wasn’t until she saw the cold sweat on his face that she said angrily: “Why are you here?”

“Ah?” Xiong JiaBao froze.

The girl’s expression gradually changed and she looked at him with pure rage, shouting with a terrible hoarse voice: “No one asked you to come! Why are you here?!”

Xiong JiaBao noticed he was wrong and saw all the passengers suddenly turning their heads towards him, all their expressions were the same as Qi Xiaokui’s. He yelled back innocently: “You asked me to! It’s not like I want to be here!”

“I didn’t allow you to come here!” ‘Qi Xiaokui’s reached out to him with her hand. All the passenger’s flesh started to fall down and, after all turned into skeletons, they approached Xiong JiaBao.

Xiong JiaBao’s scared heart cried for help and he tried hitting one skeleton with his backpack, but his backpack was grabbed and pulled away. The skeleton almost dragged Xiong JiaBao together so he had no choice but to let it go. He didn’t have any weapons so he tried to run away just to find out he was already surrounded by skulls. Those skeletons were grinding their teeth, with evil red eyes and they rushed to him, biting away his flesh.

“Ah… Ah…!” Xiong JiaBao became more desperate with the more pained he felt, the more desperate he became the more chaotic it all became. He fell to the ground with his stomach being devoured by skeletons and saw them cleaning the flesh off his body…

Xiong JiaBao didn’t know how to avoid the pain of death. He could only keep his eyes open and feel the pain of experiencing a Ling Chi. Until, at certain point, his vision went dark and he finally lost consciousnesses. However, before he fainted, he heard a voice on his ear, it was ‘Qi XiaoKui.’

What… What did she say?

When Xiong JiaBao opened his eyes again, he found himself on the platform. He was lying on the floor and completely surrounded by his teammates who watched him silently.

The “1” on his head blinked and everyone stood quiet.

“Ugh” Xiong JiaBao struggled to sit up and felt his clothes clinging tightly to his body as if he had woken up from a nightmare.

Xiong JiaBao wiped the sweat off his face and his eyes accidentally fell to his backpack next to him. The backpack looked a little empty… He picked it up on panic, opened it and saw the food and water intact inside. The cranberry loaf he wanted to eat was placed on top, waiting for him to eat it at any time.

He raised his hands.

“What went wrong?” Qi XiaoKui frowned.

When Xiong JiaBao heard her voice, he crawled away as he looked at her in pure horror.

Xin Meng had a vague idea of the problem. He stepped closed to him and asked, “What’s wrong with you? Why did you react like that to her voice? Could it be… Could it be that you heard that ‘Qi XiaoKui’s voice in the bus?”

Remembering what happened made Xiong JiaBao’s muscles flinch. “Y-You guessed it right! Brother Xin, how come your brain is like that? You are better than a computer!” He smiled dryly and kept complimenting Xin Meng. He didn’t give an explation and looked like he was trying to divert their attention.

It he was Dong Xiu, his ego would be inflated, but Xin Meng ignored his compliments and asked, “What did she say?”

Xiong JiaBao froze and felt horrible again as he remembered. However, in order to clear the level, he had to tell Xin Meng since he was the most likely to solve the mystery. He calmed down and answered with difficulties, “She asked me why I was there.”

“Why… You were there…” Xin Meng repeated those words in a low voice. “Does that mean you were not the right one?”

There seems to be no useful clue about it…

“Right!” Xiong JiaBao suddenly remembered something else and slapped his tight. “Before I died, I heard her say something!

“What was it?” Xin Meng quickly asked.

“Ah…” Xiong JiaBao thought for a long time and almost went bald from trying too hard. “Ah, I can’t remember it! You know, the passengers all became skeletons and ate me! It hurt so much, how could I remember what she said…”

“You are a waste!” Dong Xiu, who was listening silently to their conversation to get some useful information, couldn’t help cursing.

“Yes, you died in vain…” Li Yougen whispered. “What a waste!”

Xiong JiaBao was furious: “You old man, I used my life to help you get information and you dare call me a waste! I died so now you have no right to talk anything to me. I have only one life left so don’t bother me anymore. My job here is done!”

He took out the food out of his bag and started to eat. Almost half of that cranberry loaf was eaten in just a bite.

“I’m starving and now I’m having the biggest meal of my life, don’t you dare bother me!”

Xin Meng noticed, however, that his lips and hands were still shaking.

Translator and Editor Notes:

Xiong JiaBao: my job here is done!

Xin Meng: but you didn’t do anything…

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