[GFWI]Chapter 16: Rest

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Translator: McTavish

Editor: Ageura

It is customary for adventurers to take at least a full day’s rest between quests.

Also, it is rare to find the next appropriate quest within a short amount of time, and our party received the next quest three days after completing the Goblin Extermination one.

Two days of “in-house work” and the living expenses which leaves 11 gold coins. The target of 700 gold coins, is down to 689 gold coins.

“Undead extermination?”

After the morning training Satsuki who came back from outside full of sweat, goes to the dining room table while wiping her sweat with a wet towel.
It is a feast to the eye as usual as she wipes her hands then the chest area followed by the inside of the kimono, but there is no time for that because of what was just said.

Three people are sitting around the table: me, Mii and Cyril. The three of us went to The Adventurers Guild and looked for a suitable rank quest-that is, an E-rank quest.

“Yes,” she said. “The village about half a day from the city has been destroyed completely, it seems that there is a large amount of zombies in the area. They need us to kill all the zombies because they trouble the trade merchants.”

“I’m scared!What is that?!You don’t know what’s causing it.”

Satsuki involuntary comments on Mii’s explanation. And then Cyril adds her calm analysis.

“The fact that the village has been destroyed proves that it was attacked by monsters for an unknown reason, the problem is that there is an undead in the area. Did they perish to them or did the villagers who died for an unknown reason became undead?”

She then took a sip of the tea, and then proceeded to do further analysis, as if she were talking to me and Satsuki.

“There are two major causes of becoming undead. One is natural, the other is by using magic. The natural cause is when the corpses were not properly purified by the priest they rarely become undead. I don’t know the exact conditions. There are two types of magic that can create undead the magic used by priests of the Evil Order or when a magician uses a Forbidden magic.”

Then Cyril turned her eyes toward me. As a priestess of the Holy Order who are experts in exterminating the undead, she must have been studying anything related to the undead. It was accurate knowledge.

” It’s almost in line with my analysis. In addition, there are various theories about the conditions of natural occurrence of the undead, There are papers that state that they appear frequently under specific conditions. I don’t remember it well, but if I go back to the magic city Lector and search in the institution’s library, I’ll be able to find the paper. “

“I don’t know what’s the cause but sometimes Will’s story is too difficult to understand.”

I summarized what was said to Satsuki.

” Well, it’s generally not wrong. But the issue is who is creating zombies, The existence of an Evil priest or a Magician should be what to expect on the mission.”

“If so, please say so from the beginning.”

Satsuki whined.
I and Cyril sighed at the same time.

When she notices the similarity, Cyril laughs and smiles at me, a kind of friendly smile that she doesn’t usually show.

“It’s great to have someone to share the pain.”


“Well, what? Wait, why are you two laughing together and giving a good atmosphere?”

Satsuki was embarrassed to see me and Cyril.
Looking at it Cyril laughs again.
I was naturally smiling.

But the surprise attack comes from another person on the spot.

“Hey Mii! “

The beast girl pulls the hem of Cyril’s priest robe. She moved her pretty cat ears, and told Cyril with a glance.

” Did Cyril also fall in love?”

“What ?”

Cyril cheeks turn red and is flustered.

“Uh what are you talking about?!”

“It felt like that and my intuition is quite good.”

Mii said that and as soon as she finished, she went upstairs.
Cyril was looking at her back with her mouth moving up and down, but eventually she coughed;

“Don’t worry she’s misunderstanding. I will explain it to her in time.”

That’s what she told me.
So I made my stance clear.

“I know its a misunderstanding no problem.”

“That’s right. If you say so, that’s a bit disappointing.”

I felt that she wants to kill me and that fighting spirit emanating from her.
I think I’m in trouble, but why is that?

“What?Eh?Wait a minute, Cyril what’s the problem?”

“Nothing, I just hate it, I hate it.”

Cyril replied to Satsuki in a hurry and sipped tea again.

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