[GFWI]Chapter 15: Fabric

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Translator: McTavish

Editor: Ageura

“Satsuki, it’s such a nice place here. Would you mind coming to my room?”

“Fuh …?”

After returning from the quest to exterminate the goblin, around noon the next day.

I went down to the dining area from the sleeping quarters on the second floor to see if anyone was around, and right there I found Satsuki eating sweets.

She was bringing a piece of pancake with fruit and honey to her mouth using a fork, and she glanced at me while eating it.

“Oh, it’s okay after you finish eating. I need you to accompany me.”

I just sat down next to Satsuki eating pancakes at the counter.
Then gave the master a copper coin and ordered milk.

“*Cough*, *Cough*. Huh? Huh, what did you say just now?”

“I was asking you out on a date”

“What?” ”…… What?” ”What do you mean by that?……”

“Anyway, it’s a joke.”

Satsuki shoulders dropped.

“Well, yeah … like I thought you said…”

“But it wasn’t a lie that I wanted you to accompany me. Satsuki, there’s something I want to ask you.”

“Haa…” All right, all right, whatever, I’ll go out with you.”

It was just a little bit of banter at the end of the day.

Then, after I finished drinking the milk, I took Satsuki, who finished eating her pancakes, with me and headed to my room on the second floor.

Then, when she arrived at the door, Satsuki started blushing.

“Will. Do you know what it means when a man calls a woman to his room?”

“……?” “Do you think I’m the kind of man to do this, and I’m the kind of person who brings a woman to his room at noon and proceeds to do something illicit? This is a huge misunderstanding about me that I would like to resolve.”

“Oh, yes, sorry. I was wrong.”

Satsuki apologized with a serious face. ‘I’m glad you understand.’

At that point, I immediately opened the door of the room. With me guiding her, she tried to get inside.

“What’s with all the mess?! ”

She shouted at the entrance of the room.
She was stunned to see the mess in the room.

Inside the room, the fabrics I made with the fabric-forming magic piled up.
Instead of there being a doormat at the entrance, There was a huge pile of fabric all the way to the bed, and it made the place harder to enter.

“Um. Satsuki, this is what I wanted to ask of you.”

“Huh, what’s with the large amount of fabric, What are you going to do with all this?”

“I made it with magic. I need your help to bring these to the tailor. I’ll pay you for the work. I just can’t do this alone.”

“Huh … no, it’s fine.”

So, Satsuki and I got off the bed and left the Sleeping Kokutei, and carried the fabric to the tailor’s place.

One piece of fabric was large enough to make one jacket or one pair of trousers, for a total of about one hundred sheets.

We carried it to the tailor’s warehouse, and received four gold coins as compensation.

I handed over three pieces of silver as a labor fee to Satsuki who helped me carry all of that stuff

“Eh, is this alright? I just carried it a little.”

“Oh, I asked for help on short notice, so I added a little more.”

Satsuki seemed to be good at manipulating “Aura”, and was able to carry a much larger amount of cloth easier than a man could by improving her physical ability. I hear that the ability to control the “Aura” is an indispensable skill for advanced warriors, but Satsuki already has it.

“Heheh, Lucky♪” “But can a magician make this amount of fabric? The fact that the craftsman bought this much, means that it will be used for a while. It’s amazing to be a magician.”

“Oh, it is fabric braided by the threads made of the magic element (Mana), but once it is embodied, it will settle as an entity, and it cannot be seperated even by the magic spell dispel. Satsuki doesn’t know about the “clothes revolution” that happened a hundred and twenty years ago?”

“One hundred and twenty years ago? I don’t know . I’m still sixteen. Even my grandmother wasn’t born yet.”

So that’s it. It is possible that she doesn’t have the habit of reading books.

“About 120 years ago, the discovery of fabric-forming spells from ancient archaeological sites revolutionized the clothing culture of mankind. Until then, all fabric was hand-woven and wearing hand-woven clothes was something you could not do without spending dozens of gold coins, but now you can get the minimum amount of clothes with a few silver coins, All thanks to the discovery of this spell. ”

In the case of hand-woven fabrics, there is a problem of material costs, but above all, the manpower it takes to make it forces you to add the labor costs to commodity price.

For example, in order for a traditional craftsman to obtain a daily allowance of two gold coins, a piece of cloth woven for over 10 days is given to a sewing craftsman for at least 20 gold coins plus material costs you have to buy.
Taking into account the labor costs of craftsmen in the weaving process and those merchants in charge of distribution, the final selling price of clothes is inevitably 50 gold coins.

However, the magic of fabric-forming completely changed this situation. Magicians can produce tens to hundreds of fabric a day with this magic.

Currently, the daily allowance for a magician who can use fabric-forming is from two to five gold coins. This means that you can sell a lot of fabric.
This has made it possible to significantly lower the final selling price of clothes.

“… Huh. I don’t know what it is, but it’s a wonderful magic.”

“Oh, it’s a very valuable spell. The kimono that Satsuki is wearing… hmm wait, what Satsuki is wearing, it is natural, perhaps hand-woven?”

Basically, most of the garments on the market today are made from fabrics made by sorcerers with fabric-forming magic.

However, I had seen and touched the natural cotton fabric once, and when I looked closely, the appearance of the clothes that Satsuki is wearing was similar to the natural one I saw at that time.

“Oh, I don’t know. I was told to never lose it with my sword.”

“Sorry if I’m being disrespectful.”

I approach Satsuki’s clothes and smell them.
As a result, I was convinced that it was the smell of natural clothes that I had already smelled before.

“What, ah… What are you doing?”

When I took a sniff, Satsuki’s face became red because she thought I sniffed her body.

“Oh no, I don’t have any other intention. It’s hand-woven. It’s a very expensive item,you to take care of it.”

“What other intention you idiot!”

Satsuki was very angry.
But she immediately thought of something , and then asked me a question.

“Huh? Will that be enough to help you eat, so that you don’t have to do the adventurers dangerous and ugly work?”

It was a heart-warming question.
I choose my words carefully and explained my thoughts to her.

“Hmm…… I’m not going to deny that way of life, but personally, I don’t feel any attraction to the life of making and selling fabric every day.”

“It’s life, Will, you’re always thinking about doing it the hard way.”

She didn’t mean to say it in bad way.
She is the type of girl who thought that it would be better to think about living life a little more easier.

Translator and Editor Notes:

ah yes cloth magic ~ McTavish

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