[HGEG] Chapter 50: Identical

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Translator: Zucci

Editor: Asada

Li Yougen and Dong Xiu, who only had one life left, curled up on their seats and refused to open their eyes. Xiong JiaBao also covered his eyes and prayed to Buddha and every single God out there.

“So all the voices from before belonged to these dolls” Xin Meng had goosebumps all over his body. Those dolls were too weird, their skin are like a real person but their glass eyes occupied half of their faces. Their expressions are stiff like a corpse but they can still talk, some can even move!

“No, that’s not it” You Yi calmly said. “They are all the same.”

Xin Meng paused for a moment and heard the voices again. His heart jumped!

What was that??

Why… Do they all sound so familiar?

It’s not like all those dolls can talk, but it’s the same voice playing many roles!

That’s why no one talked at the same time, as if there’s just one person dubbing the same scene. It wasn’t a loud superposition, but one voice after another. Though very carefully disguised, a deep observation would reveal that all voices have great similarities.

That’s why the teacher’s voice sounded familiar, because it was similar to Hei Zhi’s!

If you think about it deeply, you will notice that everyone in the bus was a woman, including the teacher and the driver. Even though Xin Meng was confused by the children’s gender thanks to the young age, it was more likely it was all the same woman.

The moment the voices become consistent and their tones go back to normal, all differences are eliminated, it really is the same woman!

What was frightening was that the original voice added more sounds and created a polyphony, though it was all the same person talking.

“What do we do now?!” Even if they opened their eyes, the doors were still closed and now they even had to face this nightmare of a scene.

“Find it” You Yi said just one word.

“Find? What are we looking for?” Xin Meng asked nervously but he didn’t dare take his eyes off the dolls whose voices gradually started to become one. “I-It’s coming!!”

The dolls had strange smiles on their faces as they jumped around. They slowly gathered around the three that opened their eyes. Their glass eyes were full of evil as they looked at them like they were delicious lambs ready to be slaughtered. Xin Meng grabbed You Yi’s arms with trembling hands.

You Yi put his back on Xin Meng’s back. “Calm down, look for a difference. You can do it, don’t need to be afraid.”

It made Xin Meng a bit motivated. Right, just like in the XiuSe village, there must be a ‘switch’ that allows players to pass the stage smoothly. As long as they find out what’s unusual, they will be able to open the door!

Although You Yi’s words are short, they always motivate Xin Meng. That’s why he can’t help trust the man even more as he lean against him and carefully analyzes every doll in the bus. Soon he found out there was a doll in the corner that didn’t move. The doll was half lying on the seat and her long brown hair…

No! That’s not hair!

Looking carefully, he could see those long locks moved slowly. Xin Meng looked for a while and even saw a tongue sticking out of it!

Those are snakes!

That’s Medusa!

As if she noticed Xin Meng’s shocked stare, Medusa slowly raised her head and her stone eyes immediately popped up, occupying half of her face!

It was too late to look away and Xin Meng was about to be turned into stone by Medusa’s eyes when his eyes were suddenly covered. You Yi covered his eyes with his hands but Xin Meng felt his hand fading quickly before coming back. He grabbed You Yi’s wrist and pulled him down, panicking when he saw the “4” above his head.

You Yi died once?!!!

What happened?? What happened?!

“Don’t look at her eyes.” You Yi held his chin so he couldn’t turn his head to look at Medusa so they could only stare at each other. “Her ability was weakened when the bus arrived, but you still can’t look directly at her eyes or else you will be petrified.”

Xin Meng looked directly at You Yi’s eyes that occasionally flashed with the same malice as those dolls. There were some similarities between him and those glass eyes, that’s what made people so scared of You Yi. However, Xin Meng had a very different feeling about those eyes.

He finally calmed down, “Even if we don’t look at her ourselves, she will still find a way to force us to look at her.”

And he’s right. From the corner of their eyes, they can see the doll slowly moving and swaying towards them. The snakes on her hair hissed and leaned forwards, anxious to attack the three!

“What do we do?!” Qi XiaoKui was pale and sweaty and gave a hard kick on the doll next to her that was still posing as her sister. “We can only wait to die and become the bait for those three assholes to escape!”

The dolls only stared at those with opened eyes and didn’t even bother with the ones that had their eyes closed. No wonder why Qi XiaoKyi thought about becoming bait, but Xin Meng quickly replied: “It shouldn’t be that. Since it was necessary to open our eyes to progress in the game, they will never leave the bus if they don’t open their eyes!”

The three who had their eyes closed froze when they heard that, but they still refused to open their eyes.

Not like Xin Meng expected help from them. He was running from the Medusa at a high speed and he thought about how to escape. “The key point is the Medusa. The clearance conditions must be related to her. Her hair is made of snakes and her eyes are made of stone, if you look at her… Wait!” Xin Meng suddenly thought. “All danger is related to her eyes, so what if we destroy them? Or cover them?”

His words made sense. Qi XiaoKui punched the two dolls that attacked her and covered her bleeding arms that were bitten by the dolls as she shouted: “It makes sense, but what can we do?!”

The dolls were almost winning. They were surrounded and couldn’t barely break free from the dolls, but they also need to attack the Medusa. That’s a task both she and Xin Meng can’t complete, only You Yi…

“I will” You Yi didn’t hesitate. He stopped Xin Meng and told him, “Close your eyes and wait until I say you can open it.”

“You Yi…” Xin Meng grabbed his arm and, if he could, he wished to exchange places with him so he wouldn’t be in danger. That worry came from nowhere but he was willing to put himself in danger for him. Perhaps because You Yi always did everything to protect him, so even if Xin Meng was afraid of dying, he was still willing to take his place.

He is not the same as Li Yougen and Dong Xiu. He will always find a way to repay those who treated him well with his kindness.

But still he feels different towards You Yi, who he wants to treat gently, and Qi XiaoKui, who he just wants to not be unkind.

You Yi took his hand off his arm and tied Xin Meng’s eyes with the blindfold. “Protect yourself, I’ll be back soon.”

Xin Meng reached his hand to grab You Yi but only grabbed the emptiness. His heart was also empty but soon he forgot about those emotions, since the dolls reached out to him with their sharp claws. He quickly ran away, took the blindfold and used his hands and feet to shake the dolls off, though his eyes were still stuck on You Yi’s moves.

You Yi moves extremely fast and even if someone stares non-stop, they will be unable to see every single move, let alone during a fight. That’s why it took some time for Xin Meng to see that You Yi was fighting with Medusa while blindfolded. He couldn’t see what was happening around him, he was moving in the darkness. Even so his actions weren’t affected at all which made both Xin Meng and Qi XiaoKui stop to admire him.

However, the moment Xin Meng’s heart was finally relieved, he saw You Yi’s blindfold be teared apart and Xin Meng’s body went stiff again. He was afraid of You Yi looking into her eyes and being in danger but You Yi was very skilled. With his eyes closed, he took the opportunity to use the cloth on his hands to cover Medusa’s face!

Medusa’s eyes were covered and it looked like someone pressed a pause button. Like a robot whose power was turned off, she was unable to move and kept still.

The other dolls also appeared to be affected and became common dolls that fell to the floor.

It worked!

You Yi tied a knot behind her head with a simple wrist movement and took a few steps back. Medusa still didn’t move.

“Bang!” there was a familiar sound.

The three looked around and, sure enough, the door was opened!

Xin Meng relaxed and first greeted Qi XiaoKui who was not far from him. Then he walked over to You Yi to say he should go down first. However, the Dong Xiu and Li Yougen who were hiding their existence stumbled to the door first. Probably thanks to Xin Meng’s words before, they even opened their eyes before barely reaching the door and ended up rolling downstairs.

Xin Meng frowned, ignored them and leaded You Yi by the hand out of the bus. Qi XiaoKui followed them and Xiong JiaBao followed last.

As soon as they stepped on the platform, their hearts finally stopped jumping and they saw the bus leaving with their now open eyes. Xin Meng glanced through the window and found out that, he doesn’t know when, Medusa took of her blindfold and smashed her face against the window, smiling weirdly with her smashed features while staring straight at them.

“Ahh! I’m going to die!” Li Yougen immediately closed his eyes in fright as he began to tear up, sure that he didn’t escape and was going to be killed again!

But nothing happened. They were already out of the bus, so even if they looked directly at Medusa no one would be killed.

“Hah, coward” Qi XiaoKui sneered even though her heart was also beating fast.

Anyways, they passed another bus. If they can survive one more, they will pass the game!

Xin Meng picked up a card:

[In the third one, find the bus that belongs to you so you can reach the end.]

“The right bus? What could it mean?” Xin Meng was busy thinking when he heard the sound of the bus arriving. He looked up and saw a bus full of passengers stopping in front of the sign with its door opened.

Why did it arrive so fast?

Xin Meng and You Yi exchanged a glance and were about to get into the car when they heard a bang and the door was quickly closed. The vehicle drove off like an arrow, catching everyone out of guard.

“What’s that?” Xiong JiaBao yelled anxiously. “We didn’t get into the bus, we are going to die!”

“No…” After the quick fright, Xin Meng calmed down. “We are still alive so we didn’t fail. The bus speed was too quick to let us all into it, it means only one person can get into the bus.”

“What do you mean?” Xiong JiaBao was so anxious that he shook Xin Meng by the shoulders. “Do you mean that only one person can live?!”

Xin Meng just looked at You Yi and immediately You Yi pulled Xiong JiaBao away from him. Xin Meng leaned his head to the side and explained, “I didn’t say that. The card says that we need to find ‘the bus that belongs to you’ which means each bus can only be used by one person and we have to get in the right one. Otherwise we will die if we get into the wrong bus…”

As he was talking, another bus arrived and drove away shortly.

Now everyone understood Xin Meng clearly, or at least understood the card.

In the third stage, many buses will pass over. Everyone can only reach the end successfully by finding theirs correct bus.

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